Using the Blueberry Pediatrics Smart Otoscope with a Windows Computer/PC

Using the otoscope camera with a windows computer
is easy. First, take the otoscope out of the box and
attach one of the included ear covers to the end of the camera. You may also want to wipe the ear cover with
one of the included alcohol swabs. Next, plug the otoscope into one of your computer’s
USB ports. Depending on the type of computer you have,
you may have to use one of the included USB-C or USB-A adapters. Just look for the adapter that fits the port
on your computer. On your computer, click the search bar on
the bottom of the screen and search for camera. When the Camera app opens, you just need to
make sure it’s using the otoscope camera. If it isn’t showing the video from the otoscope,
click the icon on the top left of the app which will switch between your computer’s
camera and the otoscope camera. The light on the end of your otoscope should
turn on. Use the wheel on the cord of the otoscope
to turn the light all the way up. You can switch between taking photos and videos
by clicking the icons on the right side. When you’re ready, start recording a video
and then carefully pull your child’s ear up and out. Slowly look inside the ear with the camera. Be gentle, and keep in mind that you may have
to pass some ear wax along the way, which is completely normal. If you can, try to get a clear look at your
child’s eardrum, also known as the tympanic membrane. Your pediatricians will look at the eardrum
to help make their diagnosis. You can see an example here of a tympanic
membrane. Once you’re done, just save your photos
or videos using the Camera app. Then you’ll be able to send them to your
Blueberry pediatricians through the messaging page or while you’re starting a sick visit.

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