Vodka Cooling for Computer (PC Master Russian Episode 1)

[Music] yeah so hello guys I think you’re wondering why I have a bottled water energy and a piece of shit on computer here we gonna watch the cool these computer let’s go ahead and see what entire what we got here is an old painting for with two gigs of RAM let’s start it up so at least we know it works there is a small problem with this computer we removed CMOS battery so each time the computer is completely disconnected from power it needs to check all the RAM memory before it starts and it takes a few minutes I get bored so I started Watkyn boxing the G package gave a very solid impression in pretty good because risk your whole boxes on the glass systems you can scan the QR code by the way the machine is appropriately called trash shooter to yours to fix not work with olive oil let’s be honest and that unification theory we got temperature monitoring on so it’s around 60 degrees sensors on CPU under full load with normal cooling now we are going to remove the cooler and install our vodka cooling system [Music] Oh [Music] Hey [Music] [Music] a little because hello Oh Oh with vodka cooling systems the computer ran for a few minutes but it wasn’t enough to finish the memory test eventually it overheated and turn itself off control so I think computer overheated I could hear some coding noise kind of status appear now I can feel how more active it’s about it’s about 30 degrees want to machine I think if things like that it took about one hour to get the PC to start again and this time we decided to let the computer run memory testing with normal coding and then we will change the coding system to our vodka solution so the computer cause both into Windows using vodka cooling yeah we actually run vodka cooling right now it still calls on the fridge we wanted to boot into Windows to see the temperatures it was already going much better also we put some weight on the vodka pot so it would press against the CPU and get better surface contact but before we call completely load into Windows the computer overheated again we notice that the vodka port had a very small contact area with CPU we needed something that was flat and could hold vodka a flat surface is a requirement for good heat transfer while processors are produced in closed rooms in the world and professional overclockers use liquid nitrogen to get to temperatures well below 50 degrees C we developed a waterproof air cooling system first-of-its-kind also called vodka coolant inside it and our waterproofing test succeeded [Music] we decided to place some papers around the socket for another layer of protection but the paper was too thick and we couldn’t get cooler into the place at that point we didn’t even care and they just laced vodka cooler on the processor without any paper report in cold vodka and started the computer this time we called boot into Windows and start monitoring software you will see the CPU temperature as top left corner in this video by the time stall curve loaded the CPU was already at 82 degrees C which was 22 degrees higher than V the fan cooler and the temperature kept rising but we didn’t just want to stop there there is no cardiologists or fine if you drop part it’s fine if you can agree state the critical I got to get water for finish fucking just open your fucking eyes and for clarification Chris great I got any force between by selling a thoughts – bye – Papa papa yeah I gotta work our vodka cooling still work while the game pushes the processor to explain it all but after little tremor effect monitoring we notice a problem what the hell is this review 111 a stunning effect I know with quite us preheating of the CPU just really hard obviously obviously the super contact was good enough for different vodka inside the cooler was very hard as well but a business evaporate function of the coop the system at first points we decided to use some eye listen to the haters able to the temporarily yellow the ice cube melted extreme the power and the temperature has decreased by 20 and met by 30 degrees back to his number say fuck you were tied with the icicles on the notice that we still had a lot of literacies there fuller and because we will take it out to youth paper to suck it out down the road way notice first the gave of your running the computer was somewhat stable [Music] the temperatures were more stable than expected I want to display the games for a look at Platteville while the computer has that logically did commute amazing fantastic workforce went off before people fall for workers 20 minutes the temperatures were rising up the night degree with ultra flotillin slow down at higher temperatures which was a problem because if you go up as high as possible and planet will fully support as some pressure begin while still running and it is not let us stop there the wondered suppose they couldn’t risk them to the limit [Music] [Music] Thanks [Music] all I need oh bombuh w-water – now before I can occupy a big ring music why should I just place today [Music] census [Music] he’ll be quite the scissor [Music] with it the third time the computer so the good for TV problems but they actually got both the importance of their pocket when they try to drive drops of liquid fuel at all directions you can see them in slow motion so yeah we killed this computer with water in both I wasn’t got drunk did you like this video of course they did because we killed the computer this vodka so share this video with your friends too by the way I’m going to make a follow-up video where I’m going to test which components of this PC have survived stay tuned for updates and follow me on twitter at Kozak HD

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