Volvo Trucks – New heavy-duty electric concept trucks for construction and regional transport

How can we meet the climate challenge while the need for transport
continues to increase? Volvo Trucks is taking another step, exploring the future of heavy-duty
electric vehicles in two new segments: regional distribution
and urban construction transports. Growing urbanisation drives demand for cleaner and even more silent
transport in the delivery of goods and construction of houses, roads and
other infrastructure in populated areas. In Europe, Volvo Trucks
has already started sales of the Volvo FL Electric
and Volvo FE Electric for city distribution, waste transport
and similar local assignments. In the longer term,
there is potential for electric power in even more demanding applications, such as regional distribution
and urban construction transports. Low noise level and reduced emissions
during operation of the electric trucks contribute to a better
working environment and reduced community disturbance. The number of trucks used for transportation of regional goods
in Europe is vast. Around 80% of all goods in Europe
is transported on trucks. More electric vehicles in this area would greatly reduce the overall climate
impact of the transportation sector. With these electric concept vehicles, Volvo Trucks will explore, demonstrate
and evaluate different solutions and measure the level of interest
in society and the market. It is the speed of this transition
that will depend on a number of factors. Large investments
in charging infrastructure and electricity supply systems
will be necessary. Initially, financial
and operational incentives will speed up the adoption
of electric commercial vehicles. Electric vehicles
charged by renewable energy sources can mean a powerful step
towards more sustainable transportation. But efficient
internal combustion engines will continue to play an important role
for years to come. Today’s combustion engines
are efficient energy convertors that can run on both diesel
and a variety of renewable fuels, such as liquid biogas or HVO. Simultaneously, the next
five to ten years will see an increase in the share of zero exhaust emission
electric trucks in operation, and through this transition Volvo
Trucks aim to be a trusted partner, delivering the best transport solutions
for a growing world.

41 comments on “Volvo Trucks – New heavy-duty electric concept trucks for construction and regional transport”

  1. Yadhi says:

    Battery or hydrogen fuel cell?

  2. Abang Zul says:


  3. epicmemezzz says:

    Im not ready for the future

  4. Роман Гетьман says:

    The new FM series is coming, guys! Finally.

  5. AyMaN_ AzZoUZ says:


  6. KrilleTV says:

    awesome! ill have to say i love volvo! the cars are good and the trucks too!

  7. JD TGM says:

    Better than the petrol one because electric one doesnt polluted the air.

  8. Isha Dhiman says:

    Volvo man boss

  9. yuval buda says:

    Man I just love Volvo so much

  10. おくまや/eakon says:


  11. Joe O’Shea05 says:

    Sounds like a great idea


    Meu essa volvo só fica nesse tipo motor elétrico vc!!!! A DAF já ultrapassou a volvo a muito tempo volvo já era fico pra trás nunca adquire experiência em motores como a catepillar MTU Paccar isso que motor de verdade !!!!

  13. Grammaton Pap says:

    Well done.Volvo.

  14. Ola Bayan says:

    Volvo And Love 💙 💙 💙

  15. Bernhard Grimme says:

    Cool! And did we see the new FM and FMX houses hiding behind the "electrified" cover? I think so… 😉👍🏻

  16. Triple R says:

    I like volvo

  17. Adersh A says:

    I love Volvo FH 16

  18. Ankit Laishram says:


  19. potatomato :p says:

    I tried to copy that van damme split. I fell, crushed my pp and died.

  20. RICKY Kurniawan says:

    Moga aja bisa beli

  21. MichaelFranz Durano says:

    I wish to see this in ETS2.

  22. Big Ounce says:

    Dont change the front grill Come on

  23. Amir Bahari says:

    volvo is the best truck

  24. Akhil Krishna says:


  25. Viktor Polishchuk says:

    Молодці ✊

  26. Amine Amine says:


  27. German Burioni says:

    Only un 2021 will the sapphire bateries that are better than lithium bateries come out

  28. أّلَاهّـوٌأّزيِّ أّلَاهّـوٌأّزيِّ says:

    Volvo King 👑👑👑

  29. Bagus Kusuma says:

    This is a real truck, do what customer of truck really need. Not just show we can make a electric truck. But make it become a real truck

  30. Lizzie Ball says:

    I would like to own this new Volvo truck please.

  31. Psychotic Bob says:

    I'm curious to learn how electric works in sleepers when the driver NEEDS to keep foods cold/ frozen, cook, heat the cab in cold weather and keep the cab chilled in hot weather. A separate diesel powered APU which also doubles as a quick charge for low volt battery starts? Some of us HAVE to live in these boxes on wheels.

  32. sourav kundu says:

    My one of the favourite track brand.

  33. Phil's Aviation and Gaming says:

    T E S L A I S D E D

  34. Fatih Polat says:

    VOLVO ❤♂️👑👑👑👑

  35. Ibrahim Banat says:

    They say tesla will beat you hard

  36. Acap_ae86 Trueno says:

    Bombastic…nice truck👍…

  37. Chandrachur Niyogi says:

    I have a new safety concept for VOLVO Trucks which im willing to share with VOLVO for free!!! bcoz you can't put a value on life!!!!!!

  38. mac berry says:

    I would like to know more about these electric trucks

  39. Balasubramanian Mani says:

    Hope they come to India , before I die

  40. Peter S says:

    Very cool. But I wonder about the apparently aerodynamically poor design, i.e. it's still designed like a brick, not a racing snake & what impact will this have on efficiency & range performance when used outside of urban enviroments?

  41. Far Away Dreaming says:

    Reduced emissions during operation? What oil lover wrote this? Electric is zero emission during use.

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