The Future of Telecommunications: 5G Internet

ETC-BD presents how 5g works 5g is the fifth generation of mobile wireless systems a way for devices both mobile and stationary To send and receive data without being plugged into a wall in your home, or at the office Typically a new generation is named when it denotes a significant leap in wireless mobile technologies 5g might enable driverless cars delivery drones and may even replace the Wi-Fi in your home and office Before you drop everything and run off to buy a new 5g capable smartphone Understand that 5g doesn’t yet officially exist Most Americans probably won’t have access to a 5g network until around 2019 or so But because mobile devices are big business giant companies like Verizon AT&T Samsung and Nokia among many others are already investing huge money in this latest wireless system They hope to create a network that is in theory anyway able to provide download speeds of about 10,000 megabits per second That’s roughly three times faster than current 4G networks meaning fewer delays and even more complex and powerful smartphone apps among many other benefits Remember when it took 15 seconds to down a 5 MB mp3 file via 3G connection With 5g you may be able to download an entire movie in just moments 5g is likely to improve on 4G in a number of ways It should be able to send and receive far more data than 4G And it will be able to support greater numbers of users without getting bogged down It should also use less power than 4G so your battery life should improve That means you will spend less time scrambling to find a phone charger every day And it should integrate seamlessly with the Internet of Things the multitude of wireless devices and systems That’s rapidly expanding. Thanks to smart cheap sensors, and of course nearly ubiquitous wireless networks That includes everything from autonomous cars to drones to smart door Those are just the biggies There are a lot of other potential improvements that 5g might bring to the wireless table Thanks for watching this video

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