Vend IQ series electronic locks

Locks have one purpose to let some people in and keep others
out. Traditional keys can be copied, shared, lost or stolen leaving your assets
continually at risk. What if your locks recognized and tracked every user and access? With TriTeq,
your assets are under control. There’s more to TriTeq’s VendIQ series locks than meets the eye. VendIQ locks deliver a durable motorized latching system for ultra fast entry. The lock installs
in minutes and is immune to both drilling and picking. The cylinder is eliminated lost key change-outs and cylinder swap fraud are things of the past. The lock works seamlessly with your Auto-Traq system and can operate with any TriTeq key. The BevIQ lock is designed for quick install on your beverage vendors. It will fit the Dixie-Narco, Vendo and Royal machines. The SnackIQ lock can replace your t-handles on AP style machines. It operates both threaded bolts or quarter turn lift bars. Perfect for your snack and gaming machines. The TronIQ lock is designed for quick install on your Crane Snacktron vendors. Use it on your coffee machine vendors as well. VendIQ is the smart choice for taking control of your business. Simply push a button to open the lock. Once the AutoTraq® key is activated, the key collects and stores the lock access history. Let’s take a closer look! All VendIQ locks are AutoTraq® compatible. You are in control of who gets in what machines and when The set up is simple! Customize your settings by user. Lost key? No problem. The key will expire or can be disabled. No need to change the locks. The communication between the key and the lock is a highly secure encrypted signal. Keys cannot be copied or duplicated. With AutoTraq, your data is always at hand. Simply place the key in the cradle
and press to collect the activity log. A customizable activity log is immediately
available for viewing. Whether you want to monitor daily activities or identify unauthorized attempts, you are always in control with AutoTraq. When an unauthorized key attempts to open the lock, the key flashes 5 times to indicate ‘access denied’. The name and date of this event are captured for the activity log. The key flashes 3 times to signal the user when the key has expired or has been
disabled. The invalid access attempt is captured and stored. No worries about someone else having your key code. TriTeq provides each
customer unique key codes that cannot be duplicated. The low battery reminder
provides additional peace on mind. The initial set up for a key to open a lock is quick and there are no parts to
change out. Simply push the program button on the lock and press the key. The
key is now set up as a valid code for that lock. It is that simple. Need to use a smart phone or other handheld device? Want to have the data
seamlessly work within your telemetry system? The VendIQ locks can adapt to
the ever-advancing technology seen in the vending industry. The VendIQ series locks are the most advanced and easy to use vending locks
ever created. Intelligent locks. Smart choice.

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