Wireless Presentation System TapShare TS20 | Lumens

Lumens Integration Inc. is the
leader in pro AV products for every application. I’d like to introduce you to
the TapShare ts 20 Wireless Presentation System. The unique features of the TS20 are easy to install easy, to use and no latency with 4K video. The best part is there is no need to install software or a driver using the pods to any device whether it’s a PC or a mobile phone. TS20 gives you the ability to share your display instantly. TapShare allows multiple sources from a
laptop or a mobile device and supports a split screen display with up to four
screens. So presenters can share ideas simultaneously. The TapShare TS 20 is
fully compatible with any type of operating system. When a presenter wishes to share their content they simply tap a pod and the host sees a light requesting
for someone else to present instantly. Believe it or not one of our highlighted
features is the ability to reverse control with a touchscreen panel. TapShare also supports wireless and wired connection. With the need for high security the TS 20 wirelessly transmits through an encrypted WPA2 technology. TapShare also supports industry standards including 4k resolution and 5G high speed networks with power over ethernet (PoE). Don’t forget to visit our website at www.MyLumens.com

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