WT-1 Wireless Transmitter and WR-1 Wireless Receiver | Product Guide

The Monitor Audio WT-1 Wireless Transmitter and WR-1 Wireless Reciever provide an easy way to transmit audio signals wirelessly. You can use the WT-1 and WR-1 together to connect an audio source, such as an amplifier or active soundbar with an active speaker or subwoofer. You can also use the WT-1 and WR-1 with other audio source devices such as a CD player to an amplifier. You can use the WR-1 to connect to our ASB-10 Active Soundbar to any active subwoofer that has an RCA input. Connect the WR-1 to your subwoofer and plug in it’s mains power supply. the ASB-10 has a built-in transmitter that will broadcast to the WR-1 reciever automatically once paired. You can use the WT-1 Wireless Transmitter to connect to the WS-10 Wireless Subwoofer with any active soundbar or AV amplifier Connect the WT-1 to the soundbar or amplifier’s subwoofer output. and plug it in to the mains power supply. The WS-10’s built in wireless reciever will recieve broadcasts from the WT-1 Transmitter automatically once paired. To get the best performance, the WT-1 and WR-1 should be within 10m of each other, with a clear line of sight. Use the WT-1 and WR-1 away from other wireless technologies such as WIFI routers or cordless phones to avoid interference. Avoid signals having to travel through metallic surfaces, heavy furniture or walls. For more information, visit monitoraudio.com

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