“Uzbekistan – China” cooperation in IT & Telecommunication Sectors

Uzbekistan – China The cooperation of the two countries has reflected in the development and advancement of science, among many others Intergovernmental events are held annually to share experiences in this area A delegation from a number of Ministries and departments of the country has arrived in the People’s Republic of China within the “One Way One Road” project The seminar on interstate development of communications infrastructure was attended by representatives of Ministries and departments from more than 20 countries At the event, our representatives made a presentation on the experience of Uzbekistan’s communication infrastructure The audience approved the new projects and initiatives in this sphere Also, there was an exchange of experience on the topic of the event It is also important that the focus of the course was on put on the innovative technologies Beijing Many people call it the green city, while others describe it as a place of innovation It is not wrong to say that this description is appropriate for the city This is because the latest innovative inventions are created in various Beijing businesses The Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Ministry of Innovative Development of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Science and Technology of China aims at the implementation of scientific and technical projects between the two countries Competitive grants are provided for 20 projects They also collaborate with high-tech companies to get acquainted with their activities The technology company INSPUR, based in Beijing, is the author of innovative technologies that is amazing the world today The delegation members have visited this company Chinese partners have introduced new techniques and technologies The two countries have shared their experiences of scientists and scholars The main topic of the discussion was the mutual development of telecommunication infrastructure, cooperation with the Ministry of Innovative Development and related organizations The seminar has also provided information on the development of scientific and technical progress China Communication Services China Communication service international company: China International Communication Services Company, the largest and main telecommunication structure in technologies in Wuhan, China The company is a leading provider of integrated services in China, including telecommunications, media and technology, and is also a leading provider Design, construction and project control of telecommunication infrastructure services Additionally, it provides management, business processes, telecommunications services and products storage, distribution and applications, content and other services In other words, it is a large company, which provides its services to more than 50 countries and regions of the world. Uzbekistan is also in this chain of cooperation Participants from around the world were visiting different cities, enterprises and organizations in China during the workshop The closing ceremony was also held in high spirit atmosphere The participants have been awarded with certificates As noted by the speakers, today Telecommunication infrastructure is a very important system for cooperation with countries around the world We are one way! We have one place! Friendship, unity, solidarity and cooperation are as strong and endless as the great Chinese wall! Iroda Bakirova for the Uzbekistan 24 television

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