Why Deploy a Business Intelligence Solution in Your Telecommunications Network? COMARCH

In order to sustain or improve revenue telecom operators must deliver high-quality services and competitive offers. What’s more, there is a growing number of OTT services. To become a leader, a telecom must efficiently analyze an increasing amount of datafrom various IT systems. Data unification and business intelligence tools allow you to use: predictive maintenance, advanced customer segmentation and reporting as a service. Let’s take a closer look. The best way to handle failures is to prevent them. Comarch Business Intelligence solutions and a predictive maintenance component, help to manage services through the analysis of data from network and IoT devices. Thanks to predictive maintenance component notifications about possible failures are sent to the Field Service Management solution, where the automatic dispatcher make service possible before a problem occurs. Managers often make the wrong decisions due to a lack of precise data A mismatch of the service offer may result in the loss of some customers. Comarch BI uses machine learning algorithms to help you carry out segmentation The results are the appropriate understanding of clients, adjusting offers to meet their expectations, and determining new sources of revenue. That’s not all. Managerial staff often acquire many important indicators … … by email or different spreadsheet files… … which provides a lot of dispersed information, but few conclusions. To avoid chaos, all data can be integrated and collected in the Comarch BI Point analytical platform provided in the form of Managed Services. Thanks to this, data analysis is faster, and the answers are precise. It’s easy to check rollout plans related to 5G network development … .. the number of customer reports about faulty services and customer satisfaction … and to follow the geospatial analysis of the continuity of services implemented. Provide service of a quality unmatched by your competition with Comarch Business Intelligence.

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