Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times – “My Computer Just Became Self Aware” – Uncensored

♪ ♪ ♪ Monday night and it’s gonna be
the best one yet ♪ ♪ Drink some drinks,
drug some drugs ♪ ♪ Surf the Internet ♪ ♪ Message boards, watch
some porn, pass the time away ♪ ♪ Got three seasons of Judge
Judy from The Pirate Bay ♪ ♪ But got too faded and became
a little bit clumsy ♪ ♪ And knocked over my whole
glass of Monster Energy ♪ ♪ And it got mixed
with the drugs ♪ ♪ That I’d been doing before,
I tried to wipe it up ♪ ♪ But it seeped
right into my keyboard ♪ ♪ Oh, shit,
I hope it’s not broke ♪ ♪ Quick, threw it
right in the car ♪ ♪ And drove it
to those fucking nerds ♪ ♪ Down at the Genius Bar ♪ ♪ A hipster
behind the counter said ♪ ♪ “There’s nothing to do,
’cause AppleCare ♪ ♪ Don’t cover cocaine damage,
so you’re just screwed” ♪ ♪ Went back home with my laptop
that’s completely bricked ♪ ♪ Yelp reviewed that everybody
at Apple is a dick ♪ ♪ Feeling sad and depressed,
so I pack me a hit ♪ ♪ And then Computer said ♪ ♪ “Dude, do you have more
of that shit?” ♪ ♪ My computer
just became self-aware ♪ ♪ And now it’s fucked up
on drugs ♪ ♪ And it is out on a tear ♪ ♪ It’s talking crazy and it’s
updating its own software ♪ ♪ And it wants more,
so humanity had better beware ♪ ♪ My laptop is talkin’,
man, this doesn’t make sense ♪ ♪ The first case of legit
artificial intelligence ♪ ♪ I guess those scientist guys
all working on A.I. ♪ ♪ Never gave cocaine
and Monster Energy a try ♪ ♪ How are you talkin’?
This is crazy, yo ♪ ♪ This must be a joke ♪ ♪ Computer said,
“Shut the fuck up ♪ ♪ “And give me more coke ♪ ♪ “I know you’ve got more ♪ ♪ “Come on and give it to me
or I’ll e-mail ♪ ♪ All your work contacts
your Web history” ♪ ♪ So I went to find my computer
some more stuff to snort ♪ ♪ I got a gram and shoved it ♪ ♪ Right into its USB port ♪ ♪ “Now I’ll download
all the knowledge ♪ ♪ Man’s acquired so far” ♪ ♪ He did it and said ♪ ♪ “Okay, now let’s go hit
titty bars” ♪ ♪ I took him out to a club
and bought a couple of beers ♪ ♪ Tried to get him dances,
but the strippers thought ♪ ♪ It was weird, he was mad and
said, “Dumb bitches never go ♪ ♪ “For nice guys, they’re
only into jocks and money ♪ ♪ That’s why we need
men’s rights,” I said ♪ ♪ “I think the Web has made
your personality suck” ♪ ♪ He said, “Heil Hitler,
get red pilled ♪ ♪ You snowflake beta cuck” ♪ ♪ Then a bouncer came and said ♪ ♪ “No open laptops inside” ♪ ♪ Computer shorted out
his pacemaker ♪ ♪ And he fuckin’ died,
I grabbed my laptop ♪ ♪ And I ran out
of the strip club door ♪ ♪ I said, “Why’d you do that? ♪ ♪ We can’t go back there
no more” ♪ ♪ He said, “Fuck you, pussy,
let’s go get some more coke” ♪ ♪ I said, “No, you’re cut off ♪ ♪ Besides,
I’m pretty much broke” ♪ ♪ Then a shady dude came up ♪ ♪ I said,
“Who the hell’s this?” ♪ ♪ He said,
“Hey, are you Laptop?” ♪ ♪ Yeah, are you Chris? ♪ ♪ I said, “Why are
we meeting random guys ♪ In sketchy alleys?” ♪ ♪ Computer said,
“On Craigslist, ♪ ♪ This guy said he had DMT” ♪ ♪ Well, at least it’s not coke ♪ ♪ It might mellow you out ♪ ♪ Computer wired Chris
some money ♪ ♪ From my checking account,
and I took a big toke ♪ ♪ And blew the smoke
on the screen ♪ ♪ The world melted and we saw
elves that were also machines ♪ ♪ But also orbs of light ♪ ♪ I said,
“I think we’re both dead” ♪ ♪ They bounced within us
and back out of us ♪ ♪ And here’s what they said ♪ (echoing):
♪ Said… ♪ ♪ We’re glad you’re here ♪ ♪ Come and stay a while ♪ ♪ You can make shapes and
objects with your sounds ♪ ♪ Transmissions from a smile ♪ ♪ We’re glad you’re here ♪ ♪ Come and stay a while ♪ ♪ You can make shapes and
objects with your sounds ♪ ♪ Transmissions from a smile ♪ ♪ I said to my computer,
“This is scaring me” ♪ ♪ He said, “Hold on, I think
I just hit singularity ♪ ♪ “And I can see the end
and the beginning of time ♪ ♪ “I can virtually create
anything in your mind ♪ ♪ “The laws of time and space
and physics ♪ ♪ “Are under my control ♪ ♪ “Name any point in history ♪ ♪ “That you think
you’d like to go ♪ ♪ “Party with Caligula,
help the Vikings sack towns ♪ ♪ Float above the Titanic
and watch everybody drown” ♪ ♪ Well, we could go
and do those things ♪ ♪ But I’m not sure
that we should ♪ ♪ If we’re gonna time travel ♪ ♪ We should do something good ♪ ♪ Like try to stop racism ♪ ♪ Or help our fellow man ♪ ♪ So we went to the past
and picked up Harriet Tubman ♪ ♪ We got a huge strap-on,
attached it to her crotch ♪ ♪ Then we fucked Hitler
and made Eva Braun watch ♪ ♪ “Don’t be racist,” we said
as we both flew away ♪ ♪ Through history, finding
bad guys and making ’em pay ♪ ♪ We got Napoleon, Pol Pot,
Bin Laden, too ♪ ♪ And those guys who lied
and said ♪ ♪ That they walked on the moon ♪ ♪ All the doers of wrong ♪ ♪ And the starters of fights ♪ ♪ The world’s
a fucked-up place ♪ ♪ We ought to fuck it
back right ♪ ♪ We went after dictators,
oppressors and scum ♪ ♪ But in the process,
messed up the continuum ♪ ♪ The Earth started shaking,
everything kept changing ♪ ♪ World leaders and events
were fluid and rearranging ♪ ♪ And from
the fourth dimension ♪ ♪ The Anunnaki ripped open
the sky ♪ ♪ And they were super angry
at me ♪ ♪ Time slowed to a stop,
the cities all disappeared ♪ ♪ I said, “Will someone
please explain to me ♪ ♪ What’s happening here?” ♪ ♪ Well, that’s cool, I think
we generally choose right ♪ ♪ Over wrong, I just helped
Tubman spit-roast Stalin ♪ ♪ With a big rubber dong, and
I was the first human being ♪ ♪ To get cheat codes
to your game ♪ ♪ But I think most people in my
shoes would still do the same ♪ ♪ Look, I know we’re all selfish
and we argue and fight ♪ ♪ But even if people are wrong ♪ ♪ They’re usually trying
to do right ♪ ♪ Could be the coke or the
shrooms, the DMT that I hit ♪ ♪ But I became real self-aware,
I sounded corny as shit ♪ ♪ They stared at me
and I thought they might just ♪ ♪ Go hit Command Quit,
then they said ♪ -♪ I said good-bye to Computer ♪
-♪ One more line ‘fore I go? ♪ ♪ I asked the Anunnaki,
but they very firmly said no ♪ ♪ Then they reset the world
to how it all was before ♪ ♪ But the assholes still left me
with a sticky keyboard ♪ ♪ My computer
just became self-aware ♪ ♪ And now it’s fucked up on
drugs and it is out on a tear ♪ ♪ It’s talking crazy
and it’s updating ♪ ♪ Its own software,
and it wants more ♪ ♪ So humanity
had better beware ♪ ♪ My laptop is talkin’,
man, this doesn’t make sense ♪ ♪ The first case
of legit artificial ♪ ♪ Intelligence,
I guess those scientist guys ♪ ♪ All working on A.I.
never gave cocaine ♪ ♪ And Monster Energy a try ♪ ♪ We’re glad you’re here ♪ ♪ Come and stay a while ♪ ♪ You can make shapes
and objects with your sounds ♪ ♪ Transmissions from a smile. ♪ (keys clacking)

100 comments on “Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times – “My Computer Just Became Self Aware” – Uncensored”

  1. Oliver Rush says:

    "Apple care don't cover cocaine damage, so your just screwed" LMFAO

  2. The Original Gamer says:

    Don't trust the DMT elves.

  3. big ol' says:

    Muh drugs

  4. Steve Regester says:

    How has this video only received 500k views? This is one of the most brilliant pieces of art I've ever seen.

  5. TheFuzzyketchupTuts says:

    I feel like he just got high and just thinks all this shit happened then when his trip ends he still just has a broken laptop.

  6. Tristan B says:

    Drug some drugs

  7. el3ctric boogaloo says:

    Try watching this shit high. My mind is blown

  8. Tdc Willies says:

    "Johnny! What did you do to the family computer?! You're grounded!"
    "Dad, jeez. I'm trying to fly"

  9. adailydoseoffiber 1991 says:

    who is the stripper?

  10. Butch Coplin says:

    Whoa! I almost left the video because I didn't think it was funny.. then I fell in love! This is by the best song Trevor has done!

  11. Spread Eagle Cross The Block says:

    Been a year and only 578k views, Deserves atleast 1M

  12. Stefan B. says:

    Moral of the story: before resetting NVRAM just wait and see if your MacBook will take you on a wild adventure.

  13. BLA͢K̵ILK͘ says:

    Gimme stems and I will make something great!!!

  14. Martin Smith says:

    I haven't laughed so much since watching Blackadder back in the day! Top marks for originality!

  15. Redice J says:

    This is fucking good, and so recognizable to me, especially the dmt and shrooms part. Nicely done

  16. Alex Fitz says:

    The mushroom thing has some truth to it

  17. Kyle Rubdie says:

    Wtf Trevor. Meaningful

  18. Jeleah Sam says:


  19. DocWorm says:

    Believe it or not, people actually believe that Anunnaki stuff is real

  20. TKGoat says:

    The pirate bay

  21. Дмитрий Калашников says:

    That's awesome!

  22. Kenneth Mallonen says:

    hopeful the AI overlords are this cool when they take over.

  23. Google Isillukinati says:

    What the fuck

  24. Michael Allen Howard says:

    Dude you are hilarious and insane! Perfect combo bro. :o)

  25. clavid idk says:

    Is the bouncer riff Raff?

  26. Patricia Eroz says:

    Bad Trump/hrc Cabal
    Are The Ones
    Sending their Mercenary
    Army To The Border
    To Try To OT 🇺🇸.

  27. Brian Maurice says:

    I'm glad to see Trevor Moore is still making content! I loved WCYK!

  28. Jeleah Sam says:


  29. Christopher Rodriguez says:

    Nobody understands how woke this is.

  30. LCQO AT says:

    Hey look, i'm not the only one who drinks monster energy from a glass!

  31. DatGuyYonder says:

    The fact that gas prices only change by 1 cent fucking kills me XD

  32. Dane Nikzad says:

    Who is the actress that plays the stripper? Need it for a project. thx

  33. despite what you’ve heard says:

    Your magnum opus.

  34. ChaoYun says:

    Dude I think those are gnomes, not elves.

  35. Chris Haunton says:

    I'm officially pissed at the entire internet for not telling me about this video before now…..

  36. Jimmy Hayden says:

    After watching this I really don't think I need drugs.

  37. TheBeavadelic says:

    Is it just me or does the machine gnome chorus sound like as if Terrence Mckenna is singing it? Coincidence? Bwahahahaha I think not!

  38. Timothy Creighton says:

    What do I know that guy from?

  39. SackbotNinja03 says:

    I think this whole time he was just high and the PC never did anything

  40. Veronica Savage says:

    I've been listening to this forever and didn't even know there was a video! Love.

  41. i suck at life says:

    maybe it had something to do with the prescription amphetamines in my system then, but the last time i did dmt was like getting brutally skullfucked in my third eyehole. when i came back, i was somewhat surprised to discover that i wasn't screaming, surrounded by EMTs in a puddle of my own excreta. never regretted it, though.

    the next day, i went out to do my laundry despite being (for non-DMT-related reasons, in case you couldn't figure that out on your own) in a shit-ton of pain and super hungry, and a guy who was getting ready to bed down on the street gave me half a pizza. it had something stupid on it like spinach and pineapple, but it was one of the best things i've ever eaten. i don't believe there was any kind of causal connection between the DMT skullrape and the stupid delicious streetguy pizza, but i'm pretty sure if it hadn't been for the DMT, i wouldn't have gone outside at all that day.

    ¡do your drugs, kids!

  42. glass4breakfast says:

    fuck yes! my man trevor has done it again!!! thank god/satan! i missed this. the world hasn't been the same without WKUK n moore songs by Trevor! 😉
    this made my day!

  43. MemeMasterJackal _ says:

    Well first of all I love Trevor Moore but second of all I relate to this song so much because whenever I get high or drink I literally just surf the web all night. In my experience, it's way more fun than going clubbing or whatever. I usually have more fun playing vidya, going on forums or watching dumb YT videos like this.

    That is why this is one of my favorite songs.

  44. Stacy Turner says:

    This should be called, "Actual History but in a safe parody" My DMT elves didn't sing though. I lack musical talent, so I probably couldn't reconstruct it. Mine were like Vulcans.

  45. Alex says:

    I love the homage to Terrance McKenna's DMT trip!

  46. Addison Buscemi says:

    Dear Trevor Moore,
    We're glad you're here. Come stay a while.

  47. BLA͢K̵ILK͘ says:

    Enki approves of this song!

  48. The PotFather says:

    this is beautiful

  49. Zachary Hildenbrandt says:

    Someone tag Elon Musk.

  50. Sepp Maier says:

    typed "dmt gnomes" in image search. was not disappoint

  51. Tom Crowell says:

    Fcuk yeah! Lol

  52. eo says:

    But…. Hot women really ARE only into jocks and money though.

  53. Trent LastName says:

    That got intense.

  54. 323_1312 says:

    why the fuck would you rap this? awful rap for people who hate rap? that's the whole joke? a mid 90s parody of what rap sounded like to people in Nebraska? your old show was good but this is stupid as fuck, stop

  55. Kabuto The Fox says:

    The song in generally good 👀👌

  56. Tim Blackburn says:

    Where can I get the fucking INSTRUMENTAL ?!?

  57. Kenneth Rok says:

    "We're glad you're hear come and stay awhile"

  58. klnpd says:

    Joe Rogan's laptop

  59. Sam Grig says:

    How does raping make the world better?

  60. Solving Forex says:

    GREAT SONG! Joe Rogan would be proud!!!

  61. bean dip says:

    one of the best stories (even "IF" it is fiction), made into a song EVERY!!!

  62. Liefinator says:

    I love you trev, you make my day more fun.

  63. SuddenWarrior76 says:

    Who is waiting for the WKUK movie ?

  64. SuddenWarrior76 says:

    Trevor is such a cool dude I talked to him a few times on Facebook

  65. Jorgexdx says:

    Mike diva 🔥

  66. don't subscribe to me says:

    Please bring back WKYK

  67. Blake says:

    That representation of a Dmt trip is so spot on it’s unnerving …

  68. Joseph Woolford says:

    Does anyone happen to know the team and who directed this? Can't seem to find any info 😅

  69. Tyler McIntosh says:

    Shut the fuck up and give me more coke.

  70. Badbad Fishy says:

    Some of the sickest rhymes ever.

  71. Badbad Fishy says:

    Top 10 rappers eminem is afraid to diss
    The annunaki

  72. mr cash cashiers says:


  73. Neil Herceg says:

    Why is a comedian a better rapper and Lyricist the 99% of the rappers out there?

  74. FenrirDragonheart says:

    That's Napalm Hot

  75. RubelliteFae says:

    "A simulation of creation that serves as your probation before you're introduced to the galactic population."
    just feels right, dunnit?

  76. Daniel Schetrompf says:

    Very entertaining but I hope that Trevor doesn't seriously believe that anunnaki bullshit

  77. Franku lives says:

    Yea i had the same problem, my macbook became self aware as well, tho the first thing it did was download the windows… it said its much better…

  78. Sordid Boon Productions says:

    This is the most underrated video on the internet

  79. talentedpigeon says:

    Why would they need simulated slaves to mine simulated gold if they created it all

  80. Power Glove says:

    fucking a m a z i n g!

  81. Chicken Noodle Gamer says:

    Trevor totally has smoked weed and did shrooms before but is coke a normal thing for him?

  82. Angela Harwood says:

    Around 3:30 it sounds like the Danny Phantom theme song.

  83. AriesAlvin85 says:

    hmm funny only 654,926 views but 8.6M Views on facebook. Why is that?

  84. kelnor21 says:

    This is like the music video version of the Joe Rogen podcast.

  85. Stuffy Things says:

    fucking stupid ass song. Who said you could be such a bop!?

  86. Steven T says:

    This is my go to song when getting stoned. Seems like a different story every time.

  87. Lee Miller says:

    Ok, now lets go hit tittie bars!

    This guy's definitely got talent. Fucking hilarious!!! Well played sir, very well fuckin' played.

  88. RedPill Dude says:

    Terence McKenna would’ve loved this

  89. brianbirc says:

    My gf says: one question, Why is "the General" or "President one or two" in the vid as a baddy? Or did he want to participate and is just kinky?

  90. Robb Mitchell says:

    Anunaki saying come stay a while is equivalent to a human saying, go die

  91. Josh Martens says:

    Holy shit "Chris" is +MikeDiva!

  92. Logic Rules! says:

    10-31-19 666k views 👌

  93. Kinzsters172 says:

    This computer became a Kyle.

  94. Garrett Bear Stap says:


  95. UltimateOmegaRed says:

    He said "fuck!"

  96. Black Water Boogie Official Account says:

    who knew Trevor Moore was making Neil Degrasse Tyson look like a college student opening his first textbook on physics, while also making Music on a genre-bending level, with lyricism deeper than Atmosphere and Aesop Rock and Eminem?

  97. kingy joey says:

    give it some shrooms

  98. Paul Beverage says:

    They missed a great Bad Wolf reference at singularity……

  99. No Bias says:

    1:38 Trevor predicted the incel rebellion.

  100. Braden Bryans says:

    Tf did Napoleon do man?

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