Unboxing the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Red Special Edition

[MUSIC]>>If you come over to my house
and you see the red controller, you don’t touch the red controller. The red controller is all for me. [MUSIC]>>Yo! What’s up everyone? My name
is Rukari and this is the Xbox Wireless Controller
Sport Red Special Edition. We’re going to unbox
this bad boy right here, right now, for you. Let’s jump on in, shall we? This is like that new pair
of shoes where if somebody walked in my house
and saw it, they’d be like, “Hey man, where you get that from?” Now, this is the second controller
in the Sport Series. If you’re a collector like me,
that means you’ve got to have it. It’s got that
sporty pattern on it in silver and red metallic accents. A metallic red D-pad plus
rubberized grips for added comfort. No blaming controller
for your losses. Impulse triggers so you
can feel the action plus Bluetooth technology for gaming
on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Inside the box, you’ll
find a 14-day trial of both Xbox Live Gold and
Xbox Game Pass. That’s it. That’s all you need to break in
your new controller. So, get it. [MUSIC]

100 comments on “Unboxing the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport Red Special Edition”

  1. Justin Forsythe says:

    Came for Rukari….Stayed for Rukari!

  2. Justin Lewis says:


  3. Blu The Hedgehog says:


  4. Aprentis Martin says:

    What are some good games I could play using this controller? lol

  5. escuadron chingadera :v says:

    Struct group_info

  6. Gary Turbo says:

    I like the blood red look

  7. Shahzaib Ilyas says:

    Isn't this controller smaller as compared to the ps4s?

  8. Hammad Khan says:

    Suck xbox controller 🎮?


    i prefer black controllers over any color in xbox one , red colors are only good for the switch or other things

  10. M Sonny Chaudhry says:

    It’s a normal Xbox controller except it’s red. Wow thanks Microsoft.

  11. Retrovex Official says:

    Looks orange to me lol

  12. FireAngel 123 says:


  13. Fx_Ferris_unreformed says:

    it somehow reminds me of asuka from evangelion

  14. Tyler Patrick says:

    Make free to play games FREE (without gold)

  15. 360 mw says:

    The most fancy controllers for the crappiest exclusive games like crapdown 3

  16. Joshua Crash says:

    Less Coloured Controllers and more games.

  17. Pavlishon says:

    Gwg march

  18. Donta Mitchell says:

    But how much do red just it cost

  19. Torizo Lima says:


  20. T- jimy says:

    محمد العرفج اتوقع في حالة اغماء لمدة اسبوع 🤣😂😂😂🧡

  21. Javier says:

    Look like the zero two's suit

  22. GoldenRod says:

    So thats the Xbox blood controller ??🤷🤷

    (But where's the Crip one tho?)

  23. tom speed says:

    Elite 2 pleace

  24. Daniel 27! says:

    Add farming simulator 19 to Xbox game pass

  25. Felipe SAM says:

    The red controler never go to Brazil

  26. Terry Stokes says:

    I doubt that's his house

  27. Jimm Smith says:

    Where can i buy it?

  28. Kebab7Adam says:

    thats orange

  29. Taimour Kassim says:

    Dear Microsoft , try to fix thumbstick drift before selling more of these
    I had three controllers all of them drift yay

  30. Kixronikz says:


  31. juan felipe Rodríguez says:

    Good hamepad

  32. Emperor Lars XVIII says:

    Where can i get one of those lamps with the water bubbling?

  33. Jonesey _ says:

    All your controllers break within 5 months

  34. Que Juegazo says:

    Love it!!!!

  35. Kevin Bacon says:

    I don't like this guy! 🤔

  36. Adrián FoLiE says:

    What about games? Where are the games! WHERE ARE THE GAMES!!??

  37. Rocket !Kiedyś Bambik na Pimpku! says:

    Very nice
    Edit I wait at fortnite controller

  38. Cpt La Lose says:

    Super une nouvelle couleur quel aventure

  39. Joseph Soda says:

    Sorry Xbox but that’s orange not red.

  40. EL CHAPPIE says:

    Looks good

  41. Gold_ 2474 says:

    It looks amazing!😍 keep up the great work!❤️

  42. 1retro Gamer says:

    That controller looking great. How about multi color console that would be amazing 😀

  43. Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo says:

    I have the sport white

  44. renato b says:

    Xbox , the console that only have controllers haaahhaha

  45. Kristijan Tadić says:

    How to unbox some system seller game, ha microsoft🙃

  46. DeathStalkViper Gaming says:

    Bring xbox gold prices down

  47. Patrick Noe says:

    Why are Xbox controllers so expensive ☹️

  48. Patrick Noe says:

    I’m not buying any Xbox controllers unless they are 20$

  49. Lucas Anderson says:

    Where's the charging support?

  50. Sk8Society says:

    I like that red!

  51. RetroFN says:

    i have the sport white

  52. C7R TFiber says:

    Very good queria um desse

  53. Kraken Films says:

    Who collects controllers like you only need one

  54. Fosevin says:

    Return xbox live to Russia please!

  55. berny_i25 says:


  56. Soda Trash says:

    Wow another overpriced controller.

  57. Ruslan Pulatov says:

    Xbox 360 gamepad – best controller ever

  58. Zireael says:

    I have broke charging for controller and to the same in our country now not sell subscription =(

  59. Citavalo says:

    I still have my black one.

  60. wampirs says:


  61. William Joseph St. Pierre says:

    Microsoft send me one

  62. Dutch Van Der Linde says:


  63. Purifiedmeme420 _boi says:

    I got the blue version of it

  64. Team Assist says:

    I bet Xbox won’t give me one I bet

  65. Alex Plays says:

    please make fortnite not need xbox live please

  66. Ayixlia Merrets says:

    The Sport white looks better

  67. Hehe says:

    Uh where can I buy this???

  68. łowca duchów says:


  69. m m says:


  70. lord Micheal says:

    Then you won't touch my green controller it's all for me

  71. YeeBI TTV says:

    Idk I just bought it cuz it was red

  72. Twiggy Pan Cake says:

    I have sport white

  73. Erick Nevarez says:

    Prefiero el sport white

  74. matkos 666 says:

    I love xbox i have xbox 360 and xbox one s i like it!

  75. Gator says:

    Different colors for elite please

  76. SaucyySam _ says:

    That’s actually lit

  77. {Faraoh} says:

    I got the white one and getting the red one for my brother

  78. RANDOMLEE Gaming says:

    I want one

  79. Fred Roman says:

    Mine comes tomorrow !

  80. TheKacper42PL says:

    Simple fully red controller
    And what did it cost?
    More than xbox one s.

  81. iLon ツ says:

    I have it 🙂

  82. dxrkened zizzy says:

    Make fortnite free plss

  83. k23in says:


  84. iRecoveriez says:

    I bought one from gamestop today… Am I special?

  85. Noot does Stuff says:

    Definitely copping that 👍

  86. emersonleon85 says:

    Xbox has more controller variations than games lol

  87. Goalie god1919 says:

    00:2 It’s exactly what I say say but I have the white one

  88. 124 GAMERS NL says:

    Pls make 5$ giftcards plz

  89. Beder Galvan says:


  90. ShootItTom says:

    Xbox please read this but please make it so Xbox players can stream YouTube or atleast tell us why

  91. Idris Elba's Ninja says:

    I will still touch the red controller even though you told me not to.

  92. iTurnUp x Clxpz says:

    The controller looks so small when he has it in his hands

  93. COOL BOY Dahmiyohn says:

    This Controller looks awesome

  94. Zeny Nooks says:

    Wait…but it’s o r a n g e

  95. AmusableAsh says:

    I gonna go pick this up today

  96. vannluiz says:

    Meh I still like the sports white

  97. SweShooga says:

    Can you use this for the Xbox One S?

  98. Football Madrid says:

    Love this controller

  99. LangkahKanan says:

    thats clearly orange

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