Toyota Camry How-To: Electronic Parking Brake & Brake Hold | Toyota

– Toyota is committed
to developing technology that helps make driving as
simple and enjoyable as possible. This is particularly evident
in it’s seemingly endless list of advanced driver
convenience features. In this video, we’ll
have a closer look at one of the newest examples,
Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold. This new feature helps
simplify many everyday driving situations, like
parking, sitting at a stop light or navigating stop and go traffic. So what is it? Electronic Parking Brake with
Brake Hold is an advanced braking system, equipped on
select new Toyota vehicles, including the 2018 C-HR
and 2018 Camry XSE, XLE and hybrid models. This system uses a new
type of parking brake that’s as easy as pressing
a button, literally. The new Electronic Parking Brake, or EPB, uses a button located
below the shift lever to take the place of a
traditional lever or foot pedal, putting an electronic
hold on the vehicle’s brakes whenever activating. To set the parking brake,
simply pull the button up. The indicator will light up to
confirm the system is active. To release the parking brake, press down. It’s as simple as that. Plus, the EPB system can also be set to automatically engage
based on the vehicle’s shifter position. To activate this automatic
mode, hold the button up and hold it until and EPB
shift interlock function message appears on the
multi-information display, or MID. The parking brake will
now automatically engage whenever the shift lever is in park. And disengage whenever
the shift lever is moved out of park. To deactivate automatic
mode, press the button down and hold it until the MID
and indicator acknowledge it has been deactivated. But it gets even better! Thanks to it’s advanced electronic design, the electronic parking brake
is also able to operate seriously handy new
driver assistance feature called Brake Hold. When Brake Hold is active,
the vehicle will automatically hold the brakes for you
when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Until the accelerator pedal
is depressed, of course. You no longer need to
keep your foot pressed on the brake pedal while
you wait in traffic or at a stop light. By default, Brake Hold will
be off whenever the ignition is first turned on. To activate the system
after an ignition cycle, simply press the hold button
located above the EPB button while you’re stopped with
the brake pedal depressed. A green indicator will appear,
indicating that the system is on and in standby mode
and a yellow indicator will appear while the system
is actively holding the brakes. This system will not
activate if the shift lever is in reverse or park, or
if the driver door is open or drivers seatbelt unfastened. In fact, if these situations
arise while Brake Hold is enabled, the system
will deactivate unless it was actively holding
the brakes at the time, in which case the Brake
Hold indicator will go off and the Electronic Parking
Brake will engage instead. Similarly, if the brakes are
held for three minutes or more, the Brake Hold indicator will
go off and the Electronic Parking Brake system will engage. Outside of these conditions,
the Brake Hold system will stay active until turned
off either via pressing the Hold button again or by shutting the vehicle off entirely. So that’s it, that’s all
there is to the new Electronic Parking Brake with Brake Hold feature. If you need additional
information on this system, please refer to the
vehicles owner’s manual. (regal music)

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  1. - PUBG MOBİLE ESGERツ says:


  2. ماهر باسط says:

    I love toyota

  3. ideaynojodas says:

    I need this camry in my life

  4. Musharraf Nazeer says:

    Sooo simple!

  5. Overlord says:

    Just saw Toyota advertises on the supremacist web page "The Root"  sad to hear and read.  Titian looking a bit better now.

  6. Mustafizur Rahman says:

    Why suddenly Toyota Copied Honda???you can get this feature in 2013 HRV or other honda vehicles
    I am toyota fan but it disappointed me😢😢

  7. Fernando Chirino says:

    I got completely lost with this explanation.. it could have been simpler !!! It's not as easy as that, uncomfortable driving assistance..

  8. Antonio Ramirez says:

    This is good Hugo

  9. MariaMatinez ty says:


  10. boredom strikes says:

    Can I get this on a Camry se ( brake hold )

  11. Rebecca & Dylan says:

    Toyota USA is Nice

  12. Julio Inoa says:

    Wish the LE and SE models had this. Odd that the CHV does.

  13. Felix C says:

    This stupid brake hold feature encourage people to add way too much gas in stop and go traffic, then waste energy by stopping instead of rolling slowly, and worsening the traffic jam for everyone on the road

  14. Rigel's Channel says:

    its like a auto window control

  15. daniel ferstendig says:

    it needs a push button gear shift

  16. kingoffeel333 says:

    Hi guys,,,,
    I have 2018 Camry GLE V4. When the speed at 160 Km/hr engine temperature drop below C and when I reduce the speed ti 140 Km/hr the engine temperature becomes normal.

    Is that normal situation??

    Waiting for your feedback. Thx,,

  17. Billy L says:

    that car looks so old fashioned.

  18. Jimmy Son says:

    is it normal when using electric parking brake makes a somewhat loud sound when engaging or disengaging.?

  19. Jame King says:

    Why don"t you show some horror or action flicks.

  20. Ali Ahmad says:

    This is complex!

  21. Seth Yeboah says:


  22. Raftika says:

    Another thing that will need maintenance in the future

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  24. Γιώργος Καραμφυλλίδης says:

    Am I the only one you still prefers the old one?

  25. Pete Fowler says:

    I accidentally pulled up on the parking brake button for about 5 seconds while the vehicle was in park and the electronic parking brake was already engaged. Did I do any damage to the electric motors?

  26. phea phea says:

    good car usa

  27. Marguerite Sacco says:

    I have the Toyota Corolla 2019 MANUAL transmission vehicle with automatic parking brake. I cant find a youtube video on how to use it correctly with manual transmission. Is there one?

  28. Héctor Fernando says:

    Will Brake Hold cause damage to the Parking Brake if someone uses it daily, like if it gets used on stop and go traffic not just on intersections or red lights?

  29. Chris says:

    You guys need to correct your video. The EPB isn't what is activated when using brake hold, they are two separate mechanisms. EPB uses a motor driven, mechanical cam on the rear disks to engage the parking brake feature, while brake hold works by boosting pressure in the brake lines to apply caliper pressure on all four wheels as if you were actually pressing the brake pedal. Again, two completely different mechanisms for two completely different uses.

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