True Wireless “уши”с лучшим шумодавом | Обзор Sony WF-1000XM3

Hello! Probably reviews on wireless
headphones in my performance have already become on our channel
tradition. A new couple flew to us
from Sony – WF-1000XM3. The gadget is controversial,
since it is very unlike their competitors but also
therefore, for many connoisseurs may be the best on the market. His main feature is unquestioning
Shumodav, there will be a separate about him block of information, but for now,
as usual, consider design. This model is for sale
in two colors – black and, as the manufacturer indicates
silver. Already all who held in their hands
these ears managed to notice what theory with practice
diverge. Actually, in my hands
headphones in such a warm gray French, very color
nice matte finish. This is for the case
case and plugs themselves. Bronze lid, metallic
and opens from the lung finger push; hinge
looks reliable. You can find the logo on top
company. Personally, my impressions are as follows:
the case is just like the headphones too bulky and big
does not fit in most pants pockets even in
the jacket is not so easy him stick in, but he
very stylish, so not ashamed to brag to
friends. And you know, when my husband and I
We drove home in a minibus he sat in the airsides, and
I am with these Sonya, I neither drops did not feel
infringed, that’s enough prestigious device
sound and external mind. And one logo of which only
worth it. The form factor is a bit confusing
headphones. Sitting in your ear like you
some realtor old hardening with bluetooth headset. If only they were a little smaller
– for me then there would be perfect. At first it seemed to me
that the headphones are not fixed well in the auricle, but it turned out
that I fixed them incorrectly. You need to do this like this. That’s when the earpiece
3 pivot points appear. Landing after that already
doesn’t seem strange to wear becomes comfortable. Plus rubberized
covering that part of the headphone which should be
inside the ear canal. It is safer and more enjoyable with him. Drop out of ears only
if you shake too much head. But Sony does not position
this model as suitable for sports, as well as moisture protection
not in it, exactly the same as well as protection against sweat. Of special in headphones
ear pads, oddly enough. Firstly, a complete set
put 2 sets of 3 different size and another spare
a couple. Well, and secondly, one of the sets
made from specific material. I don’t know what it looks like
like a gray porous pebble or foam, but something to the touch
too nice i had to 5 minutes so stick,
feeling the ear pads. And for the ears it’s just heaven
because the headphones on over time
not tangible to wear. In general, I have not seen this
nowhere else before this moment. When you put headphones in your ears
you are immediately met female voice assistant
painfully reminiscent of Siri, but with a hangover. Just like that, that’s all. But it’s kinda too
zest. Voice Messages
in two ears at once, but in turn. This is usually an indication
power on alert different noise reduction modes
and bluetooth. But how funny it is sometimes. For example, the phrase “management
surround sound off ” made me lie on
the floor. Off, Carl. Already then leather bags
started, and then the potential there is, but no one has revealed it,
offensively. Or “Bluetooth connected.” What the fuck ?? What is “bluetooth, sony? Well, okay, fun for a couple
minutes. Then you get used to it. The bluetooth here is version 5.0,
the pairing is excellent, in general didn’t fall away from me, music
did not stop, repeated the connection is generally lightning fast. These indicators were affected
rethinking bluetooth antennas. Its location has changed,
form, and indeed the principle. Now the new chip does not redirect
sound from one earphone to the other, and transfers it
simultaneously to the left, and in the right ear. In fact, it turned out great
implementation. I checked youtube sound
from the picture does not lag behind. Only small
interference occurred in the mode headsets, and then very rarely. It’s very convenient, by the way, that
separately in the application you can choose one of
sound quality modes Is it either a class priority
sound or stable connections. In signal-clogged terrain
such a feature is masthead. And yes, the application. There is a visual training
operating manual just animated
for the very most dummies. Actually, the instruction
contains similar pictures instead of boring tables and
solid text. In the application you can see
each charge level from the headphones, mind you
not couples, but each. Also a small window with
player, equalizer with 11th custom sets
frequency settings, and in one of them bass
very deep that could not not to please of course
same. Very detailed thing. At Sony Headphones Connect you can
adjust the headphones to yourself, select the desired settings,
e.g. shutdown or activation of a pause upon removal,
functional change buttons, voice language selection
assistant and so on. By the way, here I found
DSEE HX power key, aka Digital Sound Enhancement
Engine and in translation digital sound enhancement. Sony fans, perhaps
know what is at stake. The rest, perhaps
have not encountered this before. This is the brand codec of the brand,
which improves quality compressed digital music
files, moving them along sound to high audio
permissions. In short, if you do not use
streaming services and download music in memory
MP3 phone, about sound detailing there
out of the question. A DSEE HX helps pull
composition to good level. 6 mm
speakers Sony WF-1000XM3 give out deep sound, as for me. Despite the absence
support aptx standard SBC, AAC codecs
enough for a good grade. It turns out enough
clean, the frequencies differentiate well, and the bottom and top enough. Again, the equalizer is top-end,
all the errors that I noticed he corrected
its correction. By the way, the volume margin
very large, can be deaf. But I’m a fool and I love that. Separately worth saying
about the chip that is installed in the headphones. The so-called noise reduction
QN1e HD processor claims about digital noise reduction like
would be logical about 24-bit processing audio signal and digital to analog
converter with amplifier. Together with a dual microphone,
namely on the external and internal parts of the earphone, it gives
better work with stub ambient noise in such
market form factor. Moreover, the chip is improved
fine. She clearly distinguishes between production,
technical sounds and voices people. And can isolate from
all in the world. Personally, I did not manage to face
with the situation in which I would hear some sound
when listening. They say that in the metro the feature is already
not so effective but alas The Dnieper is not Kiev, here
it’s hard with that. I just can’t hear it on the road
absolutely nothing. When I talked about
application, I did not mention adaptive control function
sound because I wanted to give her attention now. She fixes your location
understands what are you doing – lying at home, standing somewhere
waiting in line or driving assesses the environment
and noise, and at the right time gives you the ears you need
signals. or going to transport assesses the environment
and noise, and at the right time gives you the ears you need
signals. For example, the sound of beeping
cars the moment you cross the road hear
should. B – security. Just remember that
with the constant work of this functions you are good
empty the phone battery. Standard management
noise canceled using a simple slider
– it allows you to select conditionally Noise reduction “mode”:
from complete isolation to broadcast in the ears of all sounds with focus
in people’s voices or without him. Moreover, the regulation of such
noise is very detailed, you choose convenient for
self position of 20 units scales. A similar feature was in the Samsung
bads but not so much Well detailed. That’s Sony and more expensive
they are 300 bucks. Management of others
sounds are adjustable and using touch button
on the left earphone – so you can select a mode, but
already without such a detailed graduation. The same gag completes
a call when you are with someone talk on the phone. Right earphone controls
playing music and receives calls. Long retention of both
puts you in mode pairing, it’s straight 7 seconds
must wait. I clarify because first
it seemed to me that thing non-working. Well, if you listen enthusiastically
music, and someone turns to you or announce your flight
– it is necessary to clamp the left sensor, then the surrounding noises become
clearly audible, and the song goes down to level
background wiretap. This is so that the earphone does not protrude
out of my ear every such time. But also the proximity sensor
too, just in case. If you still pull it out
headphone – music stops play. Curiously, YouTube is pausing. For such a function in wireless
I drowned with headphones and I will always drown, while
it will not appear everywhere. Long Play at Sony WF-1000XM3
also provided. Aggressive scenario with
noise canceler gives 6 hours of operation headphones themselves, light
without it – 8, and in talk mode they hold for 4 hours. Case adds another 18 hours
from above, it turns out 24, that is, a full two days. It charges for 3.5 hours, good
via USB Type-C. Fast charge support
headphones can not but rejoice – to listen to music
another 1.5 hours must be left them in the case for only 10 minutes. But wireless, unfortunately,
Sony has passed. At the exit, we got bulky
and artsy wireless headphones from Sony,
perhaps with one of the best noisy in the market and unquestioning
sounding. And this pair is already competing
maybe not with the mass market, but with such a serious competitor,
like Sennheiser. Bites, probably, only
price. Although I think the buyer
new to Sonya always there is. What do you think? Would you buy, m? Write about this in the comments. Also like under
this video, subscribe on the canal and press the bell
your beggar Lisa. Watch our other videos
about a set of gamers from HyperX and a review of those true wireless
from Sennheiser. Bye!

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