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bell button for latest notifications Like | Share | Comment and Subscribe We are going to see that TP Link AC1200 which
is Gigabit router MU-MO enabled Archer C6 AC1200 Just order from Amazon Let’s see
this product can be installed and product performance it has 300Mbps + 867Mbps Dual
band Wi-Fi router the brand is TP link and this is the box let’s open it and see what’s
there inside the box Okay so the TP link has box let’s open it its a Gigaports Wi-Fi AC1200 MU-MO enabled
router let’s open it lets see what is inside this box after opening it has Wi-Fi device
this is the Wi-Fi router which has four antina’s What is
the inside content is there lets see more ethernet
cable to connect the router to PC or Laptop. Power adapter, that’s the backend of the
TP link router power port you can connect over here
There is a cable cable connectivity this is how you can connect it, simply like this and
connect the other end to laptop or PC Let’s connect to power and see how LED will
glow and switch on power button to turn Wi-Fi router ON
This has reset, WPS button whenever you wanted to connect Guest without providing password
another one is internet port it has four ethernet ports for cable connectivity to your PC or
Laptop it also works as a switch this is how the router looks like
Power voltage required by device is 12V one ampere this are the items comes in box user
manual, ethernet cable, power adapter and Wi-Fi router with four antena’s lets connect
it and see how you can setup that Wi-Fi router now i am connecting power cable other end
of the adapter is connected to power and switch ON power button wait for few seconds to boot
up the device after that Wi-Fi signal and all the LED lights will blink and connect
the ethernet cable which is provided by your ISP with internet another one is normal cable
which goes to your PC or Laptop this is how you can connect yellow one is the Internet
cable comes from ISP and white cable for connecting laptop over here light blinking means connectivity
is working fine, lets go to browser that’s the URL for first access Wi-Fi router
setup this details are provided in the manual itself first of all you have to create password
whatever the password you want, this is to protect your device to protect against security
set the time zone basically i am in India so i am selecting India Mumbai +5.30 IST click
Next and now you select Static IP Address or Dynamic IP based on your ISP settings or
if you have a static IP address then select static IP and
fill the details so now click Next it will ask you what you want to set if you want to
clone the existing MAC address from the older device however i do not have that MAC binding
just use the new address Here you can setup the two access points for Wi-Fi my SSID is
going to be DaksheshSai password you can set and change it later onwards its the number
by default for the timing being i am giving the password has [email protected] second network
SSID i am changing to techarkit password is [email protected] Click next password and SSID’s
are enabled your Wi-Fi setup is almost done and click start. Now the Wi-Fi router will be setup and rebooted. Okay now internet is connected let’s check
it up the wireless clients are connected lets connect and see how it works one wired connection
is connected lets switch on mobile wifi and connect the first SSID and
see lets provide password lets go to some speedtest
site and verify the speed of course it depends on your bandwidth as well and see
how much speed your getting see that that’s a 5G connectivity and see speed
almost 33Mpbs we are getting

20 comments on “TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Router | Tech Arkit”

  1. undying shankha says:

    Video and audio quality is good but the way you saying is not good improve please or try hindi

  2. Pravèèn says:

    Sir isme Jo USB port hai..
    Can I use three g dongle in it.. and make it 3g router.. pls reply

  3. Gourav Podder says:

    How is the 5ghz range?
    Can it cover two rooms?

  4. Srinivasa Rao says:

    Hi how to enable WDS on this router. By default it is showing as OFF. I can't find where to enable this one. Thanks in advance.

  5. humanforotherhumans says:

    My internet is free in my new apartment. I bought the TP-Link AC1200 to access the internet. I have only one cable(white) in the box.
    From where did you get the second yellow cable? I don't see any cables in the apartment.

  6. Navin Kumar says:

    can you suggest which router is best for ground floor to 2nd floor 9398598913 please tell me best model name in TP Link

  7. Sudipto Sinha says:

    Bro i am from Dhaka ,Bangladesh. Now i use Xiaomi Mi router 3(global). I want to buy new router after one week. I need a superfast and best range covarage router. My choise are TP Link C5/C6/C50/C60 or Xiaomi Router 4A Global version. Ekhon konta best hobe ei budget segment a .

  8. Tushar Verma says:

    bro isme aapne link speed nhi dikhai dono band pe mob or lapi dono pr, plz provide , and kya isme usb port h?

  9. Breez Air says:

    I didn't know about the broadband how can I get the internet connection

  10. 100 subs no video challenge says:

    this c6 or ac1200? Which one is better? and why. thanks!

  11. Great guys says:

    Bhai soundtrack kaisa rakha hai treasure hunt ke liye ja rahe ho kya

  12. 3lectronic0 says:

    Medialink AC1200 with Broadcom chipset, but without MIMO and $15 more, or this one? Thanks in advance.

  13. sai raj says:

    Kya Ye 1gb plan Ko support Karti hai?

  14. Prajith Pj says:

    Does it work with rail wire

  15. LucKie says:

    Does it support OpenVPN (client) and as the VPN server?

  16. Hackers World says:

    C6 or c60 ? What are the differences ?

  17. thakor parth says:

    Does C6 have wds bridging option? Thank u in advance

  18. Ignacio Rubinetti says:

    Can anyone confirm if this Router can work as a Wi-Fi extender?

  19. Tech Arkit says:

    See more general topics–AU&list=PL8cE5Nxf6M6ZRuT-iZmFW3Nc5txslfDF1

  20. vivekreddy m says:

    Improve your english and knowledge for doing this type videos

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