Why was Princess Haya’s uncle appointed as a consultant in the Jordanian palace?

Why was Princess Haya’s uncle appointed as
a consultant in the Jordanian palace? .. “Deflation” in the Amman-Dubai hub. London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: the retired
bureaucrat and Jordanian ex-minister Abdullah Toukan suddenly became a consultant at the
Jordanian royal palace. Who is the man and what does his appointment
mean to this high position? Touqan, a man close to seventy, is not known
to the Jordanians in general and does not clash with the political reality. A royal will was issued, yesterday, by appointing
him as a special advisor to King Abdullah II. What is common in the man’s record is that
more than 20 years ago he was a one-time minister of post and telecommunications. The new royal adviser is not linked to the
trend and thinking of the current royal advisory staff, and he represents one of the oldest
families in the city of Nablus, and therefore is part of the composition and share of Jordanian
elites calculated on the West Bank. The most important thing is that the new chancellor
in the royal palace practically joins six shadow counselors. He is the brother of the late Queen Alia Toukan,
the wife of the late King Hussein bin Talal. In this sense, it can be said that the Chancellor
and Minister Toukan is the most prominent uncle of Princess Haya bint Al Hussein and
Prince Ali bin Al Hussein. Regardless of the hype raised by the matter
of Princess Haya’s dispute with her husband, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, it
is difficult to expect a political background for this appointment, or it has to do with
the file of relations with Dubai. The interesting thing about the issue is the
difficulty of knowing the files that the new consultant will work on or be assigned to,
especially since he was originally from the shadow personalities and he did not appear
previously in any competitions related to the formations and the ministerial amendments. It is most appreciated that the presence of
Touqan may add to the nature of performance, tasks and files and may lead to messages in
diversifying the representation of social components in some senior positions. Perhaps the most important characteristic
of the new consultant’s career record is his relationship with the two princes Haya
and Ali. This may be an additional step in showing
the solidarity of the Jordanian leadership and people with their princess, Haya Bint
Al Hussein, in her public and judicial struggle with her husband, the ruler of Dubai, amid
Western diplomatic sources’ expectations that Jordanian affiliation with Al Maktoum is on
the way to the end and that relations with the Emirate of Dubai are no longer as warm
as they were in the past. Al-Khalil Touqan was previously appointed
as an additional solidarity step with the princess, which is the issuance of a decision
to appoint her as a diplomatic employee at her country’s embassy in London so that, in
accordance with legal circles, she will have special protection and immunity under British
laws. Although Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi
tried to obstruct this appointment and was later forced on the pretext of maintaining
relations with Abu Dhabi, the media level of interest in pursuing the judicial dispute
between the princess and her husband has decreased significantly recently. It appears that the level of coordination
and communication between Oman and Dubai, at least, was affected without announcing
the results of intermarriage, amid a desire by the leadership of the two countries to
maintain the dispute in its family and legal capacity, while ensuring a mature bilateral
political agenda and less tension despite all indications of contraction in communication.

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