TorqAmp 48V Electric Turbo Supercharger on the 6.0L Aston Martin Valhalla V12 at SEMA 2019

all right so I’m here at SEMA 2018 I’m
in the new products booth and something here it caught my eye we’re talking with
yelkur hoop star that’s my name from another one’s yeah that’s correct
what’s this product you have here well we made the tour camp on the tour camp
is an electric turbo or the electric supercharger and we can basically boost
any engine with this product so what you do is you take the original air filter
out installed or camp and then you can increase your intake manifold pressure
with about 6 psi or 1.4 bar so on this Center here we see we have an aston
martin beets wall 6to of your systems on it that’s correct yeah sorry region
intake manifold we figured let’s put two torque amps on it but even though if you
would install only one torque em the torque will increase around 30 to 35
percent so the performance of your car will increase a lot drivability will
improve the whole power band will shift downwards because yeah we improve torque
but also power on the smaller displacement engines like two years or
three tier engines okay so so on this system here how much did you say the
horsepower gain is roughly oh that’s a very difficult question to answer
because we didn’t test this engine as yet but we did test on a two liter home
the naturally aspirated and we did about 23 to 28 percent more power and 28 to 34
37% more torque okay so and if you then take a big big engine like this we
expect if you would install two torque cans yeah I would expect 35 percent more
torque and around 25% more power but that’s something we have to test
okay so it looks like you have several different models here I think the one
you’re holding is a little bigger than this one no no no it’s all the same
model but yeah it’s a very compact model you can even like mount it in any
position doesn’t really matter and yeah so you can use it on naturally aspirated
engines but you can also boost turbocharged engines on it because if
you make a big turbo build you have problems with turbo lag and your turbo
spools up late so with the torque came you had directly have intake manifold
pressure so your turbos pulls up more early as well and your torque increases
again you know so yeah so this is part of the kid because we also have a power
box which is included and that you can see it over here in the with an internal battery lithium battery
an internal charging system and the nice thing about the lithium chart and the
the yeah the internal charging system is we only charge when the car is cruising
or when we’re idling but as soon as you start boosting the charging system
switches off so you don’t have a load on your crank shafts you know there’s no
load on your alternator so you have more power available for acceleration that’s
something I was actually gonna ask you about because I saw two of them on here
I would imagine there’d be a lot of a lot of extra wear and draw on the
battery system but it seems like you have an auxilary
here so we have a separate Barry it’s a special little battery and the nice
thing at those batteries is you can quickly charge them and you can own and
charge them or put a large load and on them without breaking down so does it
look team iron phosphate battery yeah I know it’s lithium polymer yeah yeah so a
lot of people are scared because they could become dangerous fire but we got
an internal computer in the box and that controls the temperature of both Barry
Barry management system the tour cam so every temperature is managed and as soon
as one temperature exceeds a certain limit the computer automatically switch
downs shuts down the system okay and you’re probably monitoring the voltage
and everything turret there so you don’t get too low or too high exactly so it’s
all regulated and you can’t break it and controls itself okay so tell me about
the motor how fast will this spend so this is a five kilowatt motor that runs
on 48 volts which is a worldwide accepted foliage level for automotive so
that’s basically this design choice and it revs up to around 70 to 80 thousand
rpm and for a specific customer you request we can obviously reprogram it a
little bit so that it goes higher up in the RPMs but our standard product does
between 70 and 80 thousand rpm so that results in a mass flow of
six lb per minutes which is about 140 grams per second and one point for
pressure ratio that’s around 6 psi but yeah so this motor then that’s what’s
called the yeah yeah so this is a brushless DC motor yeah you typically
see these on the model airplanes oh yeah that’s true yeah yeah that’s really
typically our we work with a company that made the basic designs for these
motors they are specialized in these motors but they have made a transition
into the industrial market so yeah it’s not it’s better quality you know like
specially designed to be long-lasting so inside this motor are 70 semi semi
ceramic bearings so pre lubed so you won’t wear it I was out it’s you know
its life lasting okay yeah so financially running import it’s been
there well because there’s no turbine side on on the charger unit size there’s
no hot side so the temperature increase due to the compression ratio is only 35
degrees so yeah so you don’t need an intercooler to
prevent knock or do ya to get yeah so we don’t need an intercooler
obviously your performance would increase with an intercooler because the
more cool air gets the better it is but we didn’t do tests on them so do you –
me and you yes so if you if you give more air to
the engine and you want to get more out of your energy also need to get more
fuel so some cars automatically inject more fuel so like Toyota or Lexus those
kind of cars they they have a map sensor and they register high intake manifold
pressures and inject more fuel other cars you can only install a piggyback to
get more fuel injected but there’s also cars that meet the issue to be refreshed
or remap it with by flashing or you just simply install and open ECU but that’s
obviously a cost choice you know yeah so yeah and then door cam it’s it
controlled by either a switch below your gas pedal which is all enough so that’s
not very nice way to control it but you can also connect it to the TPS sensor
talked about position sensor and then yeah based on the throttle valve
position it starts boosting and it goes up and pressure the more tall you give
so that’s the sort of boost control and imagine you would also want to
possibly control though the boost curve to because you might not want six psi
right yeah yeah yeah so we can we can program that as well and then but then
we get into a customer specific request so just drop an email and we can program
that that’s not an issue to show me maybe here well this is the complete get
like I said so you get the wires and controllers has four cables for the
installation and they’re very easy to install because we made the design of
the connectors very small and the power box we have some graphs I can show you
yes sir screen will no find out so this is what
we did on a on a Subaru STi which has a slightly larger turbo that you see that
the turbo spools up from 3000 rpm and at 3500 gets up to pressure but with the
torque and we completely eliminated disturb turbo lag so you directly have
more boost in your intake so same here a lot of turbo lag yeah yeah exactly so
we’re even testing this now on big supercar engines that are boosting more
than eight or thousand horse powers out they also have a lot of lag and we
actually are able to eliminate that as well so here you see the graph where we
the pressure ratio with with with the mass flow so you see we do we start
around five to six lb per minute which goes up to 18 but then obviously the
press rates are dropped because the electric motor has a certain capacity
and here you can see a graph of a whole night that we tested and you see that we
did the torque increase from 180 millimeter up to above a 240 so that’s
that’s quite interesting and we also tested it on a Nissan 350 set
if you look at the dish on 350 set you see that this is where the optimum
torque point was before and if you go this way you see that this width or camp
you see that the optimal torque point completely shifted a couple of thousand
rpms downwards so the power of an of that car changes completely so you get
more torque and you get more torque at lower rpms you know so the drivability
increases so yeah I guess and if people are visiting us at SEMA we
got some nice nice air with fresheners with our seen a better airbrush yeah
yeah we got a better one actually got for people that are interested in round
things we even got boosted boobs so there we go
yeah come visit us to check it out all right cool
miss Jang shil are really nice meeting you successful show and we will see you
again all right

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    I plan on making another video of TorqAmp again in two weeks at SEMA 2019. What questions should I ask them?

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    Full of shit

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  5. ChiefJustice Middleton says:


  6. ChiefJustice Middleton says:


  7. Hubert Bélanger says:

    Is it me or sema2019 didn't happen yet?

  8. Sergio Aguirre says:

    motor is too small – it cant even increase a 350z above stock whp above 5k rpm….worthless

  9. Dima G says:

    Dino can help to understand. But i believe without dino. Good bye hotside !
    Good luck with that thing !

  10. joe o says:

    ask what the kit price is than compare it to a proven turbo kit like the $600 ebay kit proven to make upwards of 600hp on motors

  11. Schmitty Vids says:

    baahahahaha 6 lbs/min is all it can produce… smdh.. yall, this is such a scam and you are not going to get anything but power loss.

  12. Kleenhall says:

    1 bar is 14.5 psi. Not 6 psi. Lies

  13. myvideosrockthehouse says:

    I bet its 6 psi at idle and near vacuum at red line…

  14. Trent Robey says:

    BULLSHIT. …send one to Richard Holdner , let him be the judge….we want dyno results jelke

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  16. Andy says:

    Why do all electric superchargers utilize the insanely high rpm requiring turbo style blowers instead of a roots style blower that would be easier for an electric motor to reach the ideal rpms?



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    Looks ricer to me

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    "6psi or 1.4 bar"? 1 bar is about 14psi so 1.4 bar is about 20 psi fucking infidel

  20. Brian Johnson says:

    They haven't tested it yet on the motor they have on display? Okay….

  21. boltonky says:

    Great video, and they do and have been around for ages its just technology in relation to DC Motors or Inverted motors has now become small and powerful enough to run charged setups without to many other problems.
    What's interesting is a prototype one ive seen that is a Turbo but has a DC powered motor in the middle housing…its basically designed to allow spool up but with no power loss until exhaust can power compressor fast enough.
    All this because they are scared of 120 year technology called electric cars haha

  22. Pimpala Mac says:

    Looks like the website is a gofundme page.

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    So it works until the engine starts to consume an appreciable amount of air. Then it becomes an obstruction.

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    How does this no kill your alternator?

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    Wonder if they send to Australia?
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    Guys commenting many couldn't even install a spark plug correct for a boost system. Better than a street turbo because of heat. Might make a good trunk mount system. A 110 volt leaf blower would psi an engine up if you could power it. No power loss like other superchargers or belt problems

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    Looks restrictive. I bet this thing kills 30hp and 40tq on the dyno.

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    OMG take a product to SEMA and do not test it, WTF, your not going to get sales that way buddy and having a engine which most people have like GM or FORD engines which has been proven and tested ie: stock engines and show dyno hub charts of stock cars with these electric turbos and then sales will go through the roof its that simple cater to the market and you have sales its that simple. 🙂

  45. Robert Harrison says:

    They're trying to sell a product they haven't even tested yet and everything that's coming out of his mouth isn't worth anything to me he has no specs no knowledge no no horsepower ratings on the motor anything everything he says is all speculation what about the durability and lifetime expectancy of the turbo too many words not enough content

  46. Robert Harrison says:

    I could be interested in something like this but I would have to know it inside and out this is not something I'm willing to fly by the seat of my pants over and with his lack of knowledge and their lack of testing which creates his lack of knowledge I can afford to sit back and wait and put this on the back burner

  47. Big Injun says:

    Remember, it's not just psi, its also cfm.

  48. Jean Val jean says:

    Sir, thank you for asking to subscribers if they have or not questions. But technicality speaking this product is a non sense. He work like a clogged air filter at middle and top range, decrease volumetrique efficiency. I exchange with torqamp and this product is not ready. Don’t spend your time with that kind of company. Take a look by yourself to their videos… regards.

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    Does not work on big engines. Not enough cfm or rpm.

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    They should have used a motor that could properly showcase the product – the turbos need to be mirrored or they won't work in that application due to intake packaging considerations. Better to show how it could be used on a small 1.0l 3 cyl or something to dramatically improve drivability and replace a bigger engine. You can't just add it to anything and this would be a huge increase in cost in an industry where pennies of cost matter. Where's the rest of the system? The battery pack, the control systems, the 48v sub-system? This can't stand on its own, it has to be integrated into a lot of other systems. Lame marketing stunt that typifies most of the garbage at SEMA, and Audi has already commercialized it. How does it not run afoul of their patents? At least you can get an air freshener

  56. dcxSpartan117 says:

    Cfm matters just as much as how much psi these add. If you ad intercoolers and in turn more resistance for air these will not work as well.

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    Believe me folks, I am an engineer of different internal combustion components. I design and redesign products on the market for cutting edge out of the box designs you would see in classified areas of racing teams like Indy Nascar F1 Top fuel and street vehicles. With these electric superchargers you are looking at the future of boost to come. I am 57 and my father is 83 a brilliant electrical engineer from Brown, a savant. He ran one of the biggest electrical dept's in industry 40yrs. I showed him this video and he was totally impressed amazed interested. Just so happens he has an Infinity G35X he loves with the 350Z engine. Those 3.5's are bad ass and with this TorqAmp setup believe me most cars on the street will be in the rear view because they are now. I think these are the cutting edge of the future.

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    You get wires and cables a box and assorted other shit for 19.95 BUT WAIT!! act now and get free shipping!!

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    Special lithium battery

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    THIS is the new anti-lag for the street! Of course, nothing is as simple as just that, but this seems like it has compact packaging and existing technology going for it. Could even smaller and lighter super capacitors take the place of the battery unit, especially if it only comes online in low rpm, WOT situations. TorqAmp supported by next-gen JB-4!

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    Here's an engine with our products…no we haven't ran it though

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    we were much to busy making claims,to have time to actually show proof,…um why not bring the 2 liter eng and the results then?

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    To be fair they show it right in the graphs and he says the truth. The gains are all in the lower end to normal peaks. 95% of people want to see peak gains, so if they see a low end performance increase they dont really see it because it didnt take the engine from 200hp to 250hp or whatever the numbers are. These guys are saying I can help you increase the shitty low end performance of your lazy engine and give your motor a restriction at the top end. This is why it wont make it big in america. If we are gonna spend our hard earned money on it, that shit better pin you to the seat.

  70. Max Power says:

    Anyone with that kind of accent is definitely going to rip you off.

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    F1 racing tech

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  78. Layne Pipe says:

    He said 6psi….then said 1.4 bar….must of not compensated for Netherlands exchange rate….here in America 1 bar is 14.7 psi; so obviously a mistake in advertising..

  79. Video Player says:

    He’s full of BS. He doesn’t know the difference between 6psi and 1.4 bar.

  80. shane says:

    To make 6psi on a 5.7l V8 with a whipple screw charger I believe last time I checked it was close to 50hp to compress the air. So lets just say you make 700hp (6psi on a 5.7 V8 on average will make 500hp) the engine is actually making 750hp but 50hp has gone into compressing air. I'll just do some rough calculations lets give this the benifit of the doubt and say blower loss is 40hp. Well thats about 30kw a little less but we will go with 30kw that's 30,000w of power that little motor needs to make. I can only see that motor doing 5kw max it's just not going to move the air it needs to.

    Look at it this way take a 400hp V8 350ci that revs to 6000rpm. 350 x 6000 / 3456 = 607cfm the engine will need to breath at 100% VE to make 14.5psi you need a pump that can move 1214cfm of air look up the size of an electric pump that does that.

    So lets look at a 4cyl with 6psi you will need about 500cfm to make 6psi on a 100% efficient 4cyl 2.4l @6500rpm. I don't see it happening.

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    Why not have a supercapacitor? and use the electric supercharger for reducing turbo lag – not always/constant boost

  85. Johnathan Doe says:

    6psi, wow.

    If it fit in the middle of a normal turbo between the impeller and the compressor, and acted to recover energy from the turbo while off throttle, and spin the turbo up faster when you got back on the throttle before the exhaust gases span it up, then I’d be interested. This is just grossly inefficient.

  86. Derek V says:


  87. Stephen Lane says:

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  88. Stephen Lane says:

    On a regular car motor it will prob be restrictive at the high end cause the motor needs more air than it will push or let thru. I saw one of these not sure if it was this one tested on a dyno. On a mustang gt i believe it pulled like 25 horses off the motor. Ha

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