This Electric Motorcycle Will Kill You

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about electric motorcycles and they’re not just some concept these things have
been around for 10 years, now granted it’s not a new idea but it didn’t go
like this thing does, we’re talking high-tech speed machine and as you can
see everything here of course is computerized, now the company zero
manufactures them in California they make all kinds of different electric
motorcycles, off-road trail ones, but of course I’m looking at their speed demon
that’s what I’d be interested in and yeah I’m not making this up there’s a
charger for it right there, there’s no gas in the gas tank, there’s no gas tank it’s
got big lithium batteries and a giant electric motor right here, plus it’s got
a low maintenance rubber belt it doesn’t have a chain that you have to mess
around with, this being their speed demon it’s got big tires in the back and
serious double discs on the front but since it’s an electric motorcycle it’s
got regenerative braking too, they actually go much further in a city than
they do on a highway, it can go 161 miles in the city stopping and going, of course
when you’re sitting those stoplights an electric motor doesn’t use any power then and you’ll notice that it’s different from any other motorcycle, it’s
got a throttle but there’s no clutch and there’s no gear shifter, this side is
totally barem and since I’ve been driving motorcycles since I was a
teenager boy and it takes some getting used to for me, I’m grabbing for the clutch I
look for where to shift, these you just twist and go that’s all there is to it,
now this particular bike is geared for super speed taking off, it doesn’t
have top-end speed, the top-end speed is like 110 miles an hour, I mean who needs
to go faster than that anyways, but it’s set up to get from zero to 110 miles an
hour extremely quickly, now if someone wanted to they could set it up to go any
speed they wanted, but you would lose acceleration on it, like I said there’s
no gears it’s just an electric motor that drives it directly so you can set
it up to have super acceleration or you could set it up to have super high speed
if you really wanted, but people buy these because they’re quick and they want to zip
around, this isn’t a drag racer you don’t take this to the drag races, because it can
gonna only go 110 miles an hour the batteries are still heavy but nothing
like in a Tesla, so they will recharge somewhat faster if
you’re just plugging them into your house it’s gonna take a while, if it’s fully
discharged about 8 hours or so, but they have a fast charger setup
that you can get they can charge it up and maybe for hours, and the battery
packs they have a pretty long life they claim that it doesn’t get below 80
percent on some of these till you’ve gone one hundred and eighty two hundred
thousand miles, so you’re not really gonna have to worry about the battery
going bad for quite some time, the only problem is the range, this is not a
touring bike, if on the highway you can go fifty five miles you’re not gonna be
touring for very long now one aspect of electric motors make
some people really happy and it makes some people really sad, the downside is
it’s an electric motorcycle it doesn’t make any noise so your neighbors will
love you, you’ll have the quietest motorcycle on the planet, but if you
drive in traffic nobody’s gonna hear it now I know Harley’s working on an
electric motorcycle they say they’re gonna have speakers on it they’re gonna
make noise so it sounds like a motorcycle so people can hear you and
won’t say, what gee I didn’t hear that motorcycle it was going 90 miles an hour
and I knocked it over, and the other aspect that I find somewhat strange is that
since it’s an electric motorcycle a lot of guys buy motorcycles they like
modifying them, well there’s really nothing you need to modify it’s an
electric motor with a huge battery, you don’t have to tinker with them, I mean
I grew up on triumphs and Norton’s and BSA’s and we’re always adjusting
carburetors adjusting the valves, fixing oil leaks, on the other hand a lot of guys
like mess around with stuff like that and they don’t want something that just
goes and doesn’t have any problems, and of course being an electric motorcycle
they have 100% of their power as soon as you turn them on, so it’s not like a
gasoline motor second we got a rather the engine up either the clutch and pop
off as soon as you twist that grip, you got power to the wheel and it goes, this
particular one has a hundred and forty pound foot of torque, it’s got a lot of
torque going to the rear wheel and since it has an electric motor there’s no
power loss, there’s no gears there’s just a motor that runs a belt
that turns the rear wheels, and being on electric it’s about abs brakes various
modes you can put it on power traction street, torque, you can race it
any way you want to drive it, their not giving this away, this particular one is about twenty
thousand dollars, now me like motorcycles that still make a lotta
noise so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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