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Hello there,
We are here today to discuss the different options of vacuum cleaners. A lot of our customers
come in looking to find the right vacuum for their home. There’s a lot of different options on the
market. And we want to help simplify the decision process. Most vacuum cleaners have a motor and bag
system with the brush roller on the bottom, and they’re very basic and straightforward,
the more simple and basic the machine, the more lightweight. This is the simplicity line-up that we’re
going to discuss the lightweight options and then progress to their more heavy duty options. Something light weight like this machine the
FREEDOM is great option for a light weight for a smaller apartment, a smaller home or
any of our customers that are concerned about the weight of the machine. Its only weighs
Eight pounds It’s very lightweight; it’s more powerful
than the Oreck machine. It has all the capability of cleaning your carpet and your hard wood
floor. It has a two power switch on it, that allows you change the power of the motor to
increase the speed and the rotation of the motors that you can get deeper cleaning and
stronger suction. These machines come with a very straightforward
and simple bag system, with a thick filtration system to prevent dust and dirt from getting
back into your air. They have a HEPA grade bag on them, a high filtration bag system.
That is also very easy to remove and put back on. And on this machine you have a lifetime belts
and brush roller. As you can tell here the brush roller is made out of metal. The brush
roller bristles on this machine actually can be exchanged if they wear out or if they begin
to lose their bristles, you can replace them very easily keeping the maintenance costs
down, as also very easy to cut out any hair or string out of this unit to make sure that
non of the hair strings build-up and the bearings and causes problems. It even has a squeegee system on it to prevent
dust and dirt from getting behind the machine while you are vacuuming on a harder floor.
It also helps regulate the air flow from the front of the machine so that all the work
and all the agitation and cleaning and suction is focused on the area, the activity of the
vacuum. All the wheels on this machine are rubber coated to help protect your hardwood
floors it also makes a lot easier to glide over your carpets. This is probably the simplest system by Simplicity
which is an American made brand. The next model up is going to be their Symmetry
lineup. These machines are great. They are very comparable to the Panasonic and Hoover’s
that a lot of us have grown to have and love over the years. They’re bypass motor system, which means
all the dust and dirt goes directly into the bag, and then that air is sucked through the
motor assembly and then pushed out through the exhaust system. This machine comes with a couple different
options. There is a life time belt option; or just a straight regular routine belt replacement
option This machine does have all the attachments
on it. The first machine we discussed is more just for carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. With this machine we actually do get attachments
and these attachments allow u to get into it harder to reach spots or get more various
cleaning options taking care of. You can reach different areas in the home; it’s a little
bit more versatile and a little bit more functional, and usually a little bit more useful for the
average home. These machines come with a similar brush roller
system. Although the brush roller here is made of wood and it has the long thick bristles
the turbo design. This is the entry level Symmetry model and so this model and does
not have the lifetime dot the lifetime brush roller doesn’t have the rubber coated wheels,
but it’s a very good design in a very good price. And the next option we’re going to discuss
is another upright. Now keep in mind all the models we’ve discussed so far have been
upright vacuums This is the elite model by Simplicity This is their synergy model. This machine
has a tandem air motor system. It has one motor that sucks the air and one motor that
pulls the air. This machine combines the features of the
Kirby vacuum as well as the Panasonic or Miela vacuums that are on the market the use a bypass
motor as well. These machines come with a very thick HEPA
filtration bag. They have carbon filtration, and exhaust filtration to eliminate odors,
particles, and dust from the air, giving you 99.9% filtration on the system. This machine comes with indicators that indicate
whether or not the carpet is being cleaned. It also has indicators to let you know whether
or not the brush or has any obstructions, it has an auto kill hall pass feature on this
machine, or whole safety feature on this machine that stops the brush roller from spinning
if it sucks up the end of an area rug or any obstructions. And it also has a way to convert and divert
the air from your tools verses all the attachments to the front of the machine where all the
agitation comes from. This machine does have the metal plate on
the bottom; with the metal metal brush roller the bristles are removable. And it’s very
easy to cut the hair strings just like this is here, there’s a little groove, so you can
actually take a blade or scissors and cut all of that out, you also have the rubber
wheels to help prevent any damage on your harder four. And it makes gliding on the carpet a lot easier
and this is definitely a more heavy duty machine, it’s a little bit higher on the price point.
But this machine will last you 15 to 20 years easy. stay tuned we’re going to have more videos
discussing the canister options from simplicity, and then we also have videos coming down the
line about bag versus bag-less vacuums.

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