Ultimate Drawing Tablet Tutorial (How To Draw on a Computer)

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  1. Aaron Rutten says:

    What was your favorite tip from this video? Comment below.
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  2. water melon says:

    I gots the xp pen star o3

  3. Nashaly Romero Rivera says:

    Great tutorial!
    I'm a beginner in digital art. I've decided to take a step forward and bought my very first graphic tablet. I was aiming for wacom but sadly, I didn't have enough budget to buy one, so I went with xp-pen deco 1. Apparently is the newest tablet they have now so let's see how that goes! Beside note: I really love your videos! All the advice you give to new and professional artist is astonishing! Keep up the good work! Your amazing! 💜🎨

  4. Eric Duchesnes says:

    Hi Aaron, thanks for all you're still doing for the artists' community ! 🤓
    My favorite tip : the settings that you can tune inside the software you are using to draw (Leonardo from GetLeonardo for example).
    It is so helpfull !.. and convenient !.. It makes a huge difference, for example in inking… no stress with the pressure sensitivity, it's as you custumised it !
    One tip of mine that is so easy, usefull and enjoyable : suscribing to your channel !
    It is the best way to win time, improve efficiency and quality's work ! 😁

  5. Jessica Keen says:

    Your videos are so helpful!!

  6. John Collado says:

    Great video, Aaron. I have an olderr Wacom 21UX and my surface is scratched and worn away, pretty much in the center where I work the most. I think it's the plastic coating that originally came with the tablet. Hopefully today's tablets are better.

  7. SDRockman says:

    Another informative video for people looking to get into doing art digitally.
    Good man Aaron!

  8. HerkRants says:

    Sometimes, when I've been working hot and heavy with my Huion, I suddenly notice that it has swiveled about thirty or forty degrees. This is actually a good thing because the wrist doesn't work as well in every orientation. Mostly, I like it squared up, but it can be a lot easier to paint sometimes when it's turned.

  9. Trifone Jobs says:

    Good! Vídeo 😀

  10. Pink Pony Customs says:

    Could you recommend an art tablet that doesn't need a computer?? I need to draw while I travel and can't have a laptop with me.

  11. Lior Dahan says:

    I find it very hard to draw consistently, like when I sketch something it comes out way too messy/inaccurate. Is it just because I am getting started or should I change something about my drawing?

  12. Villalosers says:

    What’s Windows Ink?

  13. ZephrOli says:

    4,000th viewer EXACTLY! YES!!!

  14. Yul says:

    I am having a hard time drawing from a tablet from scratch right now
    But drawing with pencil on a sketch pad, scanning it, and tracing the work with the tablet helped me remedy it quick.

    This might help people who are moving from trad. to digital

  15. Mayra Ruiz McPherson says:

    This primer video is gold for anyone that's trying to decipher through how to even work with their tablet(s). I also have the Wacom Intuos and the Wacom 27qhd and have wondered about how to work between the two and/or how to use them (I am a total beginner when it comes to digital painting) and this video walks you through really practical, day-to-day details beyond what you might learn from a manual. This and a few other videos you have put together have been IMMENSELY helpful. I am now subscribed and a fan 🙂 Thank you for publishing super helpful videos that are easy to follow.

  16. Barca says:

    Thank yyou so much

  17. Bidhan Tandukar says:

    I got Wacom Intuos Manga/Comic in medium size and I got used to it right away and I'm very satisfied with it 😀

  18. ocean man says:

    I've got an old Wacom Graphire (I think it was made in like 2001) 2nd hand from my older sister. I got used to quickly and this is helping even more

  19. galaxies says:

    Tysm! This really helped me because I really get inspired by digital art and I'm so inspired to do it myself! Of course, I'm still a kid and I don't have that money to get a Graphics Tablet with a screen, but I can afford a WACOM tablet without a screen. This helped me a lot and I'm now I feel a bit more educated 😀

  20. galaxies says:

    Tysm! This really helped me because I really get inspired by digital art and I'm so inspired to do it myself! Of course, I'm still a kid and I don't have that money to get a Graphics Tablet with a screen, but I can afford a WACOM tablet without a screen. This helped me a lot and I'm now I feel a bit more educated 😀

  21. Elloa says:

    Thank you so much! This video was excactly what I was looking for! i just purchased a Wacom tablet, and started to learn photoshop! It's like 20 years I've not been drawing, but decided it was about time to come back to it!

  22. boogie setyanggono says:

    I have exactly the same intuos tablet like yours since 2015 and the funny thing is I dont even realize that it have replacement nibs on the back until I watch this video

  23. Mike Harrison says:

    I have an old Wacom Graphire 3 (CTE-430). It works, but the pressure sensitivity doesn't work at all and the eraser only draws. I've tried installing the drivers that Wacom had , but the Wacom control panel just says "no supported tablet found" so I can't get into it. Should I just buy a new tablet, or can I get by using the tablet without pressure sensitivity? I am a total beginner by the way. I bought the Graphire years ago for 3D modeling, never used it to paint or draw.

  24. genius kid says:

    Could you pls recommend any art programs that recognizes pen pressuer

  25. Anthony Wilson says:


  26. Doggy the Husky says:

    I have a Wacom Intuos Draw.

  27. meme kate says:

    I know this off topic but could i ask if i can draw directly into my screen without using the pen, cause my screen is a touch screen thingy i tried drawing using photoshop didnt recognize any. Sorry just random question. Hope you answer ^^..

  28. UtopianMagic1408 says:

    I got a gaomon m106k tablet and am using krita but I'm new to digital art and am better at traditional art do you have any tips that could help me be just as good with digital art as i am with traditional art?

  29. Dex Slazenger says:

    Well Aaron, thanks for the video, I came on here looking for techniques on drawing with a tablet but this primer video has helped me understand the fundamentals and I'm smarter because of it lol, I've just bought the XP-Pen Deco 03 and its a very good tablet so, all I have to do now is see what features it will do that have been mentioned here. off for a lazy Sunday of relaxed learning.

  30. KIDS COLORING TV says:

    hi Aron i have a youtube channel about kids drawings. some channel use digital art but i dnt know if they use this way. can you help me plz and can i record when i make digital art on my screen ?

  31. Disgodly says:

    wtf is that mouse

  32. Cindy Art says:

    Git gud

  33. Nikola Janev says:

    Hey Aaron. My tablet is Intous pen and touch, i cant download a driver for it i cant find the real one, can you please put in description or comment. Thanks!

  34. Trololol Animations says:

    Your the Best!

  35. Now1awesomedude gaming says:

    Ha I don’t have a drawing tablet I use WiFi drawing tablet……it’s decent

  36. Media BOTS says:

    Great details
    Good going 🙂

  37. JSeanXJ - OldChannelWatch2018 says:

    This is really helpful man!

  38. M Catalano says:

    Very informative video. Thank you!

  39. Sam Matthews says:

    Hi Aaron.
    I had a quick question about the first Wacom tablet you featured in your video. I have the same one.
    I am struggling with what I perceive to be a non uniform movement of the pen when going vertical and horizontal. I feel that vertical movement is in proportion to the movement on the screen, but horizontal movement is accelerated and the brush on the screen moves much faster than my pen movement. Is this a common thing? Is there a fix? Does it have a name? Is it all in my head? Thanks!

  40. Marco Aurélio V Jr says:

    que foda essa mesa, pena q aqui no brasil custa um rim… SUAHSuhaUHS :/

  41. Laudine says:

    Thank you for the tutorial!! I have one question: around 5:20 you say that you need to learn to draw with smaller gestures on a small tablet. I've been hearing all along that drawing from the wrist is not good and you need to use these big elbow/shoulder gestures when drawing. So what's up with that? Are large strokes really better or is it arbitrary and dependent on your desired output?
    I've been doing small doddles and illustrations on paper all my life and I've never really needed to use these broad arm movements… Does that make my technique bad? 🙁

  42. WCephei77HD says:

    Note-taking please?

  43. Jaquelidor says:

    Just want to say I love your videos. I really feel like I'm learning something. As a long time traditional artist who is dipping their toes into digital they've been very helpful.

  44. Mandogy - Games says:

    None of the settings work for my drawing tablet.
    Might be using a uDraw Tablet but oh well.

  45. Mel O says:

    Great pointers! Love the hand gestures along with the demos. The pen nibs and wear and tear wasn't something I previously knew of, so thumbs up!

  46. turtlesoup says:

    Lmao..i literally lol when u stare at ur mouse !!! Funny

  47. Gary Smith says:

    Great info Aaron, you have scored a new sub from just this tute, keep it up!!

  48. Angela Nakiyingi says:

    You're the best for this video!

  49. Iustina Elena David says:

    Is it harder to use the tablet without a screen than using one with the screen?

  50. Robert De La Pena says:

    Is an IPAD pro with Procreate good for beginners for digital art? How limited is it?

  51. *Steel Beam* says:

    That wacom Intuos model is smaller than Stalin's love for humanity.

    If you can get a tablet with a bigger surface, GET IT.

    The difference is like drawing on a POST-IT vs. Drawing on a NOTEBOOK

  52. CalicifierWolf says:

    Gimp 2.0 worms natively with my wacom

  53. O_o says:

    Ok, so if there's really no fear of scratching the tablet surface with the nib, then I'm guessing you're implying that a screen protector is unnecessary right? Are there screen protectors that mimic the surface of paper? This would be advantageous if you buy a tablet from one of the other brands that (as you explained) have a smooth surface, right?

  54. Steve McIlroy says:

    Is that squirrel painting available for purchase somewhere? It's awesome and I have a bunch of squirrels that visit every day so it'd be great to hang that on my wall.

  55. Hoodie Gamer says:

    brilliant all my questions answered

  56. Jasmine Berry says:

    Can you use an ipad as a drawing tablet, if so how can I do this?

  57. Samantha Griffith says:

    Loved how straightforward it was!

  58. ryan rafael says:

    Thank you my good sir ive been searching for over 3 hours now on how to use a drawing tablet etc and all i found was people talking about different tablets etc but not actually talking about what the tablet does and how to use one in general so this video is quite useful

  59. mechadrake says:

    i have 4 different monitors in a row. inagine default aspect ratio I got when connected wacom tablet for the first time 😀 it used all my horizontal resulution summed

  60. ClumsyKurisu says:

    5:28 r.i.p Iwata :((

  61. utube luike says:

    hello .what about xp users and starters with basic knowledge and basic pc ?

  62. Eka Chemia says:

    my mom will get me drawing tablet soon :))

  63. Cheryl Dahl says:

    Wow cool. I've been drawing by hand on paper and scanning it into my computer. I guess I'm a dinosaur! lol

  64. Purpleboye_ says:

    My problem isn't using the tablet, it's getting one that will actually work. 90% of the time I follow all the instructions and cannot get my computer to acknowledge any pressure levels. Nice. I just spent $100 on a fancy mouse.

  65. Letícia Barreiros says:

    Just got a Wacom tablet, and it's been hard adapting, but your videos are a great help! Keep up the good work ^_^

  66. Celeste McCormick says:

    So… I'm a dinosaur like someone said below, and literally JUST started dabbling in digital art (I snubbed it forever, thinking it was "cheating" and chose to torture myself with bamboo pens and crap my whole life). I didn't even know there were graphic tablets until two days ago, when I tried Krita for the first time with a MOUSE and realized that that couldn't be the way it worked. Your videos are lifesaving (I subbed, of course!). I ordered a Huion for my first tablet and it'll arrive tomorrow. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me learn a new medium! 31 isn't too old, is it? 🙂

  67. SoniKwolf1498 says:

    What if something happens to your original pen like say you lose it or it's broken somehow, how would you replace it? Do you have to pair it with your existing tablet somehow?

  68. ZakZ CraftZ says:

    can you use the drawing tablet on lubuntu

  69. sparkle wonder says:

    This is a great tutorial for beginners tyy😊

  70. AbsolutelyHero says:

    Hey that's exactly how I use my mouse, don't shame me.

  71. Saussinati Beats says:

    i have a intuos pen and touch,, will the new hard felt pen nibs fit into the aforementioned pen? thanks

  72. Anthony Wilson says:

    Thanks bro

  73. sunshine shine says:

    It's been a month since I used my drawing tablet…. I think I'll start over again so that's why I watched this video I'm a beginner again thanks for your help mister!

  74. michal guliamov says:

    i have a wacom tablet for computers but im thinking of buying a mobile one or maybe even an ipad pro with an apple pen

  75. Ren says:

    This was helpful

  76. Katez Animationz says:

    I heve a Veikk………the cheapest one…… S640 😂

  77. EZRIX THE GREAT says:

    Can you gift me a built in screen drawing tablet I'm broke😂😂

  78. in search of creativity says:

    awesome video

  79. Cute Sea cucumber says:


  80. Tagay ka Muna Pre says:

    Can somebody help me? My tablet is the first type, and when i hover my pen over the screen, it should only move the cursor, but it already performs the left click even though the pen is just in the air, how do you fix this

  81. Wacky Wavy Inflatable arm flailing tube man says:

    If you have windows then you can use Microsoft paint/paint 3D as your first art program to get used to drawing and moving around the cursor with a pen.

  82. Bertrand YANN says:

    All vacum tablet can work without paper?

  83. Mavors says:

    I think I broke the wacom pressure viewing bar thing. XD ^^''
    when I press down, it doesn't show anything.
    in the start I thought I broke the pen bc when I drew I couldn't see anything, but realized I just had the same color on as the canvas had.
    but I can draw perfectly fine.
    it's just the bar that broke lol.

    but anyways, I love the tutorial! I have a hard time keeping attitention to vids, but I could actually hold my focus, and i didn't start to feel bored, and I learned a lot! I always thought that the program was bad at sensing pressure sentensivety. it was just the wacom settings heh.

  84. Karen Angelia says:

    Thank you very much, this is exactly what i am looking for

  85. Dover The Wolf says:

    I may be getting a Huion 1060 drawing tablet (has no screen) for Christmas from a friend (he is getting a new tablet, so he wants to hand it down to me since he knew I didn't have one and I pretty much can't afford a lot) so this video is helping quite a bit!

  86. Techagers Channel says:

    I draw on no display tablet in just 2 days

  87. NeroRedfield says:

    That lag during drawing is very bad. Its unacceptable for me. Can you change this in some setting?

  88. Mattis Grotegerd says:

    I need a tutorial for iPads. Standard and/or Pro.

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