Why I’m selling my houseboat

Hey, I’m in Sweden I was in Norway to speak at a conference And I just swung by here to clean up my houseboat because you know what I’m selling it. Don’t be sad I’m sad for the both of us for the boat of us About a year ago I posted it like a tour of my boat and a lot of people were disappointed that I didn’t show any exterior shots nor gave the name of the boat You know that the Internet can be a really creepy place So there were good reasons for not wanting to do that, but now since I’m selling it You’re just gonna be creepy to whatever person happens to buy it so time to tell all my secrets Yeah, we’re almost there, are you ready? Dun dun duuun Here it! His name is Alfred I’m on my boaat Cause is still my boat So yeah his name is Alfred, and yes, he has a man’s name Please respect his chosen pronoun, but he’s an ice-breaking tugboat which means that he’s technically allowed to have a man’s name because Breaking things and dragging them behind you is such a male thing to do What the fuck do I know I bought Alfred on my 22nd birthday because I couldn’t afford to buy an apartment and a crew of builders and I, like remodeled pretty much the entire boat We changed the steering system, the heating system, the sewage system, Remodeled the whole kitchen, built a new staircase Did a bunch of stuff I was really broke at the time, so it was at a minimal budget But he turned out pretty ok This scar I have here in my hand is from fiddling these cupboards here, so I’ve shed blood on this boat, we’re blood siblings now Truth to be told it’s mostly period blood but still counts. Alfred is like this grumpy old man. He was born I say born not built because I think of him as a person. Oh, yeah. He was built in 1942 and he actually sunk in the fifties so the sewage leak I had is definitely not the worst thing that’s happened to him. Lot of people ask if I’d recommend buying a house boat If you’re ready to put in the work that it requires and sure go ahead I should probably not tell you any of these things because I’m trying to sell this boat But during the first summer I had three break-ins. So three times, I woke up in the middle of the night because there were people walking on the boat and two of the times It was just like drunk people and it was fine I just like shooed in the way But once there was actually a guy who Tried to break in and I was on lower deck and I could see he was walking past Holding a knife and the way I reacted was I gave this like guttural like cavewoman scream You know like when you you get power from the tail you no longer have I just Screamed and was like GET OFF OF MY BOAT BITCH and for some reason I did it in English as well I was Sweden in I don’t know my brain was like when you’re in an emergency situation Fall back on all the action movies you’ve seen and speak English my boyfriend at the time Just started laughing so hard and I actually got really upset because I was like what the fuck were you doing at least I screamed get off of My boat bitch. After that I redesigned the bridge so you can kind of hoist it up And since then we’ve hardly had any issues Things are fine, please buy my boat, please buy my boat, please buy my boat. Please buy my boat It’s the bed Please buy my boat, please buy my boat. I’m just kidding don’t buy it I mean do buy it, but don’t buy it here’s the tugboat hook This right here. It’s like hidden behind this bench, but Still there still works the engine totally works. It’s fine. He’s fine. Everything is fine It’s gonna be great. So things are gonna be great The main reason I’m selling Alfred is because I live in the States now I need to be there for work and Alfred really needs somebody to be here to take care of him So I know that a lot of you have asked about the boat and what’s happening with it? And I just wanted to let you know that I’m abdicating as a houseboat captain I can no longer have that on my list of things that make me cool. Which is fine I feel like I can’t fill it up with other stuff. I always look ridiculous in this captain’s hat anyway, so At least I won’t have that anymore, but it does feel sad. Bye Alfred. I think this might be one of the last times I’m here Bye sewage tank You know sometimes when you love somebody you have to let them go Or as my mom says, If you love a man sometimes you need to find him a new owner Yeah, she does say that She said it just this morning, thanks for watching. Please don’t forget to subscribe or to buy my boat Okay, bye

100 comments on “Why I’m selling my houseboat”

  1. Manuel Seda says:

    That’s soooo fun 😍

  2. Jeff B says:

    Dollars to donuts you’re dating a Chad

  3. Gurvan says:

    My gosh this is adorable. Great reno and video work !! Good on you for going that route of a diy lifestyle and now for moving on to the West, what a journey !

  4. Allan A says:

    I like your mom's philosophy that's very cool that's true love

  5. DocFeelGood4 says:

    How tf are you this cool?

  6. Jean Roch says:

    LOL after I watched this, YouTube felt I'd be interested in a 75 meter, 20 million dollar luxury super-yacht. WTF, YouTube algorithms, don't you have enough of my personal data yet to know I can't afford a second super-yacht ? 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Jilleman says:

    Ok…that penny fell slowly but now i figured it out! That last name and you're in Sweden, you ARE Swedish and i now understands who your mom is too and she is also Amazing!
    I can't understand why i didn't figure that one out quicker.

  8. Christoffer says:

    vänta vänta vänta… Du är svensk!? Du har det mest perfekta Engelska uttalandet jag hört från en svensk. Där ser man 😀

  9. Krizx600 says:

    I love you Giertz!

  10. Stekaren HD says:

    What is she talking aboat?

  11. seededsoul says:

    I bid $1.

  12. PayDro The Nerd says:

    where did you get that jacket???

  13. Aiden Stay says:

    You and Alfred. I ship it.

  14. Syd C says:

    I should know better than to watch your videos while I lift. I was laughing so much almost dropped 30lb on my foot.

  15. Craig Bowie says:

    I love tug boats. How cool. Hope he finds a good home.

  16. zachary stotz says:

    Great girl that isn't afraid to get her hands dirty! I thought all those were lost to the sea! LOL Great video!

  17. Christine LaBrie says:

    We have a 1956 42' Matthews, love old boats…………………………….yes they are grumpy but hey. Her name is Artania.

  18. Dylan Pritchard says:

    Wow I wish I could marry Simone 😭

  19. taltigolt says:

    you're like what i expect the 13th doctor to be like so quirky

  20. Upright Ape says:

    I still have a tail……don't make fun.

  21. Milton Omena says:

    Reminded me of BDG trying to sell his bed…

  22. Chuck Domingues says:

    I live in the states. Mississippi! Drive your boat to my house and you may park and stay here for free! I have a beautiful dock!

  23. Nilsfried says:

    I have been broke many times, never have I bought a house boat

  24. MCFish Nuggets says:

    2:11 🙂

  25. Vincent Pietrek says:

    Obviously your kind of broke is different from others kind of broke.
    Of course the definition can vary but in none have I heard that ppl brought a boat.
    Most of us can't afford cars nor the license.

  26. No Name says:

    Now that is the ugliest boa……Wait….I don't even own a boat! So how the Hell do I have any right to say anything about anyone else's freaking boat!

  27. Pepijnb says:

    Aqueerius 🙌

  28. J W says:

    Published Nov. 3 2017
    Truckla brought me this to me.
    June 2019

  29. Josh Boucher says:

    I was looking forward to an atlantic crossing journey. Was seriously expecting that with your personality.

  30. NallePu83 says:

    0:58 best key in the world……. 😀

  31. Miguel Molina says:

    Everything that you post you make it interesting, you have an adorable personality.

  32. the King of experiments and games says:

    My name is Alfred!

  33. TheJustonemore says:


  34. Frank Reynolds NH says:


  35. Pat McRoind says:

    Is it just me or does Simone make others laugh hysterically?

  36. P Nut says:

    stop flexing

  37. DeerKoden says:

    "GET OFF MY BOAT, BITCH!!". I bet it must've been a crazy scene!
    So i guess you didnt have any mean to get Alfred with you in the States? 🙁

  38. Bucket, Charlie says:

    Sewage leaks sound great.

  39. serenityextremity says:

    #AQUEERIUS received no attention – it was all about ALFRED! 😀

  40. Morka says:

    tfw buying and redesigning a boat cost less than a normal fucking apartment

  41. David Parker says:

    You should spec out Alfred on your video….He's really cool ,It might help you find a good home for him.

  42. allisaurus says:

    I guess the algorithm sent me here because of truckla? bizarre to be sent back to a 2017 vid but nice/sad to watch anyway

    also #aqueerius?

  43. dave oh says:

    "please respect his chosen pronoun"…
    i'm glad i wasn't eating or drink anything at that moment!

  44. D0P3 REMIX says:

    Stod Alfred vid djurgården? (ser ut som det)

  45. Cactus Tweeter says:

    Simone you have done more in your short lifetime than many do in a full lifetime. You are undoubtably a great role model.

  46. Moto Bandito says:

    I was really broke when I bought this boat and remodeled it. 😂

  47. Hilmar says:

    It was postet 2017… does anyone have any idea what happened to Alfred ..?🤔
    I’m asking because…
    It looks nice 👍
    Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

  48. Andrei2000PC says:

    You chose the boat over me, the real Alfred? Lol


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  50. UTubeBrowzer says:

    Forgot to say how much the boat is!

  51. pdxeddie1111 says:

    it's bad luck to have a boat with a boy's name.

  52. Oliver Müller says:

    Knowing your Story, brian is clearly visible in this video. I hope you See doing fine now!

  53. Hank Picard says:

    Such a cute personality on this girl!!!!
    Love it👍👌🤣

  54. Ghost Veggie says:

    Only thing missing here 4:58 was…

    My boat…

  55. Craig Corson says:

    How am I to know if I want to buy your boat if you don't say how much it costs?

  56. Robert Rp says:

    How much is he???

  57. Caleb Hodgson says:

    "Don't forget to subscribe, or buy my boat" is probably the best closing line I've heard on youtube.

  58. Waitforit FPV says:

    du och jag alfred!

  59. Menthe says:

    Love the pride flag on deck

  60. Matson Cannon says:

    How much are you asking for

  61. Maxid1 says:

    Did it got solded yet?

  62. Frank Blackcrow says:

    I think I found her a new place to live.. maybe…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7G7p1MPWlM

  63. Oddball Dynamics. says:

    You are such a goof ball. Love it. Lol. So many things you said that made me laugh. 😀

  64. Comrade Stalin says:

    "I couldn't afford an apartment so I bought a boat"

    Everyone goes Nani

  65. Ballwiz 23 says:

    I couldn't afford an apartment, so I bought a boat.


  66. John Daerick Damasco says:

    simone yacht

  67. Mike CorLeoné says:

    Guns work great against invaders… just sayin

  68. Craig Neilson says:

    Well as a man. Your mom's statement almost hurt. NOT. I love the saying.

  69. berlin bro says:

    she is soo funny.
    i like her.
    new sub.

  70. Nick Gillon says:

    Weren't interested back then and certainly not interested now .

  71. robert johns says:

    nooooo go full viking horn helment and all…. we want to see you drive alfred to usa… ahoy there matey i can taste the salt in the air…

  72. Willow: A Human says:

    I’ve always wanted a house boat.

  73. Ray B says:

    i have a 75 million dollar boat, i think i'll pass

  74. TheGypsy Hippie says:

    I love u . . ur so funny also plan to use ur mom and urs saying " aometimes when u love a man u have to find him a new owner" lmao

  75. John in Okla says:

    To start with Alfred isn't a houseboat, he is a tug boat. A non-working, as in not working as a tug boat, but still a tug boat. But then you took a car and made a truck out of it so what do I know. 😁

  76. Pato Swag says:

    Why don’t you just move it to the states

  77. cj West says:

    You are one very funny girl…

  78. Hexapoda says:

    If I had been rich I had been running down there, throw the money on you just to get Alfred, I do not live in Stockholm but I have passed there several times when I'm been walking towards Lasse i Parken, but I never did pay much attentions to the boats.

  79. Nathaniel Barton says:

    I really wasn't going to watch this again. But here we are.

  80. Jonathan Armstrong says:

    You need some de-shake on your video. My head hurts.

  81. Kevin Chedville says:

    Hey i got that same NASA patch ..:) Paint that Thing ..:) (Aqueerius i mean)…:)

  82. FrankDad says:

    Is it ocean-worthy?

  83. TehAxelius says:

    Oh man, I grew up on a boat maybe 100m from there :O

  84. Ben Pearce says:

    Somehow, YouTube has suggested this girls videos twice now and I was like WTF, why would I be interested in this. So I watched where she did the ignorant car to wanna be station wagon/truck thing and now she's talking about a boat named Alfred. Are you kidding me? The only thing I'm figuring out from the two videos I've seen is simply this, I'm now starting to understand why America is in the condition that it is and why her generation is called generation Tide Pods.
    Dear YouTube, do you let just anybody put the most ignorant stuff on your site? That's a rhetorical question, obviously you do, I've seen both of her videos… Please stop posting videos, please stop making videos… Please, for intelligent people's sake, stop posting absolutely stupid videos

  85. Daniel says:

    I used to live on a boat in Sweden, sailed it down there from Norway. Much smaller than this boat though. Was actually planning to bring it trough the canals down to the French riviera, but sort of got stuck in Sweden. Anyway, had to sell it, was really sad, I wish I hadn't sold it now.

  86. greg rafieck says:

    The most creepiest boat.

  87. nirvanamadpaul m says:

    So much character….I'm in love…..please post across the pond 🙂

  88. Arkadiusz switaj says:

    wow 🙂

  89. Notten says:

    You need the ..money

  90. Marcus Allan says:

    so sad how many times you said "bye my boat"

  91. JP G says:

    Good luck with your sale. I’d love a house boat…unfortunately, I’m here and houseboats aren’t.

  92. Casualken says:

    Omg I love you.lol

  93. Outamyhead says:

    After seeing the retching from the sewage leak….Yeah I don't need a house boat.

  94. John Milonas says:

    Very stupid.

  95. nerdposer_ FILMS says:

    somehow I'm thinking Simone will merge a Tesla with a Boat and name it Alfred 2.0

  96. Margie Garcia says:

    Period blood too funny

  97. Mihai Ciubotaru says:

    Who in his right mind would leave Europe for the US??

  98. Ilija Živanović says:

    just move it to the us

  99. Ralph Stgermain says:

    You haven't lived, or you are one of the walking dead if you never lived on a houseboat. I have never been more unhappy since selling mine.

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