Top 10 Things to DO in AKIHABARA Tokyo | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

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  1. Paolo fromTOKYO says:

    Map is downloadable from my site

  2. Michael Manning says:

    Akihabara that is my mecca if I ever get out of the USA that's where I want to visit more than anywhere, than a close 2nd would be Kyoto

  3. Mokkori Chance says:

    Tokyo is magical. Food is a lie though. Foreigners suffer.

  4. kathryn bevan says:

    Hi I was wondering if you could do a video on the hotels akihabara? I am planning to stay in that area but don't know much about the hotels there

  5. MrXyron says:

    Is… is this heaven?

  6. 毎駒 says:

    💔💔💔 値打ものが埋まってる

  7. Raja Nag says:

    Totally awesome video

  8. Raja Nag says:

    Love it 😘😍😍

  9. Miku Chan says:

    I went to 2 different maidreamin' last weekend and I must say that the food was surprisingly good.
    It's not worth it to go there for the food and it's not a high class restaurant.
    You go there for the entertainment.
    But the food is very much decent, so you can absolutely go there while hungry if you are planning to go anyways.

    Heaven's gate had 2h all you can drink for 2k yen too (including alcohol), which seemed like a pretty decent deal even if I didn't participate.

  10. - GreeN - says:

    WEEB 👏 TOWN 👏

  11. goku ssjb says:

    Japan lit asf

  12. Anoobis says:

    Fucking weebs

  13. Joy Abednego says:

    just loved this guy's warm smile at first glance thank you your video is really helpfull ecspecially the mapping part

  14. Ryu Hayabusa says:

    Sooo what did the story say? Lol

  15. Caleb Mason says:

    What’s the name of adult shop

  16. hhli1 says:

    Paolo, any western style morning cafe in Akihabara??? We are staying the area for a few days, looking for some bagel, toast coffee tea, western morning breakfast, please?

  17. rainna x says:

    Thank you for your effort. I found your videos very informative and interesting.

  18. rainna x says:

    Just a question, at Gachapon, can I pay using Suica cards, or do I have to bring coins with me?

  19. Ankan Ghosh says:

    How about the language? All these shops do they speak english?

  20. Ankan Ghosh says:

    Where I can find old Japan? I mean old streets something like Killbill

  21. Kaita Kawada says:

    Do cosplay and walk around Akihabara is weird for foreigners xD

  22. Kaita Kawada says:

    I've been Japan for 10+ times How tf am I not been there yet

  23. Guardian says:

    Me watching these videos knowing damn well I won't be able to go to Japan in the near future:

  24. shiningKnight182 says:

    Just got back from Japan now I want to go back akihabara is amazing when I went

  25. Aczxser says:

    The waterfalls of Niagara hahah

  26. Chelsea Malone says:

    Thank you so much for this video! My brother and I used this as a reference on where to get food when our hotel was in Akihabara last year. Gyuukatsu Ichi Ni San was so amazing!! We're going back next July & we cant wait to have it again!

  27. Amazingly Awkward says:

    We'll just glide right past the tig biddies at 1:38 lmao

  28. Mr. Freak says:

    The SEGA Club, with arcade games is really fun and awesome. Where they have some really cool games.

  29. Ashley Starlight says:

    What was the thing he was eating at 17:48? He said the name but i dont know how to spell it

  30. Jemma Hatherill says:

    Do you know if any of these big camera shops actually process camera film? I don't want to have to get my film x-rayed loads of times on the way back to the UK but also wouldn't be able to way 3-7 days for film to come back… hoping to find same day film processing somewhere handy in tokyo but having no luck 🙁 figured you might be the guy with the knowledge!

  31. Tope Domingo says:

    5:45 BIRDIE!

  32. Kobayashi King says:

    I’m sorry, truly no disrespect here but I had to stop watching the video at 3:14. Although this video has nice layout and the given information is good I can’t stand the fake smile that the host gives every second the camera faces him…

  33. Cece LP says:

    A 🔑 habara

  34. Drowned in Nostalgia says:

    That thing to wash plates would make my life and my brothers' life easier😂

  35. Jerardo Gomez says:

    whats up with japanese and "young little girls"

  36. ThunderSweeper says:

    Sell everything that you have before going there

  37. BekalowKltz says:

    Thanks a lot… I'll be in Japan on October this help me a lot ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  38. Chris Thomas says:

    Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  39. Chris Thomas says:

    Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  40. Chris Thomas says:

    Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  41. Chris Thomas says:

    Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  42. Chris Thomas says:

    Where is the best place to buy Magic the Gathering Playing Cards booster
    box (new not used) in Tokyo.? I am going next week… Best prices?

  43. Blaze Gaming says:

    Great video hoping some day i can go there for vacation!!!!!

  44. nna_ 3701 says:

    I love how he was so enthusiastic and excited like a little kid when showing viewers his favourite places 😆

  45. Thanos Not says:

    wait wait wait where is bic camera????
    bic not big it name is BIC CAMERA

  46. J R says:

    Well… You showed all of akihabara, I'll cancel my trip to Japan 😉

  47. Jacky Hijstek says:

    viewing this one week before take off to Japan. soooo much excitement I can't hold aaaaaaaah

  48. Smirqs Edits says:

    if i was rich id literally buy up all those statues and statue props

  49. Marie Antoinette says:

    Boi looks like he's about to start Naruto running every time he stands in front of a building.

  50. AnAsianbr0skii21 says:

    Where can i go for music cds?

  51. Black Desert Gameplay says:


  52. Natalia Moon says:

    Hi, came across your top 10 videos as I’ll be visiting japan for the first time in nov. any recommendation to find vintage robots/toys? Thank’s again for recommendations/tips! 🙂

  53. Itsa Games says:

    thank you! i didnt know there was a akb48 cafe! i would also love to dress up as Shokupanman at that other cafe

  54. Andreas Giöbel says:

    What happened at 14:23 I think you mixed the words

  55. KaneDeath4 says:

    Anybody know what the story was about?

  56. Matt Haydon says:

    Tried to go to Ichi Ni San but we typed in the wrong One!! The Ichi Ni San in Ginza is good too.

  57. Pelin Yurtogullari says:

    u ugly

  58. Nyan Tsuki says:

    I ve never been to Aki´bara, it´s just so not my cup of tea. But this time I think I will give it a chance and walk by, I need to go to Donki there 😉

  59. DrB0ltr1ckZ says:


  60. An Otaku :3 says:

    Me: sees a blond japanese guy
    Also Me: Ok thats totally normal in japan.
    (Btw if you don't know not many japanese dye their hair blond)

  61. Jude Dijon says:

    Is there places to buy Nintendo switch new or used as I come in December.
    P.S keep up the great work paulo

  62. shoezomaku says:

    Wow, so informative. I am going to be going to Japan for my first time in a couple of weeks and I'm definitely going to spend some time there. I have to visit at least half of these places you talked about.

  63. Victor Nobrega says:

    Love your videos bro

  64. Yappers says:

    For those wondering about the X-Rated Story:
    Three of Charlies Angel's women and Ryoko Yonekura's body gradually become warm. So I'll pack it with an erotic book. Uncle wants to go to the customs of Nishikasai. “What is that uncle?” Uncle's lower half wife is SEX-less. I work at the ward office, but my boss is a younger female boss, so I'm hiding erotic books in the ward office lockers.

  65. SandroSensei says:

    Hej Paolo. I love your vids, I am going to Tokio next years myself, but howcome you make a top 10 things about Akihabara and dont talk about the arcades (and retro game shacks) at all! I dont understand. I know now you are definately not a gamer, but most of the people who go to Akihabara are. A mention would be appresiated. 👍🏻

  66. Intolactic Sutcliff says:

    Theres beef katsu but is there any chicken or pork places

  67. Jane_cutegacha says:

    Does Akihabara have a map for the place

  68. kasumaru/かすまる says:


  69. Joseph Andrei Aquino says:

    Is there an English menu in Shimonya Yakitori?

  70. Predator says:

    Brilliant video

  71. HotBurger122 says:

    Is it safe to go there with parents 😂

  72. Kyle Soler says:

    What about us diecast car collectors?

  73. Official AudiO says:

    I wanna go there soo bad..
    I saw this place on anime and my weeb eyes can't handle it.

  74. LunaTwi01 says:

    And let's not forget the various gaming arcades.

  75. Saki totoro says:

    You Have Fake Smiley….

  76. Pattie Ruiz says:

    Just wondering if you have any recomendations on places to stay.

  77. DasFresh says:

    I want to go here but wife won't let me cuz her BF don't like japenese food.

  78. labu labi says:

    at the Akihabara have a RC car shop or not?

  79. zohanrock says:

    damn i've been to akiba twice and only visited like 3 places on this list, i need to go back.

  80. Angela Redona says:


  81. Jule Dildine says:

    I'm literally in akihabara and using your guide to hit up all these places! Thanks Paolo! Don't forget to recommend where to get english manga places like the Book Off and Shosen Tower (not cheap).

  82. Yesenia Rivera Torres says:

    El q murio cerca apoyo oracion por El alma

  83. John Krone says:

    Hi Paolo. I ate at Ichi Ni San (5:48) some days ago (following your suggestions). I seated in the back tables with a friend and after she asked how I got to know about this place I said "from a YouTuber, Paolo from Tokyo". The couple on the next table jumped out and said "us too!" and ANOTHER couple on the other table yelled "us too!!". We all laughed and started sharing what each one had already done from your suggestions and what was next on our lists. Wow, the three tables in the back were all following your recommendations on this video! We did almost everything on this video. Thanks!!!!

  84. tokyo joe says:

  85. Richa Bhake says:

    Can you share the map you made? That is very informative!

  86. Pedro Blanco says:

    So I ended up buying an iPad mini at Bic Camera. It had the best price. Thanks Paolo!

  87. Jay Chan says:

    do you recommend gyukatsu ichi ni san over motomura?

  88. תמי כהן says:

    Hi, Paolo,
    we follow your videos and we really like to watch them with the whole family, we are going to Japan in April, maybe you have a video where it’s better to stay in Tokyo and with what budget. thank you

  89. ShArPiE _head says:

    Looks like Im gonna have some fun here.

  90. Fujiwara says:

    Everything in this content blessed me so much lol
    I mean cauze i saw a lot of my fav waifus in one video lol

  91. Anys Sido says:

    'The whole atmosphere of this place is just so old school it feels like you are in Japan'

    you are in Japan

  92. bloody mary says:

    Dude what happen to your face? Your scary

  93. marge revese says:

    Been there , my son played games and I shopped..we were late in our Shinkansen to Osaka..we reserved seats but since we were late we ended up to no reservation seats..

  94. Robert Adrian Tan says:

    Hi, why is there no food covered for Mt Fuji..? would appreciate if you have something covered for eating in Mount Fuji..Appreciate..Thanks

  95. Lesley Lim says:

    i'm so happy to see paolo hanging out with that smile. he bring happiness.

  96. Emmanuel Buensuceso says:

    Paolo should have worn a lab coat when he walking around Akihabara. El Psy Kongroo.

  97. Eric Larrabee says:

    best thing to do in Akihabara is to go once, so you can tell ppl "yeah, ive been there", then leave. in fact, leave tokyo. everywhere else in japan > tokyo.

  98. frederick dionisio says:

    Hi Paolo, love your channel. lots of helpful tips. but I do hope even if your not in to it, that you can provide us a video about maid cafe. For us people who are curious about it.

  99. JakkuPix3l says:

    When you don’t now what a body pillow is

    “Wow, you ca actually buy banners here!”

  100. young wolf says:

    where is okabe rintaro?

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