You want DX? I’ll show you. Four EASY steps.

testing 1 2 3 apparently I’m live and a very good day
everybody now before we start tonight because I’ve got four hot tips for you
I’ve been sent very kindly you can’t see me coming I got a box through we’ve
cleared the tower that’s Craig g7 TYT nice man called Mike
hopefully you can use this tray he’s had it in his workshop and I hang out on my
steering wheel now he says it might not be perfect for me but have a go with it
see what you think and so Mike g7 TYT so thank you very much for that also before
we start tonight and I’ll do this till I need a TV license says bowl no you don’t
not tonight my stainless has arrived for the extreme
now you probably can’t imagine how big that is that’s actually a plastic film
so this is the extreme 80 meter DX commander and I’ve got the it’s a it’s a
film which which comes off like to reveal a lovely you know shiny bit
underneath so that’s the metal bit and their knees are just gigantic so this is
a DX commander times two really really nice so customers can have either two
elements three elements four elements or six elements and every every size as
they go they go down in size they go up you see they get guy points as well you
know so yeah so that’s ten mil thick so what’s ten mill not quite half an
inch baby I read bees so got ten of each you
see so I’m gonna build James and me addy Xtreme as I’m calling it probably I
don’t know a lot of you probably go out with a brilliant name for it the extreme
das commander which will give us a tea you see and sixty possibly well not even
possibly will so as a pure vertical causeway we’ll cover that in a minute
this is quite interesting I’ve got this clock in front of me which I’m
minimizing now so thank you for the plastic tray and well done the
manufacturing companies he’s are quite heavy as he worries me slightly autonomy
I’ve got a really cool method of attaching these to the plate so now I’ve
got a funny feeling these are the same these will work on the 18 metre spider
being cold as well so happen to cruise his dimensions
she’s been I think they’re the same could be the same factory but don’t tell
anybody so very cool right six Hanuman’s yeah a bit much in it really so right
let me just prep something else for you here which I’ve got knocking around um now logic a lot of you remember last
week full screen plus me though I was in the car and you know with a 1.5 meter
with Denver the see you see and I thought well why is it when I killed on
a radio I quite often get an experience you know something a bit mad happens
either I get new found out too early you know or Australia or New Zealand or some
you know African country people forever saying oh my god he’s got such and such
and why is it you see now this is gonna sound a bit mad right but I’ve got some
serious technical things I can discuss with you to improve your results overall
but the first thing is you’re not gonna get anywhere unless you
call CQ all right now there is some youtubers who have shown you how to
school CQ and a lot of you old-timers here you know what the hell I’m on about
but this I think you see being a Salesman for many years I used the
telephone a lot okay and when you use you know you know you do your 10,000
hours whatever it is to become an expert things become very critical little tiny
things and I’ve made a note Sox Ivan Drago because I don’t quite see what I’m
doing and this is what I teach my telephone
guys when I’m training but I think it absolutely applies to us on SSB because
a lot of what this is calling CQ is nothing to do with CW because you can’t
change your tone your style on CW really apart me your speed all right but when I
call and a lot of guys are dead oh that’s a lot of guys have said that’s
actually really helped me I kind of understand a bit more what I’m supposed
to do now it’s because I’ve got a very particular style when I call CQ okay I
call the star of it is the tone okay it’s friendly but businesslike so are
you always and I teach this too oh my god you see so it’s the tone I’ve also
got a particular pace it’s not too slow and laid-back and it’s not too fast
either and you know what I’m calling CQ as if I know the best DX on this next
over is literally just gonna crawl out the woodwork
okay so I don’t call CQ as if this is probably gonna fail I call CQ like this
is probably gonna succeed and then I call it loudness but if you
you need to modulate your radio to its maximum potential so if you’ve got ten
watts use all your 10 watts okay don’t talk
too quietly right absolutely nail it to make sure your electronics in the radio
is putting out full power all right so that’s the loudness and then the other
thing is as Richard Cain says broadcast not mumble is your confidence sound
confident so we’ve got a tone of style if you like the tone of your the not not
the tone right bass and treble but the tone the style there we are
so you get your style we’ve got the pace we’ve got the loudness of a confidence
and if you do that and nothing else by the way I’ve got three other real things
but calling CQ is how many times have I heard people go where the bands are dead
why is it when I get on in the main right I get somewhere it’s because I
call CQ I sound businesslike and I sound like the DX is gonna come out at me and
if it’s not DX it’s a guy up the road who’s just
impressed wants to have a chat because I don’t mind whether it’s a Zed L Hawaii
you know Iceland or the guy on the corner I don’t mind I take it all in my
stride because that’s important I’ve never called CQ DX only right of course
EQ DX it just gives you something else to say any pants it out a bit longer cuz
you need a good 15 17 seconds because you’ve got remember you’re the guy
around the other side of the world all the real classic DX he’s churning around
I’ve had Indonesia from air in the afternoon on 40 cuz forties bit my band
there’s a lot guys know which is tougher than 20 by the way
anyway tone pace down this confidence side the other thing we need to do is
pick the time of day now this is all about propagation now in the UK we’ve
got some really cool tools I found this on the RS GB website today in the US
you’ve probably got something as well richard says a good headset mic works to
get in fact let’s play our set l man I want to listen to this as well he sounds
really thin but super crisp he’s obviously does a lot of DX on you
listening ok so let’s just stop it there I didn’t show that to you but you heard
the you heard the noise I was gonna transition to the YouTube clip maybe
that need to do to quiet sorry mate I’ve actually got a better
clip of that I’ll do that tomorrow night he was he might have to turn the volume
up I apologize there’s nothing I could do about that
I’m afraid oh I’ve been able to hear it that’s because I had that clicked watch sulla Lima for radio that’s
amazing my name is Cal or Callum I’m doing a
parts on the air activation so your G double oh seven you get the idea he’s
quite thin wasn’t he but um and I’ll explain in a minute why
I think I got him right because I chose the time of day now then I was gonna
look at this I’ll transition over so this this link here was from the RS GB
website but the AR a mm ah rels probably got something like this as well this
says it’s based on a hundred watts at CW / SSB look for eighty percent
reliability eighty percent reliability is kind of orange yellow to orange now
the laugh is in November if I click that and we look at with spent seventeen
hundred hours on seven megahertz it shows here on the propagation forecast
that New Zealand which is bottom right here I shouldn’t have had all right now
so and the problem is a lot of people look at propagation for cars and go oh
it’s not gonna happen because the propagation forecast says it’s not on uh
yeah okay you can’t you can still try now I happen to know that while he’s
somewhere in the dark or he’s coming into the light and I’m in the dark or
I’ve just come out the light into the dark and we’re both there and a 40 meter
band I know there’s a good chance that I will get some heavy DX now some people
call this the gray line but I don’t want you to get confused between dawn and
dusk and just gray line because gray line propagation they’re suggesting is
your RF is actually traveling around the gray line okay when I was talking to Ron
in New Zealand I’m just straight short path to him but
we call it the gray line because but some of the experts out there we’ll just
debate this to the cows come home anyway he’s coming out it’s the other side of
the world right particularly in the autumn and the spring so the other side
of the world he’s you know Twilight so we all right
the chances are 40 beat it could work all the way around so there we are
let me just read this but both gray line buts thumbs down before the stream
starts I’ll tell you who but another day so this varies too so you can look at
propagation paths so for instance I was interested transition again to say okay
look at 21 all right at 5 o’clock at night 1700 UTC this is from London all
right it says here they’ve got a couple of
bounces down towards my Southwest here interesting I don’t know never tried it
you see um so find your local propagation a double arrow barrel to
have somebody something and somebody might put a link for us if we can you
know how to put links on the chat or things so anyway so I quite often look a
propagation forecast but I know for a fact a lot of the time it’s just saying
this is the probability of what might happen it’s not what will happen it’s
just the more than likely so Skippy says love sir 80 megahertz a 1717 meter band
is it and he’s absolutely right so that’s think this morning so it was a
guy over to Big Town the u.s. coming you remember this says a hundred watts
right with a dipole of 35 feet I’m gonna move on to the aerials in a minute okay
so you improve your 35 feet and dipole and all of a sudden the world will come
alive now by the way we’ve got jr. the bigger dog well
the older dog his Jiang has nearly bigger than junior now he’s upstairs who
Wendy and I’ve got Jango down here and the door not the doorbell but when
Emily’s just come home the the ring jago’s just popped his head up like that
so he might bark it’s K so I’ll try to remember the hit the stop button on the
microphone so it doesn’t blow your ears out
so Richard said 70 meters can be unpredictable
see I like unpredictable that’s the and I was saying that on another live stream
last night that’s the engineering and the science you know an engineer just
wants to know if I do this that will happen and it’s engineering and science
is like weig I didn’t know that could happen you know it was just like Cam
Ranh coming in from New Zealand berry a mine I’m on a 1.5 meter whip will do
aerials in a minute well we’ll do it now as he we got to pick our weapon as I
call it so I’m gonna get a wee bit technical but not not too much just for
fun okay now what and I get pissed off with James is here a bit later on
tonight James I was gonna make a video right and it’s in the can and it’s about
my week in Slapton and but the problem is it’s not finished and it won’t be
finished for another couple of days because I’m busy busy and I thought it’s
a lot easier just a live stream while I was gonna do burials but there we are
and James just to let you know this is your your stainless and leave the
extreme has turned up along with a massive plastic placement so that’s 180
mil in Doha metre diameter radius dinars it is I’m building one for James and one
for me so choosing our weapon now I was saying to get too pissed off with what
are you pissed off with manufactures but a lot of manufactures
that there there reopened example vertical I say our aerial produces so
much gain you know at 10 meters or very often they don’t even tell you what
height okay it’s just a a seventy thousand million banana antenna you know
you don’t really know what you’re buying into do you so let’s just go back to
basics because this has have been a while since I’ve done this so this is
saying a vertical it looks like that it’s just it’s a vertical it’s about 10
meters long okay and it will work on a 40 meter that so we can swap between 40
and 20 very easily and I’ll show you how in a minute okay so I just calculated
that which is giving us an SWR off about 1.3 537 ohms and on my ground setup I’ve
said I’ve got 16 radials okay and I go to my far field plot here and we’ve got
what we did in a baby school yeah for um you can see that all right can you make
it a bit and I’ll keep it there and then you could say probably I mean we down
our Foundation Air Tech license and everything else they said over
quarter-wave radiates like a doughnut alright and the one on the left is
that’s our plan view I think they call it plan anyways is if you’re flying over
the aerial as a crow wood or a quad what do you call it helicopter thing you’d
see that but you’d see a hole right down the middle okay and then the one the
right is the pavement view the thing that’s the plan for you I can’t remember
but and then where we take a slice right down the middle you see and we can see
our pattern if we had our special RF glasses which have yet to be invented so
a drone thanks Jerry ballon because of that and because of what I know a little
bit about propagation and I’ve said before that the more you know about this
hobby alright the more you realize you don’t know alright so I’m I’m not one of
those people who will ever pretend that I’m brilliant at all this okay I’m
learning so elevation view on the right Thank You
ham radio guy k7 TDM your live on the show Simon T is just giving me to
Australian dollars I will spend it all in the one shop Simon he’s a customer
mine and the plan view on the left thank you and I’m ready to go all right
most of our to our 500 foot hop 500 mile of 750 people take kilometer hop on 40
meters for instance is gonna be about 30 degrees so if that’s 10 20 there’s 30
degrees there and it’s showing me again here of 1.2 dbi which I’m gonna call
bananas right because it’s just it’s 1.2 dbi it’s referencing an isotropic
antenna which doesn’t exist it never will do which is infinite infinitely
small piece of RF aerial in space radiating in all directions there’s like
taking a balloon and blowing up there’s our DB I okay it’s a one breath
bloom oh this is saying that at 30 degrees off the horizon I’m gonna be 1.2
DB better off than an isotropic antenna that’s all it means
okay one point but that we can remember that and then we can build other areas
in software anyway we can build other aerials and compare what that would do
at 30 degrees our horizon now most aerials on 40 meters right bit
of what I wrap an apple tree okay you’re always gonna be thousand miles you know
which is UK to Cyprus maybe I don’t know occasionally to Newfoundland if you’re
lucky you know if the guys got a nice big area because your apple tree
you know everything and I’ll show you that the minion see one one breast per
him know one breath bloom Craig however I la I may have said
breast that’s slightly perverted being a
gentleman so yes we’re doing a get-acquainted we’re gonna be doing I do
realize I had a stutter either so however our DX is gonna come in probably
anywhere between about 2 and 8 degrees so I decided me nobody else that let’s
have a baseline that’s 5 degrees off of horizon because in the main most aerials
in software look absolutely crap ok at 5 degrees on horizon so we can come down
to 5 degrees off of their Eisen which is actually 175 degrees from the right hand
side and we’ve got a gain of minus 5.4 so all those big contacts I have of 40
meters when I’m having a blast in a field somewhere with a vertical on 40
meters that’s DX that’s beyond the thousand miles if you like is it – 5.4
so if we could increase our – 5.4 we’ll get a new better on our DX right now
then one way of doing that is getting down to the coast and it just so happens
in the calculate button here we’re allowed to display with the ground set
up now average sort of UK soil and by the way
in America varies quite dramatically but mostly in the UK our soil conditions
means that our conductivity measured in Siemens per meters in fact this case
it’s milli-siemens puts those thousandth of Siemens per meter whatever that is
it’s just small bananas all right it’s 5:00 near the sea or on the sea it’s
actually 5000 milli Siemens per meter so it’s five seems for me to not point oh
oh oh five that’s why they’ve said milli-siemens and I can hit okay now and
then I hit the start button and then we go to the far field block and you’ll
notice now that if I bring this down to minus five here which is a
hundred and seventy-five instead of having minus 5 point something we’ve now
got plus four point four so you by being there to see it’s gonna give you and
very near the seeming as you start to back off a half mile you know start to
go down quite long but it’s giving us almost but not quite in software anyway
in fact and yeah that 90 P let’s call it 10 DB between friends so your hundred
watt radio starts behaving like a thousand watts okay so even though I
spoke to wrong from a 1.5 meter whip which I reckon is probably about 10 DB
down on a big quarter wave probably you know hey there’s a lot of loss isn’t
that which is one of the reasons they say only put 250 Watts up this we’ve got
to say that oh and that’s SSB on CW is gonna be about 100 you because the coil
who will heats up norm else he sitting be quite a good experiment today um so
but my 10 DB kick cuz I was robbed by the sea gave me sort of the balance and
run things through so I could have probably got wrong from here as well but
I literally can’t set to Wendy said when are you going out to play rodeo I said
I’ll be leaving here about quarter past so I can be down at the beach and start
the set up about half past and I’ll start streaming you know 22 6 because I
looked at the gray low in the night before and I thought ah good chance I
can get New Zealand so you know and I’ve done that before with Australia I
remember call DC kids for about 90 minutes not quite sure when it came in
and sure enough there was a ten-minute gap and this couple of stations came in
and out James and I’ve done it many times you know we’re it’s normally
getting around to see me so Jill’s watching – she’s no idea what you’re on
about Oh jail yeah I could make something up
really funny but I’m not getting bananas mostly fruit this is the fruit channel
ok nicely for it only his Tim as well well both Tim James
will tell you right on 40 metres we bought only about a little team here
we’ll be a 15-minute 10 to 15-minute gap where the set elves come in or when the
vks come in and you’ll slide across VK from sort of Sydney all the way west and
say my New Zealand you’ll just hear them when they come in
you only get 10 or 15 minutes and they’ve gone again until tomorrow or the
next night you know so so anyway we’re doing the time of day I’m all about
picking your weapon so this part here okay means if you’re by sea water you
get extra game so let’s just put it back to you know regular hill not far from
here and from I’ve milli-siemens per meter
let’s start again wake up New Zealand curl New Zealand’s I’ll get through he
will yeah didn’t ice change that oh I’ve got to hit the Starbuck recalculate it
well back to a normal course wave now I have file open reopen an example dipole
so this dipole is at it says said 13 meter says 14 meters I’m sorry I mustn’t
Muslims mustn’t read the chair so this is actually my dipole down the farm it’s
quite high it’s 14 meters that’s you know take a hundred year old oak tree
that’s just over halfway up it okay so it’s quite tall
all right maybe a little bit more than halfway up 40 meters that would take
this six off because I’m adding it then so you can remember all these
calculations I do if it’s the 40 meter band and the dipole sir
20 meters if we go to the 20 meter band then as to equipment having a dipole at
40 meters um alright let me just check that from
on the faulty meter band and I’ve got my dipole 20 meters then on a 20 being the
band it’s gonna be double the height yeah so it cuz it’s it’s a that’s half a
way foot oh no come down that’s right so I’ll come to 20 in a minute ah woof woof
says good dog lovely so what is this now so this is at
so this is a big oak tree with air and vertically okay looks like this the
aerial is running north-south on the left-hand side plots here
woof woof from Germany it’s an edgy educated though he spelled correctly as
well mister left knee to fly skipper you okay fine and then and you can see that
the traditional dipole shape is starting to come alive but so this is a big oak
tree okay so if I take my plot and come down 275 degrees here you’ll see it says
minus eight point eight and problem I’ve got at the farm and you will have as
well is there I’ve got eight point eight minus eight point eight which is about 3
DB worse than a vertical certainly transmit well actually on receive as
well but this might sound more pleasant okay the problem is you can’t rotate it if
it’s a wire inverted V so I can only get that so my this for me is down sort of
Venezuela Argentina and I’ve got America up here so if I click say show me the
plot at five degrees I happen to know that I’m a bear out there which says
minus 12 so look at this blooming great big dipole people tell me when I do get
through to the US on my fortune meter dipole
oh you’re normally a bit lower on this Kalin yeah because I’m losing it
six seven DB which is a hell of a lot when you’re only at six and a half s
seven anyway you see right so the way era this is to put the height which is
why I had the six here so that will take us up to 20 meters which is 60 feet okay
so on the 20 b2 Baron there’s gonna be 30 feet now right there we are so he
starts to look and I come down to 5 degrees minus 4.9 so now that I’ve got
my mind vertically dipole at 20 meters for 40 meters or half at 10 meters for
20 minute man I’m now competing in one direction only with my vertical so I’m
talking about picking your weapon you see so you want to go actually you guys
are in low if you’re all button fruit and bananas on it trying to be serious
here God’s sake so how what’s the way out of it for me the way out of is her
either to have ever I mean I’m talking you know you got basic space
considerations oh it bounced my vertical you know I like the verticals because on
transmit it they physically they really do work okay some people don’t like the
sound on receive but that’s because they’re probably in a housing estate
okay in which case have an a/b switch on the wall or something click click and
have a little loop on the ground or a small horizontal loop to cut out some
of the man-made noise all right why not and then you couldn’t do
transmit and receive all two separate antennas step one each of them each of
bananas has Daniel and an apple we got some nice new bananas in the in the
kitchen so to come on to a couple of other things though your location are
done right by the sea is gonna give you 10 dB
I mean just the way it is of course yeah typical me I get Z del or the bloody
mobile web if only I’d had a DX commander our fantastic marketing
opportunity that would be but as it is I’m now selling Dimond aerials anyway so
pick me your location now the other thing is and it’s a lot not often said
on the channel then we said it the other day and then I always winced when I hear
this one if I can hear them I can work them and tariffs because I love saying
if I’m sitting around a bar table on this one is what you do the guys you
can’t hear right because I remember there was a guy he was literally in the
old in the old using the old expression bending my needle you know he was just
insane amount of power he was winning from Russia huge power so I ran a ton of
power back to him and he still couldn’t hear me so I don’t know much apparently
he was running so in other words if you’re running too much power and all
the callers are coming back to you but you can’t make them out turn your power
down they’ll go away and you’ll only hear the guys who can he alright so
there we are so we’ve done call CQ if you honestly if
you don’t call CQ nothing will happen imagine if nobody called CQ all right oh
yeah the bands are dead well cause they’re bloody dead nobody’s on him
nobody’s listening somebody’s got a call CQ why isn’t it you all right and we
talked about the tone the style of our voice talked about the pace get it just
just right and appropriate loudness so you’re
modulating the rig and sounding confident and also imagining that CQ
call the best piece of rare D at North Korea
I’d say it’s gonna come out of that radio are you
Tim’s listening here is anybody Tim ever gonna do North Korea surely that’s gotta
be and what the hell is the callsign prefix for North Korea anyway that’s
what I need to know how close for seed you need
I don’t know Martin as soon as you start coming back hundert well you’ve got I
think it’s the Brewster zone is it which is multiple wavelengths you may have to
correct me on that I think it’s called the Brewster zone there’s multiple
wavelengths and then it’s cameras been on forever and we just touch that button so the near-field if you buy the seeds
gonna work a lot better than if you’re a mile away but I think you know if he’s
ten miles away he’s probably a bit too far and that probably give you a help
actually it’s Brewster’s own I’m sure it’s the Brewster so I’m not gonna look
it up now because they’re wasting time but um that’s multiple wavelengths with
lot losses out beyond the core of the aerial those losses you know right over
there you can see 10 15 20 wave lengths away they confiscate your equipment when
you leave is that right honestly James you think that’s amazing
um I will I was gonna show you a couple other things so you go to two meters
echo link repeaters to w0a pqu Ethan what else no we’re gonna do some 2
meters and okay not so it’s Friday night maybe tomorrow night which is normally
my Saturday guys bit more laid-back in the silly isn’t it I try to be a little
bit careful now if we’ve got this in the pot for this month I’ve got another
product I’m working on all while in Devon at my notebook out sketched it out
a hundred times when I think I’ve cracked it
so this is he forgot it was Friday this is Ethan file reopen Delta loop so this
is a VHF Delta loop look it’s very compact
well it’s only five so let’s put it eight meters above the ground which is
normally most of us could stretch to SWR 1.05 there’s no matching that’s the one
of the love that no jiggery-pokery little bit of a coil on the coax right
but I really liked being on VHF so this is horizontally polarized VHF giving us
I’ve had a better pattern than this because I’ve been bottling it all Wiggy
see I’ve had a much better pattern than this but I’m not going to show you that
but effectively it’s still about they’re about 13 DB I gain at 3 degrees off the
ground bear in mind we’re 8 meters in height here and I’ve had this at minus
20 but on here we are 10 DB difference from Tibetan I can’t get that 20 21 on a
two element Delta loop we’re really cool aluminium panes and fiberglass
heavy-duty Rob’s are fair rods I’ve found a supplier that military
wire that I’ve got a DX 50 and it should be a cracking ly and the idea is I want
to be able to fold it up it’s not gong okay
not wise huge aluminium structures no I want this you know but I also want it
good enough you can put it on the roof as well okay maybe a couple of bits we
might have to change to harden it but what I’m doing that we can just say sure
that’s the best one I’ve got this is shame actually that’s a three-hour test
no I I could get this better but to start off in around who actually was a
17 centimeter boom not 23 anyway I’m just gonna give you some fun now so if
you’ve we made this but 14 says fourteen point four three
megahertz but if we made this for 20 meter band and put it at 10 meters
height don’t forget SWR on sir then so this is
now the 20 meter band but it’s only it’s at 10 meters okay now do you remember
some of the numbers we were talking about if we get some 5 degrees off that
isin 3.9 that’s pretty good isn’t it bigger where I say straight vertical is
given as a minus 5 so you know well with 9 DB better off and be rotatable it’s
quite big that’s the only problem but 20 meters 2 meters me cracking made for 10
but the problem is I got with directional antennas is if you’re
calling CQ and you’re just trying to cause a bit of noise and just get the
world get your frequency right and you’re facing over there who’s to say is
some amazing DX isn’t gonna come from over there you know it’s great to chase
the X with a directional beam but to create DX if you know what I mean I
think you need a bit more on me but anyway whatever so there we are I’m just
really excited about this now my bender apparently will Bend that but if not
I’ll have to make a bender all right a big piece of wood and energy thing I’m
really looking forward to that you can go now I want to take the plastic off
this let’s see what it looks for underneath do I take the plastic off
before a ship or do I ship it to the customer without my fingerprints on it
my bloody fingerprints on it already jeez
but things now DX engineering make a bigger one of the he sternly but huge
about money if we Bend that up and put peel so2 3:9 there I’ll be absolutely
burning perfectly when to so but again it’s nearly twice the size as a regular
the Earth’s commander just very excited so I’ll use some bigger hose clamps and
some neoprene black neoprene rubber to be top and bottom and I’ve got a fan
of thing that separates these two things apart so that’s good so I build and it
will come with 320 meters of radials that’s 32 radials 10 meters each it’s
quite big plot oh you could have five meters put one side and fume or the
other whatever do you could just squeeze it yet backyard okay I’m now going down
here I’ll speak to my mate Kim for an expedition says Paul North Korea
projects the North Korea radio calls find P five because country has no
license our two operators contacting a p5 radio station is extremely rare says
Craig yeah okay I wonder if anybody’s got anybody here I don’t want to go to
North Korea knowing my luck I’ll end up with 20 years hard labor but looking at
the wrong tree you know less g4 JD team Berman says good evening allocated brain
I should have what eyes I’ve not made it to a live stream in a while because I
usually work Friday nights here in the USA
okay k e8 m qh portable delta loop for the care for the mountains very tempting
Richard yes that’s why loving it cannot be been on the bridge 3100 on 70 sends
I’d love to try and get someone in England on this system don’t know what
you’re all about really sorry we’ll have to work on that one so are we counts
obviously something I said shit with the plastic gone give people the
satisfaction unwrapped he hit save yourselves on time I’m s John Paul
Parker yeah it’s a good idea q on Nancy on 18 46.5 tip of the plastic is he bad
I have big poll embiez his Chris in Kentucky simply where the plastic says
JD blah means to school Holly pop man oh
yes says Mike greetings from Washington I
missed the start those plates for the new monster yes here now size matters do
you think him Germany’s better living a better world
higher deaths oh I don’t know get yourself a small fly press with a V I’ve
got a V block thing gasps Gary so that’s fine Gary have you not see my set l
thing yet that’s terrible that is I think we should play to this it’s the
sort of thing I want to dine out on isn’t it really may not everybody got to
do this what it’s the way I said what actually
if you rewind a stream I know there was a car coming who comes it um was a guy
it came in Oh didn’t I put my log here no didn’t okay another guy like a papaya
or something he came in and there’s said to l4 RMF attempting to get through and
I could hear RMF and I’m going radio mic Florida standby mate yeah
I’ve got pepper Alpha on the blower now for you guys in the snakes you probably
get New Zealand a lot more than we can alright it’s quite tough for us because
it is literally on the other side of the world you know well give or take where
are you just go start talking to each other your reaction was bloody Gold says
Jill sounds great that time I know I cocked it up earlier didn’t I okay fine
enough but tonight all the best I will now go and take Django out for a
pee and close down the stream I’ll be all tomorrow night I’ve got just some
little Easter eggs and we’ll talk about this Sherman tank not the t42 Slapton
sands I’ve got some all my dash cam footage we’ve got funny as well and yeah
we are I think every YouTube we should be forced to listen it’s only a
500-pound microphone yeah well have a few and relax yeah well gonna have a cup
of coffee now easy all right and then I’ll probably with you I’m really
embarrassed to be honest that I but the last time I played that you couldn’t
hear it oh geez but there we are so Gary if he’s still
there did he respond the gas lab cuz i text him the other day tell him I’m I’m after it I’m after em
sponsorship from diamond now right that’s up to you go yet get diamonds and
said I tell you I’ll get diamond to send me the ten to twelve to fifteen the
seventeen and the 80 and I’ll do the same for them I’m gone alright if they
say it’s all the best steel on the frequency says right okay a very good
day hopefully I’ve covered everything
doctors dream I press this button and

28 comments on “You want DX? I’ll show you. Four EASY steps.”

  1. K8UR Channel says:

    Get on 3782 NOW and I’ll work you..

  2. steven yemc says:

    Great show!

  3. Richard Subers says:

    Would a 15×30 aluminium pool with a 15×12 attached aluminium deck all connected & buried about 1 foot in the ground have any effect your antenna. Could it be used as a ground radial. The pool takes up most of the yard with the only fencing being attached to the pool. Hard to find place for ground radials. You always say any any question!

  4. RolyRJ says:

    Best way to improve DX is to bad clusters. Go search for the DX on your own instead of relying on others !

  5. g0fvt says:

    A highly polished amplifier and a big gob works for me…..

  6. Fred Hollendorfer says:

    Cal my pole arrived… thanx… KE0EF Fred… 😁👍

  7. Lew Archer says:

    Well, missed your livecast again. Wife made me take her to dinner. Happy Wife, Happy Life. Just finished the replay. I've worked Anchorage, Alaska from my mobile with 100W on a Yeasu 578D and Yeasu ATAS 120A in a parking lot at a bank in San Antonio, TX. Quick contact at about 5-7 both ways. Some mobile antennas will reach quite well contrary to the nay-sayers. Press on with the mobile attempts and contacts.

  8. g0fvt says:

    A bit of confidence is surprisingly important, people will not work you out of sympathy. A sensible amount of compression is good, sound awake and alert, it is more about human nature sometimes than the RF field. Transmit for long enough that they have a chance to net with you but not for so long that they get bored waiting for a gap.

  9. Ade Larsen says:

    1) Call CQ like you just had the best sex of your life. Your words Cal on this I fully concur with. Spot on.

    Positive attracts Positive.

    2) The bands are never dead. Any international contest proves that !

    The bands are always open to everywhere.

    3) Propagation forecasts are based on known knowns and not unknown unknowns.

    Honestly, I stopped looking at them years ago. Total waste of time.

    What creates this general malaise regarding "the bands are dead" is that the people who don't call CQ and whom also look at internet propagation charts decide that there's nothing happening and so they then tell their mates and so the disinformation is spread.

    I could actually write a paper on this phenomena.

    To iterate, all it takes to make the bands dead is someone to not call CQ and someone to not respond.

    Here's a laugh for you : 2 stations on 40m SSB who are 3000km apart telling each other that the bands are dead. I hear this all the time. It's incredulous, ridiculous and laughable.

    4) Did you say Sherman or German. Don't mention the war. I did but I think I got away with it.

    7 3

  10. Simon Wilton says:

    D Xtended

  11. izzzzzz6 says:

    Hearing you say DX'treme makes me think DX Dream would also sound good as a name.

  12. izzzzzz6 says:

    I melted the top of a top wound mobile CB aerial back in the day. I think it was with 150W on FM (naughty me :D) We used to put a xenon lamp on the top and it glowed red when you keyed up. Could be a good idea on the top of your 18M extreme you know, to warn low flying aircraft 😀

  13. M7 AHE says:

    Great vid again. Learnt more. Just have to try and ‘retain’ it in my memory lol. Although at the moment only have 2/6/10/70 at my disposal lol mostly mobile. Thanks again. ( had to watch the replay )

  14. BillyRed says:

    ZL4RMF….has been on 40m most mornings this week around 8am in the UK…..57 steady signal to my 66ft end fed sloper….but no DX on the bands…lol…nice path to VK7 last evening (Friday) 19:40 on 40m FT4…worked them one after the other.

  15. Campervan Cookout says:

    A tip of the cap to you sir, good vid! Just been playing with a Sandpiper 2m delta quad the gain is bonkers with a big wheel for spotting. So good I’m wondering how big I can make one lol…

  16. Andy Wragg says:

    This is a great explanation of why sometimes we make it and sometimes we don't. I'm going to recommend this to my 3 intermediate candidates as further learning, as tomorrow we'll be discussing antenna concepts and propagation. Great examples of the polar plots from MMANA. I'll try and get you those pics sorted today of the 4 element 6/4m delta beam. Have a friend coming round in a bit to look at NanoVNAs

  17. Pat Riot says:

    Technical issues aside, I prefer to keep the contact short, exchange RST and name, say THX 73. A casual contest type exchage is fine with maybe some equipment chat, but not much more. I don't need anyone's local weather report or recent doctors visit info.

    It never fails and someone wants to rag chew, which makes me avoid calling CQ. When I hear another station call CQ, I listen to a few calls and if they are long winded, I turn the dial.

    It would be more efficient if there was a code or phrase that would inform listening stations that I'm not calling for a rag chew.

    Radio time is limited and so is propagation. Make the call, say hello and QRZ.

  18. MIKE THEES says:

    I maybe jumping ahead but we were told to smile when I was in commercial radio because you sound better what's your opinion ?

  19. David Thompson says:

    Cal, you're a freakin' hoot! I love the fact that you're knowledgeable but not elitist. Thanks for all you do.

  20. MIKE THEES says:

    I should clarify my last comment smile when speaking while on the radio and yes for a very brief time I was involve in commercial radio

  21. Gary Winters says:

    Nicely shaped lobes there on the vertical. A bit short on land for any perfect 60 degree inverted vee..pole would need to be at least 30 feet in States..home lot is 45ftw x 120 ft deep..garage covers 1/3 behind house, huge maple behind garage

  22. TRIPPLE JAY says:

    Sorry Cal at 6:06 is start of metal fabrication porn 👌 Love it. Sorry Sir as you 😉

  23. ianxfs says:

    Another good video Callum and lots of good tips for people 👍🏻 11:27 was straight out of The Office 😆

  24. David J. Wilcox says:

    Propogation is like the weather report…… an educated guess. Sometimes right on but less so in my opinion. Get on and call CQ! There are fun loving guys and gals out there and sometimes they just want someone to talk to. The problem is in these times we don’t even know our next door neighbors because we don’t stop long enough to even say “Hello” to them. But they are still THERE! Thanks Cal for your well spoken advice.

  25. MIKE THEES says:

    The increase in soil conductivity near the sea is that moisture or salt or both ?

  26. QRP RADIO says:

    Hey Cal! I have also experienced what I call “windows” in propagation where it can be wide open for a few minutes. I have grabbed some quick but great DX contacts on 20m this way. Great video my friend!
    73’s 👍🏼

  27. Mark Lucas says:

    nothing new all been there and done it on hf vhf uhf you name it

  28. Aero Mech says:

    H Cal, great video as always, I have picked yup your manner and timing its fantastic and works. you carry out what i call the five P's Positive Prescribed Presentation with a Paced Performance. awesome as always cheers Phil… ps the shipment will be after Christmas but i'll let you know nearer the time if you need to send some kit.

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