Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 | Forza Horizon 4


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  1. Luan Vasconcelos says:


  2. Rafael Mendez says:


  3. sergio warburg says:


  4. Emiliano Cortes Sanchez says:

    Not first

  5. XPixelz says:

    Make the game pass better

  6. Suhi TV says:


  7. Russ B says:

    Love it Xbox….Just too expensive 🙁

  8. erik is guitar dude says:


  9. Tsunami Guay 2003 says:

    My Forza Bois

  10. Aur Cide says:

    Looks great

  11. Huge Act Man says:

    Wish i could drift like that i suck

  12. Wapinschaw HitMan says:

    I love my elite controller 2

  13. M P says:

    Good ideas but limited quality.

  14. Attention Span Zero says:

    If you needed extra buttons and paddles to make the game easier for you, were you really that good to begin with? But all the "pros" use them you say? Ok

  15. GringoHisopo1993 says:

    Another one?

  16. xd RRapidWolf says:

    I need brooo, it’s too expensive though….

  17. BlindManTom says:

    If it doesn’t wear out like the first one did I’m hooked

  18. Jakub.J says:

    You should give one xbox elite controller away.

    Hint:To me, i would happily receive one signed by benny central.

  19. Hiddenrage says:

    Bruh and my first elite controller just broke like 2 days ago 😂

  20. Master Chief says:

    Amazing 👌💚

  21. Nkanyiso Mahlangu says:

    Can't wait to get the project scarlett, and they better call it x box 2 not this anaconda and lockhart business

  22. Mr J 007 says:

    Im going to buy tge Elite series 2 early January for my birthday very soon 🙏🥳

  23. Dark PlayerX5 says:

    I like this controller… but it use battery…..

  24. blazkowicz Альмагер says:


  25. Brandon T. says:

    Its sad this cost half as mucb as the one x its self

  26. HCR 100300 says:


  27. Guccibeast 0 says:

    Xbox do u like Honda 😁😁😀👍

  28. Xtreme Gamer says:

    the best keep up the greate work

  29. Victor Cordova says:


  30. Tomas Eriksson says:

    "Limitless drifting"? I hope that doesn't mean the thumb sticks like the first Elite 🤣

  31. Sean says:

    Ok xbox but please please please focus on games more …

  32. Fango says:

    I’m getting this for Christmas!!! ❄️ 🎄

  33. spoofy mc spoof says:

    Who ready for Forza horizon 5? I know I am.

  34. SuiZide King says:

    Hands down best controller I’ve ever had. It’s not cheap, but you have to pay for the best 😎

  35. xCironiix says:

    Bought 5 of them all of then had issues stick drift,loose control paddle etc. brought them all back into the store and then finally got ond that doesnt have any issues (notfoundany) i love it

  36. David Kenobi says:

    limitless grip ? Give me my money back for the first one first…

  37. Sercan Göktas says:

    I love this Controller. It makes to much fun to play with😍😍💚

  38. Vuks4sV DopE R3H says:

    Когда будет продаваться в России ?!

  39. Strange Person01 says:

    Take my money. NOW

  40. Daniel Leger says:

    I love my elite series 2!!!! Best controller ever in my opinion i hear of so many issues people are having zero here lol but just in case i have the 2 year warranty at best buy!!!

  41. Jaimedh says:

    Si very very good control

  42. LGND KILLR says:

    Looks like they using tc and stability on…
    Real ones know.

  43. Heralio Espino says:

    Compatible with Scarlett?

  44. Solid ChrisDL says:

    Elite 2 controller cost more than an xbox one s all digital

  45. Djacir Carvalho says:

    I'll buy if it cost less then 30 dollars

  46. Isaac Campos says:

    Don't buy this controller, all the buttons are stiff and sticky.

  47. Super Survival says:

    I have the elite sieres 2



  49. Pro500 estrombol says:


  50. Noah TheGamer2700 says:

    i heard its still has alot of problems i think you need Razers help

  51. CellSaga says:

    Man I just want more scarlett news

  52. Electrex says:

    I wish we could customize this controller.

  53. ImmortalSaint x AssassinByFaith Gameplay says:

    Looks very promising, I will try to get my hands on one before Christmas! fingers crossed

  54. Thelego_ Person says:

    (Battery Not Including)

  55. Jesus Avila says:

    Podrían poner como nuevos personajes DLC Para gears 5 en alguna operación alos Ikari Warriors de la saga king of fighters ??

  56. Drexxau says:

    Buy 1 get Forza 4 free

  57. Patrick lynch says:

    they make it look so easy

  58. DJTIMO ENT. says:

    I own this

  59. Gustavo Almeida says:

    Tokio drift

  60. GForceIntel says:

    I got 6 controllers and 3 games. Boy I'm I a happy gamer.


    When u reliaze the company that made Forza made this too, MICROSOFT

  62. Nick G says:

    Apparently, I don't know how to drift.

  63. RavenCrossguard says:

    I have this controller and still can’t drift in Forza 😂😂

  64. Hohshua says:

    my first elite controller stopped on my birthday yesterday… if only i could get one of these myself. gotta go back to using the other controller without paddles😭

  65. GriffyPooTwo 2008 says:


  66. Ferreira10 Amaral says:


  67. Cristopher Rios says:


  68. PaulVlogs _or_Nothing says:

    The controller looks super high quality and I love it.

  69. Neptune says:

    does it have joycon drift tho

  70. Edg4rCool says:

    I can do that with normal control

  71. Aggelos Paschalakis says:

    🔥 nice

  72. James Almeida says:

    Too bad this controller doesn’t work for iOS like the regular Xbox controller does. So lame.

  73. Rocket !Kiedyś Bambik na Pimpku! says:

    I have this controller

  74. iGnashtys says:

    When they say "limitless drifting they are talking about analog stick drift

  75. VERSATILE says:

    I already own it, it's amazing. #Xbox

  76. Александр Ковалышев says:

    где его купить в России ?

  77. Igor Stelnikevich says:

    Дрифт на S2000???

  78. BrunoCibra2 says:

    Motorsport too ? xD

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