Video Tutorial: How to setup Sannce wireless IP camera I21AG

hey guys this is a short episode on how to setup our smart Wi-Fi camera I21AG this smart wireless camera boast lots of amazing features like 720p HD video, two-way audio, quick and easy setup, P2P remote access and more in the package you’ll find the IP camera and the essential accessories needed to get it installed like the power adapter, screws, USB cable, mounting base, user manual etc please note that the components shown on the video are just for your reference now let’s take a look at the camera on top of the camera you see a TF card slot and the reset button 720p HD lens and the mic on the back you’ll find the speaker and the USB power in port to set up the camera first you have to get it powered plug one end of the USB cable to the coming power adapter the other end goes to the USB port on the back of the camera and then plug the power adapter in any socket when it is powered the camera head will spin horizontally and then vertically for self-checking in the meantime the voice prompts welcome to use please connect if you don’t hear the voice please long press the reset button for five seconds to restore to factory settings after hearing successful reset the camera will restart the self checking process wait a few seconds until the self-checking is done to get remote access on your mobile devices you need to download the free viewing app on app store or google play this video takes the android phone as an example search sense cam on Google Play to download and install it on your phone once done open the app and click on add device to add the IP camera to it select wireless configuration Wi-Fi and then camera click on next check on the Wi-Fi name and input password note the Wi-Fi frequency should be 2.4 GHz then click on start configuration move your phone closer to the camera then a voice will prompt connecting start wait a few seconds while it is configuring once done it will prompt connecting successful if the camera and your phone are not connected successfully please reset your camera and follow the steps again now the camera you just added will be presented on the screen click on the camera and click on done to save its ID when the camera is successfully configured for the first time you can see a red “!” symbol on the screen which reminds you to change the default username and password we recommend you to change it for the sake of protecting your privacy now you can watch the live video click on the camera you added to view real-time footage and on the bottom right corner of the live monitoring interface you can see the three-dot icon click on it to show the Edit icons on both the top and bottom of the screen here you can adjust the video resolution the video resolution is HD by default slide your finger on the screen to control the movements of the camera you know right left up and down there are also settings that can be done like two-way audio video, brightness and so forth ok this is all about the Wi-Fi configuration of the I21AG IP camera now get it hooked up on your own and enjoy the stunning live footage in minutes

89 comments on “Video Tutorial: How to setup Sannce wireless IP camera I21AG”

  1. 2feetaguywith says:

    Is this a brand new model?

  2. Madhu Patel says:

    Can this record and store footage automatically on the SD card? Or does it continuously Upload the footage to an ip address?

  3. bswj says:

    Using the alert motion, Can it send a video By e-mail ?

  4. bswj says:

    I can't Get it to work

  5. Mimmo Magli says:

    qualcuno mi potrebbe tradurre in italiano grazie

  6. STUDIO RPM says:

    works fine on home network…but will phone still see camera from a remote location i.e.: from work..??

  7. G Info says:

    this camera can record video or only monitor??

  8. Transcommunication Expérimentale says:

    J'en ai acheté une, elle n'est même pas reconnue avec le wifi. J'ai tout tester pour la faire fonctionner dont les 5 méthodes proposer dans le mode d'emploi, mais sannce cam ne la reconnais pas. Au final, j'ai acheté une camera wifi qui ne sert à rien 🙁

  9. Ilan Risis says:

    Hello, i have a problem to connect this camera
    via iPhone

  10. tito mix says:

    hola ….tengo una cámara como la del vídeo que presentan, existe algun software para poder controlar desde el pc esta cámara , ya instale la app de play store y funciona muy bien …pero para pc ??

  11. Catherine winter says:

    The wifi in my home changed and now I can't seem to get this camera back on my iPad. I want to change the wifi name but it doesn't give it as an option and the iPad is connected through my 2.4ghz. I've even reset the camera a couple of times. Any suggestions?

  12. Coppulor says:

    1. how do we install SD card? remove it? (i.e. do we need to unplug the unit etc)
    2. what is the max capacity of SD card?
    3. can we reply the recorded video back on phone or do we have to remove the SD card to see recorded video? thank you!

  13. Noppon Ngowsirimanee says:

    I think SANNCE CAM app should have a firmware update option (like another brand).

  14. tantavaina says:

    Is it possible to configure this camera for cloud recording? Is there any tutorial or something?

  15. _ cimilion_ says:

    When you add polish menu in application?

  16. _ cimilion_ says:

    Unfortunately, I can not handle motion detection on the I21AG camera 🙁 I have a camera set up on a busy road view, cars go every 2 minutes.

    There is no vehicle visible on the pictures (you can not see what caused the image to be recorded). I have tried all the options in the settings "alarm settings" and nothing. There are also no video files, only the video I forced myself to record, no vending machine.

    Please help to set the camera properly.

  17. Redney van der velde says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can install the p2p function in the app so I can get access from anyplace I want?

  18. Daniel Wiberg says:

    I have problem with this camera. The picture freezes after a while, any solution?

  19. Nitzan Kopp says:

    Hello, after one month of working, the 121ag camera stop working. I tried some options (reset, download app again, add device again) but it does not work. I follow the instructions from the youtube and I see that when I connect the power it doesn't rotated and doesn't say "welcome to use". The adaptor and the cable are good, I can use it with other devices. do you have a solution? Thanks.

  20. LeTrucky says:

    where is defaut port ? thx

  21. Office Cma Vip Production says:

    Can you tell me please what is the exact RTSP link please ?
    Thank you

  22. KEMAL YÜRÜK says:

    onvif device manager programlamada işe yarıyor

  23. Dennis van den Hoven says:

    Dear Sannce,

    I've got a couple of questions:

    1: The motion detection is working when de app is ready. But when I close the app is it possible to get notifications for motion detection alarm?
    2: Is it possible to record the whole time? Now I start the app and click on record, but when I close the app the recording has stopped.

  24. Sharan Khan says:

    hi my app for this camera has updated and it is now asking for a password to be set, however when I click continue it is not going anywhere just stuck on the same blank page – can you assist?

  25. Ashley Benton says:

    No matter what I try, resetting included, my camera WILL NOT connect to my wifi.

  26. fouad agha says:

    I have problem with remote video I put memory card 16 GB but can't watch all the videos .. 2 or 3 videos work maximum .. how I can fix it ??

  27. John Marston says:

    After successfully connected to wifi it says connecting and that's t nothing else happens :/

  28. John Marston says:

    After it says connection succesful it stays on connection timeout every freaking time!!! i have the wifi router next to me wth is going on, ive spent 5 hrs trying to fix this thing.

  29. John Marston says:

    This is annoying and then installing the software and its on Chinese and there is no absolute way to change language. I'm so dissapointed!!

  30. showmak says:

    I have the same camera, please I need an urgent help to access it remotely from outside the home. I have no issues accessing from home wifi.

  31. RebeL says:

    my ip camera i21ag is not working Amy suggestions??
    The camera does not respond when the power is turned on

  32. Rayner says:

    döngü kayıt var mı

  33. Rayner says:

    ba wifi ile bağlanabiliyor muyuz

  34. Rayner says:

    türkçe mi

  35. Muhammad Taimur says:

    Where can I find the Windows app for this camera? I mean Windows 10?

  36. X HybriiD says:

    Thank you for nice quality product at very competitive price. The selling price in EU is 50€, when usually you get an STATIC IP camera instead of this amazing 355º rotative camera!

  37. MarcoLoves360gamer says:

    How to make it record all the time?

  38. DJ Fernando Neves says:

    Can I monitor the Windows PC? As?

  39. Coder hex says:

    can ı monitor outside of my network over internet?for example ı want to monitor my home from my office?

  40. StevieWanders says:

    Hello! Could it be paired up with two devices? I mean, is it possible to watch the live stream from two different phones?

  41. Franka says:

    I have problem with this camera, "Paried Wi-Fi end, is sreaching device"

  42. GamerCraks 7 says:

    no sirve la camara

  43. pasquale loiudice says:

    can I just connect more devices? or just a phone?

  44. Kees Frishert says:

    The time on de camera is not correct, how can i change it?

  45. Mohamed Shamseer Ck says:

    how many hour's can record one 32 gb sd card ,

  46. DiCh says:

    Where I can input my ip too look live video from browser or other software ?

  47. Elias Grüter says:

    Is it also possible to connect the camera to a wlan with hidden ssid?

  48. Alae Charfi says:

    How can I find the MAC adress? If I want to use the Wifi, I have to add it in my MAC list

  49. Bilal Asim says:

    can anyone tell me how to setup it on Computer???

  50. Jerome says:

    How do I set 720p HD Resolution permanently? I go to Devices and click the device and in the bottom bar I set Resolution to 'High Defenition', but it doesn't keep this setting. Everytime I check, the setting has gone to 'Standard Defenition' automatically…

  51. Peter Dawson says:

    How do I set this up on Linux?

  52. Ellen van Dijk says:

    Can someone tell me how to add more users??

  53. Enricobandito says:

    The camera just won't connect. Tried so many times, why must this be an issue?

  54. Freedom Talk Media says:

    Can you connect several of them to one phone?

  55. walperstyle says:

    Very disappointed with this camera. I have tried multiple networks, it still doesn't work. Never again, bye Sannce…. make your products so they work out of the box.

  56. Here Iam says:

    Hello i have a question, i was able to set up the camera and everything. The camera is in my shop so my problem lies here when i try to view the camera on my android phone from home most of the time the camera is off line, how can i fix this issue.

  57. Juan Chacón says:

    Hi, can I access the camera using my browser?

  58. يوميات مغترب Diary of an expatriate says:

    can i see my home when i am outside ???

  59. Dark says:

    I have two Sannce cameras and both have stopped working in a few days. There are many people affected by the same problem. Buy it by AliExpress and the seller, Sannce, do not reply to the messages. It has no guarantee. Do not buy. Do not be fooled. This is the link:

    Tengo dos cámaras Sannce y ambas han dejado de funcionar en unos días. Hay muchas personas afectadas por el mismo problema. La compré por AliExpress y el vendedor, Sannce, no responda a los mensajes. No tiene garantía. No la compres. Que no te engañen.

  60. Jakub Petříček says:

    After reset camera and reconect camera to wifi. I can ´t change passworld. If i try change password in android app, camera not responding in wifi. Ping for ip adress is ok, but when i try change password, i see only: Request timed out.. I have this camera only 2 months = very bad quality of this model.

  61. Red Devil Custom Cruisers Montreal Mike Zambeez says:

    have my cameras for several days now and have to say that this needs a lot of work. Even the android App is horrible and the instructions dont explain well nor does it explain everything. in short this is a CHEAP product from top to bottom. And now just found out about model failing? Not waisting another minute. Up for Sale

  62. Mateus Rhick says:

    I forgot the admin password, and cannot acces the camera more… How to reset?

  63. Mateus Rhick says:

    It works in the app. but how to see in the pc? How discover the ip of the cam, to see it on the web browser

  64. WeiYe Qiu says:

    I can't find my camera

  65. Filipe Fernandes says:

    Could not setup this cam to use via browser/internet. Search_tool4.2.exe simply doesn't find any cam on network. Although works nice with android/ios apps

  66. Vishal Bagchi says:

    Reset with a small pin, download "CAM360" app. DO NOT use the SANNCE cam app!

  67. Rujikan Raksutjarit says:

    i buy sannce cam from aliexpress(order id 88891129969344 )
    order date 2018-01-09. i received it today(2018-01-20)
    everything is ok but when i insert micro sd card. it have a problem.
    first i use my old sd card 32gb. insert then format
    SD card status show that "SD card file system error"

    then i buy a new micro sd card 64g class10
    insert then format
    SD card status show that "SD card already insert"
    but i cant enable time recording and audio recording
    Help me please.

    Suvicha D.

  68. BootlegEL says:

    how do i connect it to my Synology NAS?

  69. Waqas Rafiq says:

    Can you demonstrate how to remote access the camera over internet ?

  70. dodo04ro says:

    Why does the screen on the phone doesn't stay on?

  71. Stalewiak says:

    rtsp video streaming ?

  72. Gun Pilot says:

    What does Background Push and Alarm Popups mean.

  73. dlinnoedlinnoe says:

    I have two cams like this, one works ok non-stop, the second reboots itself – can be once a day, or once in a few days, or a few times in one day. Other than that it's ok. Tried it with different power adapters, it consumes 5V 200mA, 400mA in peaks, the same bug with all adapters. Any advice? Thank you.

  74. Raimundo buckfield says:

    how can i see it on the computer?

  75. Rosalia Monagas says:

    Can you please make a video on how to set up to gmail account and video recording alerts?

  76. angela patricia vera fredes says:

    No puedo instalar

  77. mikkomannen says:

    How can i connect it to my Windows computer?

  78. Christiaan Koning says:

    how do I use it on my laptop? I have been searching via ip and port but my port scanner cannot find its port. help me!

  79. MadBadMe says:

    Why does every link related to software or the manual on the Sannce website no longer work?

  80. Jenny Alltree says:

    Can only say I love this camera,I’ve bought 3,had no problems,have a great picture,day and night,no problem with remote live stream ,seems I must be the exception to the rule😬

  81. Arpana Grewal says:

    system works great>>>    for the price well worth it but will be upgrading to better clarity camera

  82. steven tan says:

    It supports 32gb or 64gb micro sd card?

  83. Hans Renneboog says:

    For the camera Sannce I21AG I downloaded the app JoyLite for Android. It is important to turn OFF the privacy protection option in Android for this app, so that the app can discover your location, otherwise installation of the camera will fail. I managed to get it working eventually, but you need a lot of patience and trial and error.

  84. Aparna Mohan says:

    Could we connect 2 or 3 cameras to watch the live footage one after the other to view the whole house.

  85. Leon Karpinski says:

    Great camera works in hotspot connection:

  86. Thalassa Finken says:

    hoe verander ik het wachtwoord, ik ben het oude vergeten

  87. Thalassa Finken says:

    how can I change the pasword. I vergotten my password

  88. emre polat says:

    türkiye'den selamlar kaliteyi bozmayın sizi seviyoruz. ı love u sannce cam

  89. Bedir Yuzgec says:

    Merhaba bende bu kameradan var evde ttnet dsl internet var hicbir sikinti yok calisiyor wifidede disardanda amma super onlayn fiber internet var olan bir eve goturuyom kuruyorum modemin yaninda bile donarak calisiyor hizi yavas dedim internetin hizini yukselttim yine ayni sebep nedir hocam acil kurulumlarda hic bir sikintim yok

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