ThermoPro TP 08 Digital Wireless Thermometer – Introduction

hi I’m Dylan from thermo Pro and I’m going to give you a brief introduction on the TPO II I’m now going to show you how to assemble and sync your device first place the batteries into the smaller device the transmitter and then place the backing then you’re going to place the oven probe into the left port and the meat probe into the right next you’ll put the batteries into the receiver the larger device it will beep and automatically start to sync with the transmitter and the transmitter will transfer to the receiver now that you’ve assembled your device we’re going to show you how to use it in a typical grill settings grab your meat probe place the probe into the thickest part of the meat avoiding any bone or fat deposits and then it is safe to close the grill onto the wire I’m going to give you a brief rundown on the TPO eight and its functions on the left hand side is the barbecue functions on the right hand side these are the food functions to set your barbecue food range you can set a low temperature by pressing the button holding and it will flash and you can scroll through and set the temperature with the mode button you can do this for the high temperature by doing the same thing pressing and holding seeing the flash and scrolling through and finishing with the mode button this will set a range for you you can set an alarm by pressing the alarm button and you can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius by pressing and holding as well to set your food temperature press the food hi / clear press and hold the number will flash and you can scroll through and finish with the mode you can also press the mode and light button for an LED backlight and then press and hold the mode button to switch to a timer pressing the start button on the Taira automatically starts a timer up with the arrow flashing up counting the seconds you can pause this by pressing stop and resetting it with the clear to start a countdown function you can set with the hours and the minutes and press Start and the device will automatically start counting down from 2 hours and 20 minutes you can stop and clear that the same way you did before these are the functions of the TPO 8 I’m now going to demonstrate the TPO 8 and it’s BBQ range alert function currently I’m setting the alarm by pressing the alarm checking the low temperature which is set to 59 and the high range temperature which is set to 186 if the temperature drops below that range or goes above that range the device will alert me with an alarm and that is the tpo 8 and its range alarm function

15 comments on “ThermoPro TP 08 Digital Wireless Thermometer – Introduction”

  1. Bill Marq says:

    How about telling us how to LOWER the temp, mine will only go higher !!!! I'm about to take a hammer to it.

  2. Yow says:

    What is the difference between the TP-08 and the TP-20, other than the temperature presets on the 20? The 08 can only measure 1 piece of meat right? In other words: can the 08 do something the 20 can't do? Lowest/highest temperature alarm values?

  3. Philipp Beaudoin says:

    great thermometer. Essential when smoking 🙂

  4. albert lopez says:

    What's the distance range on this I live in an apartment and need something that gets solid signal at a minimum 150 feet

  5. robhimself79 says:

    Just got a tp08 a few days ago and using it the first time I suddenly lost connectivity to my probes and I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas?

  6. Shahid Sadiq says:

    Which one is best to buy? Thermopro tp20 or tp08? I have read this detailed reviewed article in favour of tp20. What you recommend?

  7. Shahid Sadiq says:

    I have read a list of top ten thermopro food thermometers here

    Can you please help me to buy best food thermometer?

    Waiting for your response.


  8. Robert Pittman says:

    My TP-08S temperature is displaying 30 to 50 degrees higher than the temperature display on my Masterbuilt Electric smoker. I have double-checked the temperature with another thermometer that agrees with the Masterbuilt termometer. Is this an indication of a low battery? If not, is there a way to calibrate the TP-08S?

  9. Rick Hughes says:

    I have a TP08S seems to be considerably different …. do you have a video for that model

  10. ivanpomy says:

    ha ha he said " grab your meat probe "

  11. hondaequikppd says:

    How do you know when the battery gets low?

  12. Андрей Ларькин says:

    Добрый день! а какой диамент зонда?

  13. AgentAlmost says:

    Does this have a color coded backlight like the TP-07 does where it blinks green when it's almost done?

  14. Barry Stratta says:

    Ok… I have an option to obtain one of these three ThermoPro items… pros / cons of the three? Is there a good better best? ThermoPro TP07S or ThermoPro TP-16 or ThermoPro TP08

  15. Shahid Sadiq says:

    Here i have found detailed steps to sync thermopro thermometer.

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