wii theme but it’s played on the nintendo labo piano

oh hes back after being gone for a century *yeets stuff* pro crafting skills hello everyone welcome to our lets play minecraft episode 69 the moment you’ve all been waiting for dun dun dun *dramatic pose * a n g e r y back to normal(?) s w i t c h i n g i n t e n s i f i e s grumpee fase>:C w i b b l y w o b b l y waddup dawg labo or no labo? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ b i g m a d s l i m m y j i m m y intense staring contest *meow* (cat noise) *drops cat* ba ba buh bo ba ba buh bo ba bada MEEPMEEPMEEP h e ‘ s c o m i n g f o r y o u coming december 9999 *wears shades the RIGHT way ha ha nerds* music continues dramatic pose x2 o hello there i shall rule the world muahaha *basically a photoshoot* t h i c c face and the real face of course dramatic close-up kill me

100 comments on “wii theme but it’s played on the nintendo labo piano”

  1. Yannick says:

    Why does he look like that one guy from Prison Break?

  2. Ethan Baker says:

    When the mii face scanner gets it right.

  3. Twin says:

    make more musics in piano labo

    And put subtitles in Portuguese

  4. damariz CVargas says:


  5. leonel mora says:

    Weed the hell???

  6. TronMxd says:

    im scared help

  7. ElectronicSoul_G says:

    Gente kkkkkkkk melhor transição de dublagem pra português

  8. Santiago Miquel says:

    No entiendo.

  9. Alberto Monge says:

    R u the bald Guy? Doh

  10. DeadlyFog - Roblox says:

    Hello guys, welcome to another video of WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED.

  11. mrodjr2007 mrodjr2007 says:

    I have your face as my wallpaper for my phone

  12. Fhigz Jecin says:

    So what kind of video are you doing today?


  13. ALEXFLIX ! says:

    He Is Perfect

  14. Tatiana T says:

    This man is the definition of "poker face"

  15. Drgen Hergen says:

    When hitman joins youtube:

  16. Jamie Young says:

    Hitman before he got his job

  17. Casey says:

    Law & Order dun dun at the end XD

  18. kirkhammer 96 says:

    Hold my silver ballers

  19. SaOrA6 6 says:

    Best wii ad on earth

  20. 叡もちもち says:

    is he saitama?

  21. Lorenzo Lupia says:

    Are you italian?

  22. Son An Bao says:

    My friend: So what kinda music do u listen to?

    Me: it’s complicated

  23. luigi says:

    Tu est chauve

  24. dell2668 says:

    He is the bald guy

  25. DIEGUH says:

    He is the hitman

  26. Timo Ptr says:

    The french subtitles are exceptionnels

  27. Galaxy Gamer 8 says:

    Who loves SethEverMan?

    Trying to grow my channel please sub to me that would be greatly appreciated. 😊

  28. George Mao says:

    Whenever watching seth everman videos remember to turn captions on. Makes the vid so much better

  29. Kostyfoq says:

    I'm the bald guy

  30. Marco Sicad says:

    That subtitles tho…

  31. Mitsubishi Mikaeel says:


  32. KleinerSnack says:

    He is the bald guy

  33. Masami desu says:

    why is he angry?

  34. Mr Sid says:

    The mii really looks like him?!

  35. iransantos says:

    That is a good quality content

  36. Nik Belikov says:

    ты лысый мальчик?!

  37. Bice Portinari says:

    You are so bald and beautiful at the same time
    And i don’t know why

  38. Hypoz says:

    Musician hitman

  39. Vergalandia V: says:

    why he is always like this ):/

  40. Path to Power says:

    why is he mad at me-

  41. Breezy Boi says:

    Hitman when he is trying to wait for a new person to kill

  42. MEME LORD says:

    This is honestly ŠÜPRËME ÏÑTËŁÉĆT

  43. Blank says:

    I believe you found my favorite YouTuber

  44. tearfully says:

    his bald head lathers me

  45. Mr Chickenugget Wingflapper says:

    0:21 when cereal have milk

  46. Berdly / Бердли says:


  47. Guille Fer 2.0 says:

    Im the mii guy

  48. EthanPlaz YT says:

    dun dun dun

  49. ебанный натурал says:

    Are you the bald guy?

  50. CR4SHF0X 222 says:

    Thats illegal

  51. Philippe IHadToFillThisSpace says:

    Subtitles make it 10x better

  52. RamenNoodleSoupYT says:

    This guy is Hitman

  53. estofadodepollo says:

    Are you FitMC?

  54. Lucero Feria says:

    We are in a present of a god!

  55. Emanuele Barbato says:

    His head hypnotizes me

  56. saitama lorde do universo says:

    Me: mom can we have mii theme?

    Mom: yes

    Me: wait

  57. The Generalissimo says:

    The captions are golden.

  58. travis the maxus says:

    That is the coolest mini ever 😎

  59. ПАТРИОТ says:

    You bald guy

  60. cedoTV says:


  61. Jun Inacio says:

    1:01 Bolsonaro

  62. Wallace silva says:


  63. killergiuse says:

    I watch this video 20 times

  64. Alex Flex says:


  65. Hazama says:

    I miss wii

  66. mynameis bob says:

    this is the perfect medium for the Wii theme

  67. Streat_ Game says:

    0:30 Just hear the sound

  68. MCWDD says:

    Wait aren't you the bald guy?

  69. Aditya Purwanto says:

    It's like SFW porn.

  70. Morkovka TV says:

    Hitman 3

  71. XOR Damned says:


  72. Melonbros24 says:

    I’m the bald guy

  73. Nörden ! says:

    Fan va bra

  74. mehdi Haddou says:

    IDK if I should like or Just THROW my phone



    Me: oh sh-

  76. Speedy9000 Speedy2000 says:

    Put on english subtitles it makes alot more sense

  77. The Vigo's Channel says:


  78. Adam says:

    I'm the watching guy

  79. Petrichor says:

    You had to play on marvel

  80. Trinity says:

    Good work 47!

  81. Jona0 says:

    Hes an absolute mad lad

  82. Borbs Birbs says:

    F#, a, c, a F#, d d d

  83. Chill Beatz says:

    F in the chat for the 2 Game Cubes that got thrown at cardboard and covered in Nintendo 64 controllers and games

  84. Killgamer Games says:

    I subscribed

  85. Nick The Great says:


  86. GR8GUYISHERE Pictures says:

    I got a nintendo switch ring fit adventure ad

  87. Archer yetis says:

    Im calling the fact that all the d8slikes are from bommers

  88. ADHDKIMI6969 says:


  89. AEG YT says:

    Congrats on getting 1M on your "Im the bald guy" comment

  90. carpet says:

    Yeah, it's a bald gay

  91. EdgyMoistDuck says:

    I hate this so much that I love this

  92. kliizak filin says:

    Кто да ему дадут награду за комментарий?

  93. i have a name says:

    Seth what the actual fuck

  94. i have a name says:

    I was gonna kill myself cause I fucked up big time and lied about it but after seeing this in my recommended I might not

  95. KlopieGamesNL says:

    HQ shitposting

  96. elena synodinou says:

    0:18. I NOW KNOW!!! YOU LOOK like Peter Steele from Type O Negative!!! minus the hair

  97. Víctor Martínez says:

    Law & Order Ending #Lmao

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