Vital Vancouver – Episode 1: Lotusland Electronics & Music

I’ve been interested in stereo equipment
for certainly my whole adult life. I think it was probably in my late high
school years I wandered into the high-end audio dealer in Saskatchewan where I was living and for the first time I heard really good stereo equipment there was just so much more there in the music than what I was used
to hearing I thought this is something I need to save up money to buy. Music is such an important thing in
people’s lives. I think people listen to more music now than they ever have because we carry it with us in our pockets. But I think most people aren’t
used to hearing that music sound really good. If you’re just streaming music it
kind of easily can become background music. Whereas people tell us when
they’re listening to records you’re going to your shelf and you’re pulling
out and selecting a record and you’re taking it out of the sleeve and you’re
putting on the turntable and you’re dropping the needle there’s there’s that
tactile interaction with it. The listening becomes the becomes the event. You can hear things in the music the
subtleties that may not you know may not be there just listening through your
earbuds and so I think if an artist has spent time to make their music sound as
interesting as possible I think we as listeners should play it so that it
sounds as good as it’s capable of sounding. Music just it works its way
into our soul I think and in Vancouver there’s enough people who want their
music to sound really good and they’re willing to give a little bit of space in
their small apartment to have some real stereo equipment to enjoy their music with For more great content about Vancouver
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5 comments on “Vital Vancouver – Episode 1: Lotusland Electronics & Music”

  1. Better Ideas says:

    I love this.

  2. Andreas Mannegren says:

    This is so beautifully shot!

  3. Erin Labbe says:

    Beautiful, as always. Well done Timeframe team!

  4. Lee Clayton says:

    no hi-fi in this video just a lot of consumer solid state crap.

  5. Lavina D'Souza says:

    Filmed very well, thank you for sharing.

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