Wireless Car Alarm Review & Installation DIY

Hei guys ! Today I want to present you this
wireless car alarm , the box looks like there is a toy inside but let’s open it and see
. Inside I found a speaker which will connect to the car battery , 2 remotes one LCD one
simple with 4 buttons , this device which will stay inside your cabin and it has recahargeable
batteries , therefore they give you a car charger for a 12 v and a usb cable to charge
the device . First I am going to connect this speaker to the car battery ; I am going to
connect the plus and the minus terminal . BEEP ! When I connect the minus terminal the speaker
beeped twice , very loud . In my situation this speaker sits well in there I don’t have
to make any holes or catch it with bolts ; So I am going to place the cabin filter back
. So after I install the siren , I am going to place the battery inside the remote , and
a strange sound is coming from the remote , chinesse sound ; let’s see on this fancy
remote there are 2 usefull things : the watch and the parking time , The parking time will
be calculated once you press the lock button , which is quite usefull if you go in a parking
place and you don’t know how long you’re gonna be there . All right , I found a perfect place
for this device , is gonna stay on this sticky rubber on a dash , now I am going to test
this alarm to see if it works : the moment of truth : I am gonna close the door and press
the lock button which activates the alarm , now let’s open the door and see what happens
and the alarm turns on and it works , great ! I am gonna plug in the charger and the lights
turn on , it meens is charging , All right I am gonna try one more time ; I will lock
it and I am going to test if the alarm will detect any shock of the car and let’s see
.. I just press a little bit the car and nothing happenes . I am going to push it more , let’s
see now … Yes as you can see the alarm turns on and it shows on the screen here like a
little hammer on this car , it meens that the car has been pushed or something .. cool
! On the side over here there are 2 switches which will adjust the sensitivity of the shock
detection and the sensitivity of the air presure ; I am going to take all of them on the low
possition , let’s see …. turn it clock wise both of them . like that . Let’s check now
with a low level of sensitivity – the car is locked , I am going to open the door and
yes , it works . For the last test , I am going to leave this remote inside home and
I am going to the car , open the door and of cource activate the alarm , hoepfully is
going to activate the alarm as well on this remote so therefore I am gonna be assured
that even if I don’t hear the alarm from the car ,I can hear the remote inside the home
, so let’s do this ! , I put for you a watch over here and I am going to the car right
now ! Let’s see ! The alarm should ring ! So yes guys I am quite happy with this new alarm
, I am going to post in the comments bellow how the alarm is doing after a while , if
you are new to my channel , consider subscribing and I will see you in the next video , Bye

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