Waylens Horizon Dashcam Unboxing by The Dashcam Store™

Hey guys, The Dashcam Store with another unboxing
video for you, and today we’re unleashing the Waylens Horizon. Now as far as dash cams go, the Waylens Horizon
is unconventional – and this box isn’t even its final form. The packaging design for the Horizon is awesome! It looks like it rolled off the set of a JJ
Abrams Star Trek movie. Or maybe it looks like a Thermos? Now I know a lot of the excitement of an unboxing
video comes from the actual unboxing, but before we get started I really want to
give credit to Waylens for how much thought went into designing the packaging for this
camera. Because, as you’re about to see, it was
a lot, and when you see that level of planning go into the packaging, you have to understand
it reflects what kind of camera is waiting inside. But enough about how awesome this box
is. The camera is definitely of a unique design. It’s smaller than you might think, but solid
– delivering Full HD 1080p video at 60 frames per second. It feels incredible in hand. You can immediately tell it’s the result
of some wicked engineering. The all glass camera lens looks really high
quality – dare I say, sexy – offering 157 degrees of wide angle coverage. On the top, the power port and the quick release
button. Below, a low profile power button and the
microSD card slot. After you insert a memory card, the Horizon
will tell you the exact storage capacity, that is the recording time before looping,
at the top of the very cool circular OLED screen on the back of the unit. The screen has a really cool touch interface,
using directional swipes to navigate intuitively between the camera’s different screens and
options, kind of like on your smartphone. Another cool feature about the Horizon is
that the camera unit actually has a built in battery, meaning you can detach the camera
from your power cord and operate it outside your vehicle. So if you want to document maybe some accident
damage or you just want to show off your cool car some more, Waylens has your back. And now to unlock the rest of the package. If you thought the coolest packaging was behind
us… well I’ll just let it speak for itself. First up on our itinerary of cool Waylens
accessories is the wireless remote control, which is a trigger for you to quickly and
easily identify recordings you want to preserve. All you have to do is hit the button. In its default configuration, the controller
is designed to strap onto your steering wheel but you can remove the rubber strap and attach
it to any flat surface in your vehicle with a double-sided adhesive pad, which comes included
in the kit. Next is the OBD2 Port Bluetooth adapter. This amazing little guy is included with every
Horizon. It plugs into your vehicle’s OBD2 port and
automatically grabs data from your vehicle (like your engine RPM, turbo boost/vacuum
levels) and this data is automatically overlaid on top of your video footage. The windshield suction cup mount is nicely
designed; it’s got a ball joint here that will let you adapt to any mounting angle. With the Horizon’s wide angle lens, you
could place it dead center on your windshield or even off on the side and still get a good
view. Plus, the camera can be adjusted nearly omnidirectionally
and swiveled side to side (to document an encounter at the side of your vehicle, for
example). The camera locks into the mount easily – it
was actually designed to be inserted and removed with one hand – and since the power cord
plugs into the mount and not the camera, you won’t have to worry about unplugging the
camera first! The suction mount also comes with a GPS antenna
built in, which is honestly pretty clutch. The desktop mount is a super compact version
of the windshield mount, designed for the Horizon to sit safely on your desk while you
charge it or download your video files to your computer. This thoughtful accessory will prevent your
expensive new camera from, say, accidentally rolling off your desk and on to the floor. Both the windshield mount and the desktop
mount use microUSB ports for power and data transfer. The kit actually includes two microUSB cables. That’s right, this cool looking accessory
is actually the camera’s 13 foot USB power cord, wrapped around some pretty clever packaging. The power cord has a custom molded microUSB
plug that locks securely into the windshield mount. When it’s plugged in, you can’t even tell
it’s a separate cord. Hidden inside the spool is another 4 foot
long microUSB cable for use with your desktop mount. The kit also includes a dual-output USB cigarette
lighter power adapter. If being compact and durable wasn’t cool
enough, this little guy has two USB ports and they both light up. Waylens also includes a tiny box of 12 adhesive
cable clips to secure your power cable along the windshield. Try not to lose them. And finally, you get a product safety information
brochure and a really nice quick start guide, I mean look at this. The Horizon doesn’t come with a printed
user manual, but there are a ton of helpful user resources on the Waylens website including
a very active community forum and some fantastic video resources. Thanks for tuning in with The Dashcam Store
for our unboxing of the Waylens Horizon. Be sure to check us out for more great content,
and we’ll see you next time.

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