What is a Counter in Industrial Electronics?

Welcome to G-TV! Today I will be showing you
what a counter is in industrial electronics. Counters can be electronic, mechanical, or
electromechanical. Some types of timers include totalizers. These are some of the more common
type of counters, used in a variety of applications where accurate totals are needed. They can
include counting the number of parts produced, amount of material used, or the number of
machine cycles. Counters can also be predetermining, where a preset count value can trigger an
output signal. These are often used for when signaling is needed for batching, filling,
dispensing or other similar processes. The counting function can also be available in
some electronic monitoring devices such as digital panel meters that will typically display
more monitored functions. Another type of counter is the timer. These are used where
time is an important factor in the application usage. This has been used to gauge efficiency
of operation, schedule machine maintenance or can be used to start and stop a process
at a predetermined time. Counters along with thousands of other products and services are
available at galco.com.

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