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What’s up guys, my name is a Azeem. I’m back here with another new cool and exciting video And in this video we will be reviewing these F 9 wireless earbuds I ordered them online N and just two days ago. I received them so I tried out them and now in this video I will be sharing my Opinions about these earbuds so stay tuned till the end of video and subscribe to our Channel So first of all, let’s start with the features mentioned on the box so at the right side you can see some of the basic features are mentioned here like Wireless and Calling and music controls battery capacity. You can actually pick up and reject the calls by these earbuds and The battery capacity is 2,000 milliamps and at the backside here you can see that Product name is a my f9 Bluetooth version is 5.0 which obviously means that we will get a long range Bluetooth and The working distance is 10 meter. You can see and charging time is 1 to 2 odds and the working time of these earbuds is about 4 hours and here you can see the earbuds battery is 50 milliamps while the battery of its charging case is 2,000 milliamps and Nothing much else is written on the box. And now let’s get started with the unboxing so If we have another little box into the box of these earbuds Let’s take it out and keep this box aside. You can see that there is nothing else in the box and At the bottom we have this a little packet Let’s open it and check out that what we get in this little packet so first of all here, we have a little triangular shape cord and Qualified certificate is mentioned on it. And I don’t know. What is this so Another thing that we got in this packet is this USB charging cable? And after that we have these little paperwork’s you can seek So make sure to read them for your better experience everything is mentioned on these Paperwork’s about these ear words like how to connect them and how to use them. So make sure to read them and Now here we have our main units our earbuds you can see that Everything is just packed very nicely into this box. And first of all, we have our charging case and Let me show you the closer. Look of this you can see It is made up of plastic, but it is a bit heavier in weight because it has 2,000 milliamps of battery and at the bottom of this charging case some specs ohrid are mentioned like that charger case output current is 1 ampere and The charger is input current is also on a pair like that Clearly means that We will not get the fast charging in any case if you are charging your phone from it or if you are charging these earbuds from this charging case We will not get fast charging in any of these cases But that’s a good thing that you can also use it as a power bank for your smartphone because you can charge your smartphone from this power case and If we open it, then you can see here are some more apartments and we will be talking about it. Later first of all, let’s check out our earbuds, so Here are our Earbuds and there are multi-touch functional buttons on these year birds. You can see these are not clicking buttons, but these are that touch buttons we’ll check it out and after that we have some birds like you can use and check out that which fits in your ear perfectly and You can try them out These are also made up of high quality and you can see Two small letters are mentioned on both of these ear words like R and L which means that right and left and these are the charging pins these golden pins are charging pins and Here are the birds So first of all, let me show you that how to charge your ear birds by placing them into this charging case so as you can see that if we will bring these ear buds closer to the Charging apartment then it will automatically attract. These ear buds like you can see it attracts automatically the ear bud and Same is for that second year bird You can see there is a magnet placed Inside of these charging case and here birds that attracts them so powerfully and it will not lose in any case if you will even shake it and These are the indicators for the ear bud charging You can see these little doors are for the ear buds charging and this meter is showing the power of this charging case that 49% is remaining for this charging case and These little red lights shows that your ear buds are charging now, let’s take them out and Keep it aside and now check our main unit. Stop TW s f9 ear birds So in order to turn on the ear birds, first of all You will have to press this touch button just for five seconds And You see that blue light starts blinking in the earbud, which is showing that ear bird has been turned on and same for this And If you will turn on both of these ear birds Even at different times then they will automatically pair with each other You can see this blue and red light blinking on it is showing that both of earbuds has been connected with each other now you just have to connect with your smartphone or any device where you want to listen your music and It will automatically pair both of these. So now it’s time to check out the quality of these earbuds and let and let me show you that how to connect these earbuds with your smartphone and then I will show you the working or multifunctional touch buttons and And let me connect these earbuds with a smartphone so here I do have a smartphone and I am connecting these f98 birds with this smartphone and you can see that these are connected and now they are ready to use and Now I will show you by playing some videos on YouTube. So Here I Opened a song as you can see that the song is playing So if you will press three times on your right ear bird as you can see This is the right ear bird and if you will press three times on it, then it will Maximize the volume and if you will, press two times on it, then it will play the next song Let me show you by pressing two times As You guys saw that I pressed it two times and and next song starts playing and if you I will press twice on this left Ear bird then it will play the previous song again You can see that it really works and if you press single time, then it will stop the video and If you will, press it again, then it will start again playing the video and if you will, press thrice on your right ear, but then it will maximize the volume and if you will press thrice on your Left here, but then it will minimize the volume and let me show you by pressing it and If I will press three times on this right ear bird Then you will listen a sound from the earbuds that volume maximized As you guys hear that the maximum volume Sound from these earbuds, so that’s how they actually works And I personally like the build quality and the sound quality of these earbuds If you are in search of budget earbuds, then you can go for them I will leave the link in the description below and These are just under dot 30 US dollars and you can buy them easily from online website So that’s all for today guys. 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