World’s 1st Adult Only Mobile App Store

Welcome to MiKandi, the World’s First Adult
Only Mobile App Store. What MiKandi does for the developer is simple…but
powerful. MiKandi provides an open environment for developers
to market, monetize and deliver adult apps in their entirety and without restrictions. Up until now, adult apps were edited, censored
and rejected. In other words, all the life sucked out of
them. MiKandi shatters those boundries and gives
you total freedom to finally offer the adult apps that your customers are dreaming about. And with an open platform, you can now take
advantage of new cutting edge technologies to offer more relevant and dynamic user experiences. Apps that can do anything you want and accessible
to anyone, anytime, anywhere. MiKandi provides an easy-to-use online account
where you can upload your now fully awesome adult apps, add detailed descriptions, screen
shots and even video! Your apps are also searchable on
as well as the MiKandi App Store, our single install mobile client that allows quick and
easy discovery and installation of all your apps. Now you have all the tools you’ll need for
success. Your opportunity to shine is right now. Welcome to the grown-ups club. What will you offer next?

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