Visible Party Pay – Unlimited Verizon Data for $25/month!

They did it visible introduced party pay allowing you to save up to you $15 per month on visible service and bringing the cost of their unlimited plan down to just $25 per month This is everything you need to know about Visibles new group discount first with most family plans. You have an Account Manager This is the person who sets up the account and pays the bill for most families This is mom or dad what’s different about visible party pay is each person still has their own account instead of grouping people together under one account with one bill Visible is keeping everyone separate and applying the group discount to each line individually instead of needing an actual family You can join a party with literally anyone your neighbor coworker your dog Your best friends girlfriends brother-in-law and even fellow visible subscribers you meet on the internet You can join a party at any time and you can also leave a party at any time each person It’s the same group savings and those savings increase the more people you have two people can save five dollars each three people can save ten dollars each and four people can save Fifteen dollars each and this is the maximum number of people you can currently have in a visible party this will bring the cost of visibles $40 unlimited plan down to just Twenty-five dollars per month and this includes all taxes and fees So how do you join a visible party and get these savings super simple in the application? Of course You can now see the visible party pay right up front you can tap on learn more and then you’ll have the option to either Create your own party or enter the name of someone else’s party to join that even better There’s a subreddit called visible party pay which I’ll have linked in the video description where people are posting their parties and Inviting you to join. This is a great way to fill up your for party slots faster and start paying $25 per month on service simply click an invite link Login to your visible and a request will be sent to a party member Once they approve you’ll be added to that party. You can see here. I’m currently in a party with these fine individuals The only information that gets shared is your first name your area code and the last four digits of your phone number I personally feel this is safe and I’m comfortable joining up with random people on the internet But it does it does pose a problem. So what’s the catch with visible party pay and the biggest catch? Is anyone can leave the party at any time? One month, you may have a full party But the next month someone could leave without telling you and you’ll have to pay more and this is where the problem is I don’t think there’s any way to actually contact the people in your party So you can’t let them know if you’re leaving or they can’t let you know if they’re leaving so I guess you’re gonna have to keep an eye on your party and Make sure it’s full a couple weeks before your bill is due Thankfully with Reddit if someone does happen to leave it should be pretty easy to fill your vacant slots And finally, how is visible able to offer this discount? $25 per month for unlimited data seems pretty good. Almost too good to be true And the truth is I think this is part of their customer acquisition and retention strategy visible is currently offering new customers their first month of service for just $25, which is a low barrier to entry and when they join a party there is incentive to stick with the party to continue getting that discount and keep paying just $25 per month on service visible is also owned by Verizon which I’m sure will help them with their pricing for new customers The group discount will kick in after The first month of service and for existing customers if you join a party you should get that discount on your next bill Visibles party pay also allows their parent company Verizon to be more competitive AT&T has been offering unlimited data for $25 per month on their network with four lines through cricket score plan this has been very attractive for a lot of people and now Verizon is offering unlimited data on their network for $25 per month through visit all visible also offers full speed LTE data whereas cricket score plan is capped at 3 megabits per second and Visible includes unlimited hotspot data, whereas crickets plan doesn’t have hotspot data at all. This could be a huge opportunity For visible and Verizon to gain subscribers and get people to switch to their network there is a link in the video description if you’re interested in signing up for visible or learning more about their service if you choose to sign up using my link it helps support the channel at no cost to you by Providing me with a small kickback and I greatly appreciate it Also consider watching my visible review video which covers everything. You need to know about their service before signing up I personally had a great experience while trying visible but I know some people have had slow data speeds due to network congestion In their area some people have had activation issues and visible support could definitely use some improvements So definitely watch that video to learn more about visible before you sign up, but that’s gonna wrap up this video Please give this video a thumbs up if you found it helpful Subscribe for more videos like this one and visit my website best phone plans net to compare plans Prices and features. I’m Stetson. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time

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