Volvo Penta invited customers to help design the electric driver interface of the future

We’re here in La Rochelle, France,
in this electric catamaran made by Fountaine Pajot
and powered by Volvo Penta. We’re here to meet builders, dealers
and captains that have driven this boat. We want to hear their expectations
and see their behaviours when they’re using this boat, because electric drive is so different
from a combustion engine. You don’t have the sounds.
You don’t have the vibrations. We have designed the electric driver
interface, to be more visualized. The driver interface is the interface between the driver
and a really complex system. What we have tried to do in
this interface is use a lot of graphics to make it more simple
and intuitive to use. The goal with today’s workshop
is at an early phase to get this information
from our customers and get it back to the studio and make
further developments to the concept. When you are captain,
you must do everything onboard, the mechanics, the electrics
and everything, and with the team of Volvo Penta
it’s very easy, with the engineer and you onboard, it’s very easy afterwards
to understand the new system. And I think with electric,
it’s like sailing. You hear only the wind and it’s very, very pleasant
for the customers with pleasant sea. On a boat, you always need to know, well, of course,
where you’re going and where you are, but also to know what the situation is
with your boat, with the energy you have onboard, the energy that you are using,
the energy that you are receiving. You guys are involving us, trying to catch
what is the important information, what is the best way
to present this information, and I’m sure in the end, with the feedback that we give
and that all the users are giving you, that you will be able to create
the best information device that is, again,
so important for the users.

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