What it Takes: The Tech Behind Urban Air Mobility – Electronics

– [Narrator] There’s the Wright brothers; There’s the jet engine; And
now, we’re doing flying taxis. No really, this stuff is real. (inspiring music) – The vehicles that we’re seeing now in the forms of prototypes and mock-ups they incorporate a lot of, you know, new technology and that
makes this possible. – Honeywell understands the digital integration, of not just the
avionics in the front end what the pilot sees, but it’s
digital all the way back. It’s all computer and digitally controlled and that’s Honeywell’s forte. – Our Fly-By-Wire computer is based on modern electronics that’s very powerful
microprocessors, but also, it’s designed to be safe, and redundant. So, three of our computers
flying the airplane. If one, or even two, of
those computers fails, the third one can still fly the aircraft. And really, fly it without
the pilot having to take over, or the pilot having to perform
heroics or save the day. The aircraft will fly with the
same handling characteristics and be easy to fly even after failure. – The same technologies
that are helping spur self-driving cars,
thinking about automation, thinking about technologies
that are going to go on both. We’re seeing a lot of, at least I see, a lot of cross fertilization. And, in some ways, I feel like the aviation folks
have been sneaking up on us in the transportation community. That, you know, this is great
with the self driving cars, but we’ve forgotten that there’s
this third dimension of air that might beat us to it. – The other software system
is ‘detect-and-avoid’. It’s providing the eyes to the aircraft so it can avoid other
aircraft; It can avoid birds; It can avoid obstacles on the ground. It can actually help the
aircraft, in automated ways, see better than even pilots can see. – The name of the game, and
the success of these vehicles so that we can all ride it, so
that it is not a luxury item, is in automation; is in
autonomous operations. So, the challenge is definitely out there and it will take the best
teams to crunch through it.

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