What They Don’t Want To Tell You About Electric Cars

A major transition is happening within the
automotive industry. Internal combustion engine vehicles are slowly
being replaced by electric powered vehicles. And like any major controversial topic there
are essentially 3 sides. The ones that are for the change, the ones
against it and the ones that simply don’t care. Here’s the thing, what reasons are people
truly looking at to form their opinion? Is it what they hear from uninformed family
members or friends, or maybe it’s from biased media sources? Either way there are details that are always
left out, ones rarely talked about. So how fast is this wave of electric vehicles
coming? Not as fast as one may think, well at least
not here in the United States. In 2018, out of the 17million vehicles sold,
only 1-3% were electric, and at no surprise the Tesla Model 3 lead the pack with 138K
units sold. Of course the overall number for year 2019
will be higher but don’t expect it to be drastically different. Quarter one electric vehicles sales compared
to 2018 only was up 10%. So if EVs are the future then why the slow
push? Let’s put it like this, it’s not that
easy. For one, most large auto manufacturers are
hesitant to go all in and take such a big risk. They would rather just wait for the competition
to take the leap, analyze their success and then follow suit. Perfect example is the big strive VolksWagen
is taking towards the EV game. Consider this a way to redeem themselves after
enduring a 30 billion dollar hit in legal actions, buy back programs and penalties after
admitting to rigging the emissions of millions of diesel vehicles. Volkswagen has a new mission now, it’s electric
or bust. They are spending 60 billion on battery cells
as they push hard to electrify all 300 models in their range by year 2030. And for those that are confused about the
300 models number, keep in mind that they include other auto manufacturers that are
under the Volkswagen Group umbrella such Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini. Imagine that, an all electric Lamborghini
Aventador, from a V12 to a V0. I’ll tell you this, if there is one company
that can overtake Tesla, that would be Volkswagen group because of their experience with producing
cars. Another reason EVs aren’t taking over as
fast as one may want, is the lack of infrastructure. Gasoline stations have existed for over 100
years, dating back to the first one being built in 1905 in St Louis, Missouri. To put it into perspective there around 150K
public gas stations in the US vs just 20K charge stations. Well, Cristian you don’t need as many charge
stations since most people will charge their EVs at home. HMMM, That’s Partially true, Let’s say
you live in a house and own a Tesla, ideally you can you can get a NEMA 14-50 Outlet that
can fully charge the vehicle in as little as seven hours, in other words overnight. Cool. But what about the people live in apartments,
for instance the urban parts of NY, where many cars are forced to park on the side of
the road. What is their charging solution when it comes
to owning an EV? What do you expect them to do, Idk maybe throw
a long extension cable out their window and plug it in? Let’s just say that hypothetically doing
that was a legitimate option.. Plugging an EV to a common home 110 volt outlet
will charge an EV a MEASLY 2-4 miles of range per hour! Guys That’s 16-32 miles on an 8 Hour charge! That’s 55-110 hours, to fully charge an
EV! In other words, most people that live in apartments
will be dependent on charging stations, unless you’re one of the lucky few that live in
a complex that provide them as a perk. Anywho going back to the lack of infrastructure,
there are challenges in place when it comes to adding more charging stations. Regulatory and permitting issues, even coordination
is a must with local utilities to make sure the charging station can get all the power
it needs. And guys I want you guys to understand that
in no way am I trying to put electric vehicles down, but more trying to dig deep and open
our minds when it comes to the future of electric vehicles. So one thing that is almost always brought
up among people that want to make the switch to electric, is the cost of buying and owning
one. Now this is a very, VERY tricky area. Many say the reason they don’t make the
switch from Internal combustion engine vehicles to electric ones is because of the price difference. Electric cars on average are more expensive
to buy, partly due to the cost of lithium ion batteries. But not for long, battery competition is increasing
rapidly, bringing down the cost. Eventually it’ll cost less to make an electric
powered vehicle, some say that could happen as early as year 2022! Optimistic if you ask me, but doable I would
say. But there is one thing that really concerns
me, and that is electricity itself. Many argue that it’s cheaper than gasoline,
so you’ll save more money. Those people that point are right, electricity
is much cheaper than gas right now, keywords right now. According to websites like Alliance of Auto
Manufacturers, Electric vehicles only compromise 2% of all car sales in the US in 2018. So of course with that low demand prices of
electricity will be low, but let me ask the following, what happens when demand for electricity
rises as it’s bound to eventually happen? What will happen is basic economics, as demand
goes up higher than supply the price follows in the same direction. And as demand goes up for electricity guess
what happens to fuel, it goes down. Interesting because if there is less sales
for gas which include taxes to maintain the roads we drive on, what happens then? Those taxes have to carry over somehow right? Demand for electricity and EVs goes up, we
introduce more burning of coal. Yes there are other ways of producing electricity
but coal burning accounts for more than 38% of electricity production globally, and 60%
in China! More coal burning=more emissions. Seems a bit counter productive. But hey Maybe everything that I’m saying
may not be the case, only time will tell. Let’s talk about a topic that I can greatly
benefit from, overall maintenance and reliability. As many of you already know, I own a BMW and
like many cars they are complex machines with lots of wear and tear parts that need to be
addressed at one point or another. Here’s where EV’s benefit, especially
when it comes to the long run game. Sure they cost most more upfront when buying
them, but eventually over the years they become far less expensive to own. EVs have much less moving parts, things like
frequent oil changes, filter replacements, periodic tune ups, and exhaust system repairs,
to the less frequent component replacement, such as the water pump, fuel pump, and alternator
are a non factor. Essentially the an EV only has one major moving
part and that is the engine. Sounds like a win, but wait a minute, something
seems off. More Evs, less moving parts, less maintenance
required, less technicians needed to work and service cars? Do you see where this is going? Massive job loss maybe, hmmmm. Moving on. Here’s something that concerns me and others
may feel the same. The overall safety when it comes to these
large battery packs. There have been reports of EV’s bursting
into flames days after an accident! Not seconds, minutes or hours, days! Electric-vehicle battery packs are made of
hundreds to thousands of battery cells, each of which contains a flammable liquid electrolyte,
any damage to them can cause a chemical reaction. IDK maybe it’s just me but I feel like there
are definitely risks when you store enough energy to propel a two-ton car at 75 miles
an hour for hundreds of miles. Let’s switch gears and talk about Tesla
for a sec, it’s only right to include them in any discussion that involves EVs. Even though they’ve struggled to profit
significantly, they have been paving the way and there is no trace of them slowing down. Tesla now has a factory in China and is set
to finish building one in Germany, Tisk Tisk Tisk, Big German Giants better stop playing. While you got these big players and like BMW,
Mercedes and VW planning Tesla is doing! Meanwhile the other American autocompanies
are testing water, i mean, Ford surprised us all, but not necessarily in a good way. Seriously Ford, the Mustang Mach E? Really? Anyways it’s all a step in the right direction? Right? Idk. Elon Musk’s goal was to get the rest of the
automotive industry to go electric, and honestly it looks like it’s working. Good Job Elon I can easily talk about other commonly addressed
EV topics like like range anxiety, crowded charge stations, how resourceful it is to
mine lithium and the problem with trying to recycle the batteries being used on Evs but
there are plenty of articles and videos doing that already. My goal for this video was not to pick sides
but more so to dig deeper in the what the future of EVs can bring us. Surely I have more to say but didn’t want
this video to drag on, but you never know maybe I’ll make a follow up video if a good
portion of you guys enjoy this one. Feel free to leave any and all thoughts in
the comment section below. As always thanks for watching, till next time.

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  1. Vehicle Virals says:

    Nothing like a creating a video that's a little out of my comfort zone to finish off the year. Thank you guys for the amazing support in 2019, and I can't wait to see what 2020 has in store! See you all next year!

  2. Stasi Vladimirov says:

    I would've considered this article fair, if there were at least a few points about the benefits of EVs… Also some of the points in the article have already been debunked or don't make sense at all. Still nice to not go a full ICE owner hate mode and talk about bullshit like missing engine noise, "low" quality, etc.

  3. David Downs says:

    More people using electricity doesn't make the cost go up. The grid has so much capacity, demand is way down since 2009. Also, homeowners with solar with be driving for free!

  4. Nigel Mutepfa says:

    And this video is sponsered by Shell, Bp etc

  5. Matthew Holzmueller says:

    You made an awesome video! But I want to disagree with the part that electric vehicles might be so trouble-free that it can lead to a massive layoff of mechanics. I know that instead of having the standard "ICE' engine and drivetrain, the EV'S are going to have tires, wheels, suspension, body repair, and ELECTRICAL! All of which will need to be maintained and replaced. Wheel bearing, tie rod ends are still others thatneed replacement the same, even coolant in the battery packs need to be flushed out for proper long term maintenance. My point being is that their will still be room for old mechanics like me. Keep up the great work!

  6. Joomy says:

    Petroleum is currently artificially constrained in order to keep prices high. The price of oil will not drop with a decrease of demand, not for decades anyway. Increased electricity demand will obviously be a thing but renewables are now significantly cheaper than coal so pretty much all new capacity will be renewable.

    Storage is still a problem but that's nearly solved, we just need to start building lots of water batteries yesterday. Plus with smart pricing we can encourage people to charge when supply is highest to match supply with demand.

  7. Hvac 2001 says:

    EVs will be taking over faster than you think, by 2030 40-50% of all ice cars will be gone.
    This video is not being 100% honest, do your research and then come back to do another video.
    I did my homework and it will be cheaper to own a tesla…I mean an electric car.
    I'm getting ready to get my model 3 and are very excited.
    Now think of the environment, what eliminating ice cars will do. We will figure out the rest as we go but ice cars need to go.

  8. RC D says:

    Won't touch it the cost of replacing battery.

  9. Outlawstar79 says:

    It's great we are gonna element the pollution issue unless you consider the strip mining in which goes with getting material for Lithium Ion batteries.

  10. Ed Larrosa says:

    Hey man, great vid.

    Just a few things to help you out and course correct a few of your comments.

    Charging options. You're completely ignoring destination charging as an option. Easy to do as we don't think that way now. Charging at work or at a shopping centre at a carpark will be commonplace.

    It's 'comprise', not 'compromise'. Totally different meanings.

    Technically, it's a motor(s) not an engine that powers a fully electric vehicle.

    Also, an average EVs currently has about 8,000 battery cells, not 'hundreds of thousands'.

    The German giants are already 'doing' and they all have EV models in market – BMW since 2013 just a year after the Model S launch.


  11. PizzaExpert says:

    Where's the 80% of electric cars exploding fact come from click baiting pos

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  14. Ice Man says:

    Good vid, I mean issues raised! I think the UK govt made a rash decision in banning petrol & diesel sales from 2040…
    Meanwhile I saw an old fella (70?) pushing his Tesla to the hard shoulder today having misjudged his range…😁

  15. Whispered Metsutan says:

    I have a garage and will never own an electric vehicle. Why? The extreme push to ban ICE vehicles. As mentioned in the video there isnt charging options for those who park on the street or live in apartments/condos. I actually have 2 cars now (1 is old) and plan on buying a newer vehicle every 5 years so someone can buy a used gas vehicle for an affordable price. Used EVs will need battery replacements and those who dont get paid much will need a vehicle that gets them to where they need to go and only spend $200-500 a year on maintenance costs.

    Also maintenance for Honda and Toyota is very low as they last a long time. Other vehicles may or may not last as long depending on other factors.

    But as it stands I will not ever buy an EV because right now it's all hype from EV enthusiasts and environmentalists.

  16. Rekcuf690 says:

    Mining lithium ion batteries are destroying our planet…

  17. Redbulpro says:


  18. Copper Nicklaus says:

    Good questions and a good presentation. Love the promise of EVs, but very few EV enthusiasts discuss where the govt will get the revenue it currently enjoys from petroleum taxes. And if you believe the govt will just decide to make do with less, you're probably not a student of history.

  19. AZ says:

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    Oh well looks like I won’t have a job after collage

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    I think hydrogen will be the future of cars because batterys loose capacity and stop working and get burryed some were ir is put in land fill elecrictiy price will go up

  22. Ethan keenan says:

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    As a petrolhead I have 4 concerns about EVs. 1 – Performance : The performance of all EV cars is very weak, for example : Tesla Model S P100D which Elon Musk claims is a performance saloon, but ofcourse the reality is not on Elon's side (as usual). The P100D weighs as much as a Range Rover and its a car that has over 600hp, but the top speed of a BMW 525 diesel with 231hp.
    2 – Soul : Can you imagine being really involved and obsessed with EVs – Me neither. EVs just don't have what it takes to capture our hearts, no one can be truly passionate about EVs, except the Tesla guys, but they are passionate about Elon Musk, not the cars, even if Tesla releases a toilet on wheels, they would love it.
    3 – Reliability : I buy the best and most expensive batteries for my personal vaping device, 18650 batteries which are literally the exact same as the ones in the various Teslas and my batteries last 4 years at best. How can a battery that has a maximum life of 4 years would possibly survive 10 years of usage in a Tesla?
    4 – Price : I bought my Fiat Tempra for 700BGN which is 402USD or 304GBP, the car is 29 years old and I haven't spend a single cent on it except fuel, oil and tires. I don't believe that EVs would become that cheap even in 100 years time.

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    "there are risk when you store enough energy to propel a 2-ton car" gasoline is more energy dense than batter electric cars and have way less chance of catching fire or exploding according to NHTSA study. Also if you look at the numbers there's been like 237,000 fire incidents from gasoline cars and less than 10 in the same 5+year period from EVs… Such bias video 😂 and click bait intro

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    Keep it up, cheers and good year 🥂

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    Naturally, those from the climate cult of doom will do their best to delegitimise all of these. There's big money in this scam, which essentially does nothing to solve a problem that doesn't exist…

    Europe is burning our forests for “renewable” energy. Wait, what?

    Major power cut across country as London goes dark after National Grid failure

    Report: A Cloud Drifting Over a Solar Farm Knocked Out Power for 10hrs

    Blackouts: California’s Electric Car Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

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    Anyway, happy denying!

  88. Chuck O says:

    Why would it take 7 hours to charge your EV? Do you use every drop of gasoline in your tank everyday? I only use 16kWh each day (enough to go 70 miles round trip). My home charger charges at 7.2kW rate which takes just over 2 hours to top it off. My wife only drives 32 miles round trip everyday and uses less than 8kWh of energy. It takes her only an hour to recharge on our low power home charger. We both have 64 kWh battery packs so what we use each day is less than a 1/4 tank (charge). Like nearly everyone on the planet we never need to do more than 250 miles driving on any given day. So for commuter applications (or any driving scenario requiring less than 250 miles at a time) why is having a gasoline car sitting overnight in your garage with half tank of gasoline such an advantage? Also, this idea that public charging stations are required is pure nonsense. We've had our EVs for over 3 years now and have NEVER needed to use a public charger. Nice to know they're now everywhere but they are rarely if ever needed. Refueling (recharging) at home is a MAJOR advantage. Think about it. If you have a gasoline car and had a gasoline pump in your driveway how often would you ever need go to a gasoline station? Rarely if ever. If everybody had gasoline pumps in their driveways how many gasoline stations would be needed? Not nearly as many a exist. As a commuter car an EV is FAR more convenient than having to waste time and energy going to a filthy gasoline station (especially unpleasant on those nasty sub-zero mornings). Only two seconds of my day required to refuel my electric car. One second to plug it in before going to bed and one second to unplug it in the morning before leaving home. Full tank every morning, warmed and defrosted BEFORE opening the garage door. And with the new Tesla getting nearly 400 miles of range most owners will only need those 2 seconds once every two weeks.

  89. Chuck O says:

    Here's something else they don't tell you about EVs.
    With battery costs having dropped below $150/kWh, ranges reaching 400+ miles and charging times of 15-30 minutes or less there will soon be little reason not to switch to an EV. No engine wear to be concerned with, no mileage to keep track of for oil changes and other maintenance, no expensive mechanical parts slowly wearing out every time you run the engine. No $50-$75 oil changes 3 or 4 times a year. EVs use regenerative brakes (no expensive brake jobs every three or four years). No oil or air filters that will need to be replaced. No timing gears, timing chains, or tensioners. No fuel injectors, fuel filters, fuel pumps, or fuel pressure regulators. No oil pumps or oil pan gaskets to leak. No spark plugs, ignition coils, coil packs, plug wires or other ignition components. No accessory or serpentine belts. No power steering pumps or fluids (EVs use electrically assisted steering, no hydraulic fluids). No alternators, or idler pulleys. No engine coolant systems to speak of or mechanically driven water pumps to eventually leak (many new FWD vehicles have to have the engine lifted just to get to the water pump). No exhaust pipes, mufflers or other emissions systems components. No EGR valves or O2 sensors that will eventually need to be replaced. No emissions testing to worry about. No head gaskets to blow, no valve cover or pan gaskets that will eventually leak. NO CHECK ENGINE or SERVICE ENGINE SOON lights. No rear oil seals that will eventually leak and require engine and or tranny removal to get to. No complex (i.e. expensive) computer controlled automatic transmission that will wear out (largely because you can no longer change or monitor tranny oil levels yourself). For most modern EVs used for commuting less than 250 miles per day (like nearly everyone on this planet) there is NEVER a need to use a public charger. Refueling is done at home and only requires two seconds of your day, one second to plug it in at night and one second to unplug it in the morning. Full tank every morning warmed and defrosted before leaving your garage or driveway. Recharging at home is a MAJOR advantage. Think about it. If you own a gasoline vehicle and had a gasoline pump in your driveway how often would you need a gasoline station? EVs have VIRTUALLY NO ROUTINE MAINTENANCE to speak of and NO NEED FOR EXPENSIVE SERVICE CONTRACTS. And now that batteries are lasting over 400,000 miles and electric motors and drive trains are expected to last over 1,000,000 miles it’s really no contest. More dependable, more powerful, easier to maintain, easier to drive and less costly to own. Hammer Time……….

  90. Chris cestero says:

    This video is as useless as those little umbrellas for your shoes that you see in China. What kind of click bait, BS video is this? 80% explode rate – you really are just begging for views.

  91. bebomac5 says:

    For a video claiming to “dig deeper” into the issue, it sure is pretty shallow and uninformed. Clearly slanted. An unbiased critique would have been nice, but this guy mentions a problem,(or past problem) but doesn’t expand on what’s been done to resolve it. Every single point he made is either incomplete, debunked, outdated or simply false. Poor job! Btw EV’s experience fires at 300x – 400x LESS than gas cars which burst into flames nearly a quarter Million times per year, killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Very irresponsible video!

  92. RC18 says:

    Great job spreading fud smdh. Here is what people should be more concerned with!

  93. Marc Van den Bosch says:

    HYDROGEN is the FUTURE !

  94. U Kim says:

    You didn’t mention solar energy. end up paying for itself to put one in. Telsa has solar roofing now. You don’t need coal

  95. TruAgape1234 says:

    Not interested in oil company lying, earth destroying, fuel station entrapment videos that favor money over lives. Tell the shorts to get out of your a$$.

  96. Aleksa Boljević says:

    If ever own a E car
    The n.1 thing I will fear is the battery

  97. S.L.S says:

    I live in Ontario Canada in about the middle of the province. Good luck finding a charging station. There aren't any ! 5 small towns around me have no charging stations. I live in an apt. and the city has no plans to bring in charging stations. If you want a nice drive in the country, don't drive an electric car unless you plan to sit by the side of the road waiting for the CAA !

  98. MIKE Mike says:

    buys 250,000 dollar car to save 500$ on gas in its life time

  99. David's World says:

    ev blow up so there is no petrol cars that ever blow up after an accident so no petrol car has ever spilt fuel on to a road and so caused the road to be closed until cleaned up
    no fuel tanker costing loads of money to move fuel around the world has ever crashed or lost its fuel in to our oceans

  100. Nv P says:

    Clickbait noob

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