Unboxing Xbox Sport Blue and Night Ops Camo Special Edition Wireless Controllers [GAMESCOM SPECIAL]

[XBOX SOUND]>>We’re unboxing controllers, but no one’s told us which
controllers they are.>>Yeah, I don’t see
any controllers here.>>And it’s a secret. So
should we, like, close our eyes?>>Hold out our hands
like it’s Christmas. [MUSIC]>>Wait.>>We were just talking about sport!>>I think we need to trade.>>Okay. Oh, yeah that
matches, perfect.>>I’m so blue.>>It’s like you planned it out.>>Announcing the brand new
Sport Blue Xbox One Controller.>>That looks awesome. I
have the Night Ops Camo. Isn’t that the coolest name
for a controller ever?>>Yeah.>>Night Ops Camo, that’s sweet.>>Yeah. Two, three, go. One, two, three, go. Okay. He did that on purpose.>>I really didn’t.>>I really like this little accent right here.>>Yeah, they really pop, don’t they?>>Yeah.>>I don’t know why, but I
just love something about the all one color scheme.>>They’re rubberized grips?>>Yes, they’re rubberized.>>I love it.>>I love the accents. The
pattern, it’s really pretty.>>Looks great.>>It really does.>>Thumbstick’s the same color
and a lot metallic touch on the D pad there, that’s nice.>>I’m always impressed because
these are different materials. So the fact that they’re able to
get all these different materials in the same color scheme
like this, that’s not easy.>>Yeah, that sweet.>>That’s not easy.>>I love the sport theme
because it’s got that sport design principle to it. It was inspired by sportswear
and like trainers or sneakers.>>Yeah, Sport Blue
Xbox One Controllers.>>Can I have it?>>No.>>Can I borrow it for->>A photo. You may borrow it for
one Instagram photo, I suppose.>>I’d love to see it
sitting next to Sport White and Sport Red. That looks cool.>>Should’ve brought them.>>It’s a good idea for
my Instagram feed though, isn’t it? [MUSIC]>>Look at that. Mate, that looks->>Look at the…>>-the metallic bits really
change, don’t they? That’s cool.>>It’s not really gold, it’s like a bronze.>>Yeah, what is that?>>Really makes the D-Pad stand out.>>Definitely.>>You just immediately
notice the D-Pad.>>Yeah, it’s really
cool because it’s camo. So it’s all tied together, but you’ve got the matte colors
and then you’ve got these metallic colors as well, and I love that that is tied into the metallic on the D-Pad and
a really nice effect there. But the way they’re shifted
in the light is sweet. Got the textures on
the triggers which is really cool because it just
gives you that extra bit of grip if your playing FPSs, or even for driving games. I find it’s really good for Forza. And nice monochrome triggers and
bumpers along the top there. I really like the way it’s coming across the nexus here, the Xbox logo. That’s a sweet detail. [MUSIC]>>Bluetooth as well. You can play it with your Xbox or
your Windows 10 computer as well.>>Or, when xCloud comes out,
with your phone!!! I actually had no idea
that I could connect my controller to my phone beforehand, ’cause I didn’t
realize that it was Bluetooth.>>Yeah.>>I had no idea.>>That’s quality, isn’t it? [MUSIC]>>I feel like you
really want the blue one because it matches the
red and the white, and if that’s how you
feel, you can take it.>>That’s really kind
of you. That was an easy negotiation, wasn’t it?>>You just really seemed
to have your heart set on having the next piece
of the sport series.>>They’re going to
look amazing together.>>Yes.>>I better see a post on your
Instagram tomorrow of all three.>>It’s a deal.>>It’s a deal.>>Thanks very much, and I’ll
just take this one as well. [MUSIC]>>All right. The code is 2-9-C-M-2-M-X-9-M-H-P-R-J-6-2-M-7-J-F-Y-7-P-3-V-Z. That’s the game passcode.>>That was brilliant.>>I’m very good at reading letters. [XBOX SOUND]

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