Thermistor Temperature Sensor – Construction and Working Principle – Electronic Instrumentation

29 comments on “Thermistor Temperature Sensor – Construction and Working Principle – Electronic Instrumentation”

  1. Prakash sp says:

    good performance i like it

  2. Sierra pappa says:

    liked it

  3. adity pandoh says:

    Very Gud and vast information and easy to remember

  4. saurabh rockstar says:

    your face in the corner very disturbing

  5. saurabh rockstar says:

    othervise a very good video

  6. rashed hasan says:

    I m impressed madam 😍😍

  7. rashed hasan says:

    Go ahead..we all are with you

  8. AARTI PANDITA says:

    Grt mam

  9. Rahul Singh says:

    Nice explanation

  10. angelino z says:

    In the background it sounds like somebody is flushing the toilet.

  11. students study says:

    Kya yea(Mn2O3CdsAnd Zno ) s bn skta h plz btaao plz bhut jyada jrure h mdm

  12. Duwarka Parsad says:

    Great mam
    Deeply underatanding

  13. Amit Ghosh says:

    thanks mam

  14. Amit Ghosh says:

    Mam I think you are contradicting your self 2:41, at 4:08, please help

  15. Ritesh Asawra says:

    Vacuum ki spealing galat h 35:00 par

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  17. SHAMSH TABREJ says:

    Resistance in conductor decreases as the tem decreases.

  18. SHAMSH TABREJ says:

    Dont make the video if you dont know about the subject because its better not to know rather to know wrong

  19. vikash jain says:

    What is use of apoxy on thermistor

  20. veera swamy says:


  21. Madhujya Hazarika says:

    oi randi, nahi janti toh galat kyu bol rahi hai rendi. In conductor temperature increase leads to increase in resistance. if you don't know such basics don't fucking teach

  22. rajanala sravani says:

    Mam you didn't said disadvantages

  23. Yashwanth Ganesh says:

    Mam try to complet with in 25.00 it is too long

  24. Pawan Yadav 143 says:

    Great mam

  25. Rajib Sharma says:

    Good information

  26. Mahima Pandey says:

    Mam note nhi mil skta h kya

  27. Faheem Nazir peer says:

    Dear Mai 36mints me 2 chapter pad leta hu …short and good information de diya kre

  28. Punith V H Shantha says:

    if temperature increases resistance increases for conductor..,, decreases for semiconductors

  29. Zakir Ullah says:

    Mam first write these notes then just explain it in video, it will take little time

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