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So you are curious enough to get started with electronics Now this is not my usual video, but I’ll be making more diy videos on this channel So I thought by not to make this first so hey guys Himanshu here and in this video I’ll be showing you some websites Which you may or may not know about so let’s start The most popular website is of electronicsforu that is This website provides every bit of info about the latest gadgets which you can make at your home with small Investments in components now this is not entirely free if you are committed or passionate about electronics You should subscribe to their magazine which will provide entire code library circuit diagrams and every info to make a project I am subscribe to these since 2009 now I am not a professional or I don’t claim to be an expert in anything But I can say without hesitation that these magazine gave wings to my curiosity Second site is So these guys I think make their own circuits or test circuits from different sources and post them on their website I have made a lot of projects with the help of these websites And they surely work, I gained a lot of things in making process. Third I would recommend This is another website which provides a lot of content related to making useful stuff Another website is where you find a lot of circuits and projects with detailed information from professionals Students and enthusiasts. Now many people face problems in finding the right component for their project, and yes, this is a major problem Today we have websites like aliexpress digi-key and many more which fixes the problem But still some components can’t be found or are too expensive to get your hands on. To solve this problem Website like these also sell kits and which you’ll be provided everything you need to make a project But you may be asking me. What’s the fun in that? You’ll never learn by just copying the circuit and sticking the components on that my answer to [that] is without learning small skills like soldiering desoldering component placement or wiring You can’t make your own projects. Don’t get started with the complicated projects first or you’ll stuck in the thought that Electronics is difficult. Start from the scratch Best source of components is through extracting components from old gadgets like TV fridge UPS Anything you can get your hands on But don’t extract it from a working thing I’ll make a dedicated video on that so I don’t want to bore you Let’s keep this video short and all the website links are in the description down below I am preparing for more DIY videos SO subscribe to CREATORSHED if you haven’t and press that bell icon because Subscribe button isn’t enough and hit that like button if you want to see these kind of videos in the future Thank you so much for watching this is Himanshu, and I’ll catch you in the next video These glasses are amazing

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