80 comments on “Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap in Action”

  1. Jaapman says:

    Why not simply catch the mice and release them elsewhere? Why the need to fry them with a mini-electrocution?

  2. Steven Scott says:

    At 02:41, what is the trap at position # 7?

  3. tom53332 says:

    but why would a mouse walk all the way up into that device?

  4. anxiety says:


  5. bestamerica says:

    what country make this EMT,,,
    america or asia

  6. kesterling2003 says:

    Still waiting for the world to beat a path to you door, eh?

  7. Teh_Punisher says:

    lol that y they have cages 🙂

  8. size queen says:

    I've had 2 of these, they have both fried themselves. only worked for a little while. a waste i say

  9. Emily Poppino says:

    I refer you to my original comment regarding the side effects of rodents. They aren't "innocent creatures" so much as pests that destroy stuff and spread disease (rats spread the bubonic plague in ye olde times); it is for this reason that I wonder why anyone would ever insist on a humane trap for pest rodents. satisfaction in seeing pest rodents being dealt with does not equate to being sadistic, although there are probably people who get a kick out of seeing stuff like this.

  10. Mine Masterx says:

    Let's release it near your home.

  11. bisexualbuffthug says:

    Destroy them all!

  12. Nathan says:

    high tech mouse trap, first world problem:)

  13. Patrick Cleary says:

    …because they will come back. Warm house + smell of food = mice

  14. Moss loder says:

    YOU TO !!!! just cage em release them in ze park or zoo idiot

  15. Kenyatta Brant says:

    what type of batteries does this take?

  16. max135able says:

    0:02 I was like "? I didnt buy one?"

  17. Paul Chang says:

    just wondering, do people usually dispose mice by throwing them in the trash bin or do you have to call pest control?

  18. zak betts says:

    ok first cmon dude no foul language is needed and names also not needed i think this is a great way to get rid of mice and Jaapman dose not so who cares just scroll by that one comment its not hard

  19. Jan Eisklar says:

    So many words, so many urban legends. (1) How could an animal w/o any concept of good or bad be considered "guilty"? Even if you skipped ethics, you could at least take a look at the Bible (Gen 3).

  20. Jan Eisklar says:

    (2) Science has found out that rats probably are not responsable for the bulbonic plague in 14th century. But even if they were, that was 700 years ago. If you are American, should I torture and kill you for genocide against Native Americans? If you are German, should I hang you for killing 7 million Jews? And that's only 70 years ago.

    (3) Yes, mice may spread diseases. Just like dogs, cats, cows, chicken, flies … What you're going to do? Kill all animals?

  21. Jan Eisklar says:

    (4) Mice keep their "households" free of trash and clean themselves a lot, just like cats. If dogs, instead of holding them as pets, lived in the wild (like they do in muslim countries where they are considered haraam), they carry a lot more pathogenic agents per sqare inch than any mouse could.

  22. Jan Eisklar says:

    (5) Did you know that millions of mice and rats have to sacrifice their lives each year for our benefit, in science, medicine, psychology, food and cosmetics industries? They were chosen as ideal lab animals b/c of their intelligence, their social abilities and their genetic proximity to humans. Did we ever ask them for permission? So at least, we owe them a respectful treatment without unnecessary suffering and pain.

  23. Emily Poppino says:

    yeah, preaching at somebody and strongly suggesting they take a look at the elaborate work of fiction that is the bible is totally gonna change 'em to a pro-mouse rights. totally legit. (sarcasm alert)

    what about rodents and supposed claims that they nibble through stuff and chew up wires? just another elaborate work of fiction from the anti-rodent rights agenda?

  24. Emily Poppino says:

    way to blow a debate over dealing with rodents out of proportion, and sabotage any efforts to be taken seriously. oh, btw, welcome to the internet. videos like this are probably tame compared to what's out there. what're you going to do? go on the warpath and preach at complete strangers to try and set them on a path you would approve? "they said something on the internet, so they're completely wrong in my humble opinion and thus I should try to make them change their mind."

  25. asshole9374 says:

    if we have 2

  26. Connor Doyle says:

    will this also be big enough for rats to get into?

  27. Garras Porgratix says:

    My trash man stays in the truck. He doesn't know there may be a sack of mice in the trash. Besides, the wild cats at the dump will take care of these things soon enough.

  28. Garras Porgratix says:

    Is there a reason this looks like a lunch box?

  29. StudioCurry says:

    wtf? Since the 1800's? Really!? So this company goes back to the 1800's?

  30. turbochop3300 says:


  31. daniel shafer says:

    how do you get mice out of your basement ceiling rafters I'm hearing scratching noises in my ceiling at night when I'm trying to sleep in my basement bedroom.

  32. Lisa K says:

    Does it work with rodents as big as 5 inches long? Are there smaller versions of this trap? I think we only have one rodent. Though I cant tell if its a rat or just an unusually large mouse.

  33. DarthSinistris says:

    I've bought 3 of these pest traps and placed them in several key areas around my property, but only caught small mice and the occasional insect pest. How can I catch the bigger things, like bankers, lawyers, and politicians?

  34. Vault Droid says:

    Mice like lunch box's as they think food will be in it.

  35. RetroCaptain says:

    Mice/Rats were infesting Peoples homes back then, & the founder invented the "snapper" type if I'm not mistaken.
    I have a couple of their traps that are over 50 years old. A little dark & rusty, but still work.

  36. Lisa K says:

    Oh I see. Thank you. We mustve had mighty mouse because it eluded every trap we could think of from a glue trap to the trap door humane trap. We finally got some poison bait traps and hid them where the rodent could find it but our dog could not. We havent seen it for weeks so I think it finally died from the poison. We also kept an eye on our dog to be sure she didnt eat the mouse if it died in the house. Yay for no more rodents!

  37. eyeOOsee says:

    Does this work for chipmunks??
    I have a looooooootttttt of chipmunks around here!!

  38. Fan-AngryBirds says:

    I'm wondering if you can make a replacement top lid for the trap that is completely transparent. It would be cool to see the Shock 'N' Drop Chamber rotate!

  39. FatherJango says:

    why must everyone kill rats why can't ppl trap them and let them out alive

  40. SleepWalker says:

    its a day i put the electronic trap nothing yet 

  41. Daniel Peterson says:

    two things it says it can hold ten mice then after it said catch up to several mice a night and also what if your pet is a mouse ?

  42. sentenceme says:

    I have one in my basement. Damn mice were crawling up the water line going from the basement to the back of my fridge, and entering the kitchen on the side of my house were the new extension was built. I noticed about 40 poop pellets on the counter top that rarely gets used. I saw 2 running around and they started scratching all night. Everyone's allergies in the house seem to be getting worse.I plugged the hole by the water hose coming up from the basement. I bought this trap, and within 2 days 3 mice were caught. 1 week later 2 more caught. None caught for about 2 months, and then today I went to check how much heating oil was in the tank in the basement and saw it flashing across the room. Checked it and 2 more.

    So far this is the best trap I have ever used. Put a little peanut butter on the back wall of the trap, put a very small amount towards the top of each step, and turn it on and let it works it's magic. No bad smell, no burnt hair, nothing. However I would suggest checking it at least once every few weeks if you only have a few mice running around. However if you believe you are infested, then I would check daily until the number caught goes way down to n more than 1 or 2 caught per week or less.  

  43. sentenceme says:

    Fuckers also chewed through the wiring in my other kitchen from the original side of the house and the ceiling fans no longer worked. Had to repair that. I highly doubt they suffer when killed with this. Maybe for a split second and then they are unconscious and then dead, all within about 3 to 5 seconds.

  44. sentenceme says:

    Instead of paying $100 for one. Buy them in 3 or 5's. If you only need one, find other friends or family members who may be interested in getting one. You can buy them (5) for about $300 with free shipping from Victor website. So only about $60 per trap. To me this is worth it.

  45. Lucy Grundy says:

    1:00 says safe for babies and pets … What if have a pet mouse?

  46. JiM Whitten says:

    Seeing comments about letting them go? They're Vermin!!They carry diseases. When I let a rat go a couple of times a while ago it simply came back. Then there was more of them. I tried Rat Poison but they ate it like it's Candy. Only other thing to do besides the Sonic pulse device is trap it so it doesn't come back.

  47. Robert Ward says:

    Put one down for a week, waste of money,

  48. Johnny Garlic says:

    The best live mouse trap is called, clean your house, and seal your food, and dont leave your dishes.. Get to the problem at it's source, catching mice won't do anything if you don't get rid of the reason why the mouse was there in the first place.

  49. Mentorcase says:

    For years I have used peanut butter as bait and the mice love it, until recently, now they completely ignore and leave it alone so I changed to cooking fat and that worked for a while but now nothing again, can these mice be evolving some common sense?

  50. Parapunta says:

    dont kill mice thats sad 🙁 dislike

  51. Word Unheard says:

    Fuck mice.

  52. Georgia Bowen says:

    How could you be soo CRUEL to mother nature please stop it now😨

  53. persona non grata says:

    Can you please help me?? I love your traps and they work very well. However, due to the way they are killed, the body swells and bloats instead of dessicates. And because of this, the dead mouse rots more instead of drying up. I have no problem with this, however, I did not realize there was a killed mouse in my trap for a few days, and when I checked, one was in there. Sorry to be gross, but he was rotted and stuck in there. I got the bulk of him out, but there is residue. I want to use the trap again bc they are expensive, but I don't think any more mice will come no matter what I bait it with bc it stinks and has dead rotted mouse in it (there were even black flies in my house until I moved it outside). How can I clean this out? I assume I can't spray with water or soak…. Will alcohol on q-tip swab damage it?

  54. Jay.C.Fotografie says:

    Would it be possible to use these OUTDOORS (in my garden)? What if I put it in an enclosure to keep it from being rained on?

  55. Hot80s says:

    wish you could make one human size for isis

  56. Miguel Campos Gonçalves says:

    How much it can cost ?

  57. RodentControl PestManagement says:

    Great to know it works………………'sometimes'.    Liked and Subscribed.

  58. zer0Bot says:

    I have mice bigger than the trap itself, they are almost like cats.

  59. 300rocha says:

    glue traps are better and they cost 1.99 dollars

  60. Steven Scott says:

    The title says "…in action". We never saw it "in action"!

  61. Bud Bits says:

    Instructions not clear, got my dick stuck in the shock chamber.

  62. thaddeus buttmunch says:

    Could it not be Further improved by either having a chemical digester for the remains or a little conveyor belt that sends it to a propane-fired cremator?? THEN, you could go on Vacation and not have to worry about dead, rotting rodents.

  63. Jason Kurant says:

    this is not a video of your product in action

  64. Elfwing says:


  65. Tulsatom Bob says:

    After setting up your Victorpest Mouse trap, you can have a fun and wholesome family night while watching the mice go to their death. Be sure and invite the neighbours and don't forget the popcorn!

  66. isaiah Snell says:

    ok, I bought 2 of these…one of them and it hapoened soon as I teied using them but by then had lost mu re ieot..anyhow…the 1 I have soon as you turn it on the green light pops up then goes out, well the other one soon as you turn it on a red light pops up and its only at the bottom point of the V, then turns off…..yoi think my light is just broken? you can hear it buzz from turning on?I have tried like 4 brand new sets of batteries to be sure it is not that.

  67. Blueduro says:

    only assholes use traps that kill the mice

  68. misterfancypants says:

    1:39 scared the crap outta me lmao

  69. x ambitions says:


  70. blackpotato master says:


  71. Sir Loin Of Beef says:

    Can it shock and kill ants? (Should one go in it?)

  72. Praj Rasa says:

    same voice for my hot tub instructions..hmm..

  73. Satrick B says:

    Does this trap work for opposums because i have an opposum infestation

  74. ImUhhCaptain says:

    rats are actually good for nothing, fucking pests who do nothing but damage your home.

  75. Andreas Solheim says:

    When is the electronic rat trap comming ?

  76. robert ross says:

    house full of cats an i have mice not no more with the victor traps

  77. Abram Carroll says:

    Your electronic traps are the most effective traps I have found, but the mice have gotten smarter. All traps and poison stopped working on adults, and now the adults block the entrances to traps with wood shavings. This prevents them from working against babies.
    Guess there is a colony somewhere? I can't find what they are eating unless it is wood and insolation in the walls though. Peanut Butter and cheese don't seem to work as bait. Perhaps they are carnivorous mice?
    I'll try some of your ultrasonics and different poison flavors, and meat bait, but then I'm getting a cat. Any other ideas?

  78. J Riley says:

    I bought this a few months ago and haven’t caught anything yet. My apartment has a really bad mouse problem but they’re ignoring this trap for some reason, they won’t eat poison either

  79. Andreas Solheim says:

    It shoud bean ble to be used outside!

  80. Andreas Solheim says:

    It shoud bean ble to be used outside

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