WWSC: Wood Science – Openings at Laboratory of Organic Electronics

Welcome to the Laboratory of Organic Electronics,
at Linköping University. For more than two decades we have developed
Organic Electronic devices that you can manufacture by printing them onto ordinary paper. In the next effort we would like to bring
these materials inside the paper, onto the cellulose- and lignin-component of paper,
in order to make ordinary paper becoming a High Technology Component and electronically
active. We are foreseeing revolutionary technology
for the future where ordinary paper becomes the Electroactive Filter Paper for cleaning
of water, for instance. We also see that this material can become
the electrodes of ordinary batteries making basically cellulose- and forest-based batteries
and supercapacitors for the future. And not only that, we are also bringing this
material inside living plants in an idea and a concept of making electronics in plants. Within this e-plant technology we think that
we can use Organic Electronics to record and regulate physiology of living plants in order to optimize productivity, and so on, in the forest. We are not only doing this science alone,
we are also collaborating very much with scientists from the Chalmers University of Technology
in Gothenburg and scientists from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The science will be funded for the coming
10 years by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation and we are looking forward to have
you onboard on this very challenging and interesting journey to make paper becoming a High Technology
Component of the future.

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