World’s Greatest Electric Unicycle Race!

Whoa! Which wheel is that? yeah this small town of Monsegur has been completely overrun by the
electric games all right today is game day my legs are still tired from
yesterday the only thing I’m doing well in is slalom. if I can manage to not fall on the street course i think i can do really well and then for off-roading, i dont think even on a good run i can beat these guys such a nice day today oh look at you, you ballerina. its really reactive, i like. I love your videos. The comparison between the Gotway and Kingsong. I can do a photo with you?
Yeah Have you been around the track?
Which one? Off-roading. Not Yet. Why? It’s so fucking muddy and slippery. Theres one hairpin I had to get off and walk. and i was just sliding A few guys have been around and theyre covered in mud Yeah, so that means they fell?
Yeah, a few times. Its gonna be chaos Are you ready?
Yeah Right now were heading over to the off-roading course He asks if you think its better to move the pads here I think it should be where ever you are comfortable bending your knees You ready to win? Oh yeah. Ready to win. Ready to lose. You choose. The race is about to start. This is the one that counts. Its in order based on your times from yesterday. And then I think theres like a 15-second break between each person that goes hey Greg Are we ready to go on this thing? In 5-10 minutes it should be OK. okay all right. Have a good race. Who’s hot to win? Kuji 118, lets go Oh shit, its slippery son of a bitch Yeah, i did pretty well. I fell too on the turn. Are you OK?
I’m good, yeah. I got trapped behind a couple people. I fell. I think mountain tires would be much more suitable for this off-roading terrain you got some sweet tires. Alright, I’m gonna try them out It’s not even fair Studded tires are so much better and grippier on the grass even though i dont have the pads that i like, i can turn much harder So, what do you think?
It’s so much better, its not even close. Kuji?
What up So three wheels in the water. Two people went to the hospital. One guy take a tree and one woman got the knee broken I don’t talk about small crashes Like people fall down… This is a lot a lot a lot. Even professional riders because it’s a competition yeah I’m pretty tired from the races already Wait, i dont know where im going Let me go real quick. This is my last run Yup. Last chance. Ready? all right I gotta go We gotta go do the street one Street race is about to start in 10 minutes Ready as i can be. Well youre not going to win with that.
I think I was quicker than you yesterday Im up next? On your left Unicycle fire! which wheel is that this? no no, this is the backpack of this bicycle. Oh bicycle fire not a unicycle. no no, the rider fell. Because its a backpack. He fell backwards and bumped it Its the same in the wheels, but maybe the wheels are better packed and protected.
Exactly More or less like fireworks. Look at it. It’s going up like a firework. JP, what are you doing?
Amazing Jump That sounds like a terrible idea. Does he want children? Maybe no children. Yes What are the rules? what? two seconds.
oh that’s rule okay We must do a pass after the ball falls on the ground. Just one. oh okay. I can’t understand the French okay, any other rules?
All is fine. this is a good game
Yeah man He says he wont accept it because you are American Oh wheelball is hilariously fun. So many accidents. Hell yeah, did we win? Its like not contact but it kind of is contact So anyways maybe make it a real game how are those kujipads treating you? Kujipad is victory. They can jump now We don’t know the results yet Do you think you won?
Nope Guillaume What?! Leo JP Nice! Kujipad very good! I should have never given it to you!
I love them! I hate you all Wow that was such crazy event. there are so many good riders and like I think ended up being in 4th place at the end I almost think that yesterday was more ridiculous so check out the video I’ll leave a
video for you up there This is Kuji Rolls. if you guys enjoyed this video and want to see more videos like this Hit that subscribe button down below

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    Bravo mon ami <3

  2. Sam Lau says:

    <3 from Malaysia. This is really eye opening for me. Hope to see more to come!

  3. Afeez Kay says:

    Wish I was there.. great video. Kevin let down the E-Mavericks team of London 😁 we sent him there to win.. I guess I would have to come next time and bring the trophy 🏆 home myself. Jokes aside.. awesome event and bravo to the organisers 🤣🤣

  4. Sylvain B. says:

    I loved basketball.

  5. Popolizei says:

    top videos.

  6. georgH says:

    You have such great skills, it's like an extension of yourself! Nice video!

  7. freedomcaller says:

    I want to see more about these kuji pads, I think I would like them.

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    Playing wheel frisbee is a bit of a challenge considering a throw requires a twist. I tasted a face-plant trying that the first time 😂

  11. mortee00 says:

    Hi Kuji, this must've been shitloads of fun! Hope to show up on the next one or another!
    Watching your style and stunts, my friend and I've been trying to guess your height/weight. Will you share this with us, or is it too indiscrete to ask?

  12. Christopher Marin says:

    How can I find information on this event, so I can join next year?

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    Thanks so much for making these videos. So great to watch the French games. Congrats to all the amazing competitors!

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