Word Stress: How to Pronounce COMPUTER PROGRAM, PROGRAMMER, PROGRAMMING – English Pronunciation

hi everybody Jennifer from Tarle Speech
with your pronunciation question today’s question is how do I say computer
program and I’m going to expand that lesson for you and we’re going to work
on several things we’re going to work on number one how to say those words of
course and number two we’re going to work on a compound noun and how you go
about doing that and then I’m throwing a little bonus and we’re going to add some
different endings so you have more bang for your buck today okay so the words
are computer program let’s look at the syllables we have cum really short
schwa sound in there cuz that’s the unstressed syllable cum pew and you’re
going to really make that syllable louder longer and higher in pitch and
then we’re gonna end with a der yes we have that flap T in there don’t
overthink it too much just think about saying a fast D sound that helps most
people so let’s put that all together computer computer computer computer all
right if you want to say a T you’re totally fine you can say computer and
everyone’s going to understand you but technically we do say that flap T there
which sounds a little bit more like a d alright next for the word program we’re going to stress syllable one and we are going to make that oh
nice and long make that syllable a little bit louder hand a little bit
higher in pitch Pro Gram program program so we have computer program so
when you say those two words separately they both get stress for word one and
stress forward – now when we put those together and make them a compound noun
which means we take two words smush them together and it creates a new vocabulary
word so we know what a computer is we know what a program is but when you have
a computer program it means something individual and different so we put these
two words together you’re going to stress word one in a compound noun and the second word is going to be less stressed and then you’re
going to link those words together with no pause in between so I’ll say them
first as just separate words computer program now if we’re linking it together
we’re making that compound noun computer program computer program computer
program now people went on to ask different questions about this how do I
say the word programmer and programming okay so all we’re going to do here is we
are going to add a new syllable for each of those programmer programing that’s a
little bit unstressed because we’re just adding that suffix on to that word but
same rules apply you want to stress word one more because we’re making these into
compound nouns and unstress word two a little bit but within those two words
don’t forget you still do have a stress syllable that gets super confusing so
remember you have syllable stress in each word the PEW and the pro but then
when you’re stressing word one this whole word is going to be a little bit
louder longer and higher than the second word so let’s put that all together
computer program computer programmer computer programming so computer program
computer programmer and computer programming so the computer programmer
likes programming the computer so that the computer program can work to the
best of its ability give it a try people are going to notice the
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questions leave them in the comment section below thank you all so much and
I’ll see you again next week

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