The Fastest eBike for $3600 / Best DIY Electric Bike Available

100 comments on “The Fastest eBike for $3600 / Best DIY Electric Bike Available”

  1. weird science says:

    i only want a single cog mountain bike with slick tires to go to the shops 3 grand yh fuxk that right off

  2. Jon W says:

    how much do these weigh? beautiful work dude, great video.

  3. Kelsey Spencer says:


  4. Ebike Bebiking says:

    it is really fast eBike, but the price is also expensive.

  5. Sext Empiric says:

    what's a weight?

  6. tarstarkusz says:

    110kph is just way too fast for a bicycle. I wouldn't feel safe.

  7. tarstarkusz says:

    50 mile range with a 2.2kwh battery is pretty good IF that range is at high speeds. Comes down to about 46 watt hours per mile.
    If someone crashes into you… good luck getting their insurance to cover you. Don't be surprised if a cop takes it off you as well, at least basically anywhere in America. You will never get away with putting this on an American road and having it be street legal.

  8. Alban Zeqiraj says:


  9. Glenn Borden says:

    Your wheels has to be hevey duty, at that speed.Looks good to go.

  10. פיס משווק תל אביב צומת ספרים שיווק says:

    sound good, but are they ligal?
    in my country they are not ligal , the police will take them and you will go to cort 😒

  11. Don Wallace says:

    My uncle doesn't like this bike .this is very frustrating as I do.he doesn't like wells either

  12. The Ethalon says:

    $3600.. needs Shimano XT rotors

  13. Alpha Omega says:

    It's even more badass that you built it

  14. 222ele222 says:

    what is total weight of your bike?

  15. Kid Vegas says:

    What a great job my friend

  16. ghost .x says:

    I have a kuberg freerider grate for wheelies but bit too expensive is £5000

  17. alfred smalley says:

    Could I have your friend's address in New York?

  18. T W says:

    Well done mate, brilliant

  19. SuperKendall100 says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and sharing.

  20. Chew Chew Train says:

    Why not mid-drive for more hill climbing torque?

  21. ronkirk50 says:

    Awesome bike. Very impressive.

  22. Daily HipHopLive says:

    Great job my friend but I don't agree with my iPhone being the main screen iPhone &1500 cost half of that ebike $3600

  23. Lean Beam says:

    Definitely impressive 👌 Man, I gotta figure out why I haven't been getting you guys vids! The bell for all has been activated! Hummmm🤔

  24. joe sousa says:

    Your kool'

  25. Paul Evans says:

    Very good video. No posing like most I've seen, just strait up information. …thanks. subscribed

  26. Da ve says:

    That way to expensive

  27. NFSINSANE says:

    Modern moped.

  28. Pacemaker476 says:

    Awesome! How could anyone give this a thumbs down?

  29. Island Aerial says:

    Interested but, I can't solder a wire to a connector ffs…

  30. blue soup says:

    Fukin cool ebike I have a giant stance 2 people don't realize how cool ebikes are I see people use expensive regular bikes and I'm sad.

  31. Yemanebirhan Tadesse says:

    Impressive work dude! keep it up.

  32. Urbane says:

    You can buy an off the shelf bike which does this from Australia for around $6000.

    Stealth bikes is the company. it goes 90kmh .

    But self made is pretty awesome 😀

  33. moparman 352 says:

    Nice love the bike

  34. Syro Bleaching says:

    Now this, this is the sort of electric bike i've been looking for. Very impressive!

  35. Robert Jordon says:

    Nice info

  36. andy R. says:

    You could spend some cash on decent suspension 😉

  37. Ballwiz 23 says:

    Even better than the Bomber and less than half the price. I like it

  38. girlsdrinkfeck says:

    dya watch videos from other builders such as kirby and vortecks ?

  39. Mohammed Alharthi says:

    -him: "I've always been a big believer in shared information…."
    -me: … go and check the shared info on his website… a few seconds later
    -me again: AHA, more like a big believer in sold information.

  40. Petr says:

    Proč mluvíš anglicky,když máš evidentně český jméno?

  41. pranav chaugule says:

    Daamnnnn SEXY bicycle !!!!!! I really want to DIY !!! But watching this built already i want to buy from you or rent😁😁😉😉
    Great work sir!!!!!💪💪😋😋😋🙌🙌🙌🙌

  42. Ron and Heather says:

    You got talent bro! Great work. I want one!

  43. Ukee Horrock says:

    Wish you could do that to my bike

  44. Bartmatzel - Games, Bikes & more says:

    That's not a bike, it's a weapon! Very nice.

  45. SexyLikeBuddha says:

    android generation …

  46. Dmac 740 says:

    That is a motore cycle not a e bike.

  47. Yousef Youssef says:

    عفوا صاحبي أنا في حاجة إلى هادهي الدراجة

  48. Colorcane says:

    Where can we buy it

  49. 60ndown says:

    too fast for me, re-tune it so it ***climbs steep off road trails****** and ill take it 🙂

  50. White owk says:

    I just bought a 2006 Honda cbr600rr with 14k miles on it for $3.000USD. Which would you rather have? The price of this thing is stupid.

  51. Blank Blank says:

    100k is that 60mph!, well done.

  52. reptile Z says:

    Outstanding. I want one.

  53. trashiest potato says:

    Rocket sound going bye. Inflatabul tires. Tron tires. At knight

  54. Hugo Mora says:

    3600? Not yet! Maybe in 10 years

  55. Kane Lono says:

    Nice van

  56. Randy Tingle says:

    This would be good to ride on the moon. Or Mars just kidding This is very impressive

  57. BikeStuff says:

    people complain about the price of these and Stealth bikes dont realise how much it costs to build one, and NO im not talking about thosse $500 DIY alibaba china kits that are hand grenades

  58. One-Juan Olascon2018 says:

    Wow! Best looking ebike by far! Send your buddy info in NY. For purchase of fully assembled bike. 🤓

  59. Talentado Ka says:

    Very expensive… its 184k in the philippines…

  60. Richard Jollymore says:

    I need one !!!

  61. Brian O'Neil says:

    My interest in this completely changed (dropped exponentially) when I heard about the laws in my area. They say "nothing over 20mph by motor". I am sure enforcement is not guaranteed, but I would hate to have that arrest just sitting out there waiting for me at some random time, of which I cannot imagine that would be convenient.

  62. planecrazyish says:

    what a brilliant job! that bike is serious transportation!

  63. Kris Kraanen says:

    what is that alarm you are using?

  64. Sexy Sean says:

    How do I get one please

  65. Chuck Noris says:

    Bombapecka určitě ho musím mít a co nejdřív se na něm vysekat….

  66. Rav Sins says:

    Wonderful build

  67. ThugZer0 says:

    Try Shimano ZeeSaint, Sram Code RRSC, Magura mt5mt7 (cheapermore expensive) with metal pads and the biggest rotors your forkframe can manage instead of these. They're the most powerfull brakes in MTB world. Sure you'll feel the difference.

  68. Lang Chauvin says:

    That's my dream ebike. 👍 awesome achievement, more power, keep it up.

  69. John Doyle says:

    Wow would love one, sadly not legal in UK.
    Good luck.

  70. MrDaytrack says:

    Wow; I'm sold! Who do I contact; to have one of these built for me? I live in the UK
    Luv-it … want one!

  71. RenStarFilm says:

    Can you share your contact in New York please

  72. Niklas Hultkrantz says:

    I'm thinking now what would be the right donor vehicle. I'm starting a ebike project with a old specialized mountain bike. With xt/Xtr components. I realized this bike seems a bit weak for high performance. I'm thinking a old 125 mx 125cc bike with a brooken engine would be much stronger. I remember my old rm 125 only weighed 86kg with engine and water cooling.

  73. Glenn Bennett says:

    Nice…question, why dont inventors utilize the kinetic energy of the bike (and first battery) to charge a second or third (spare) battery?

  74. Justin Gonzalez says:


  75. Projekt Darkside says:

    Jezdí ti to i bez šlapání? Chtěl jsem si koupit sur-ron ale ten by mi asi moc neprošel, pak vím že novakola jsou dobrýv 7kw bestie ale tebe neznám ještě 🙂

  76. Luca Lucente says:

    Are you fucking insane?! You speed up past 90 km/h on a bicycle frame…may Jesus always look upon you and the people who will cross your road.

  77. Chris Stephenson says:

    Its official. Ebikes have replaced gas scooters.

  78. Craig Fishcake says:

    You are a brilliant engineer. This is a fantastic machine and you explain what you have done modestly. Well done.

  79. Sherry Adjei says:

    I wish there was a fastest dirt e bike under 500 dollars

  80. Victor Z. Copeland says:

    Ladislav I am impressed. I know someone who would like to talk with you in USA and he is electric expert like you-similar interest. I enjoyed your van video. Best email? Zac

  81. dogiit1 says:

    Guy people just want to press a button and get to the corner store way too much tech

  82. War Hero says:

    Im here now bcoz iwant to make also like this Ebike ad also good for downhill

  83. Projekt Darkside says:

    Ahoj jaký kamarád by mi to postavil a za kolik? Je z česka? Zde jsou jen NOVAKOLA a ty jsou hrozně drahý, uvažoval jsem u surron x ale tam by byl problém s policjty.

  84. Gary Thompson says:

    Can I order one of these to be built and if so what is the price. Can you please leave details and prices of this bike at [email protected] Thanks

  85. Faster Bike says:


  86. john polaski says:

    Yeah right information is out the already ill put 120$ into parts you got a view out of me and thats it no sub or purchase bye bye 👋

  87. henree simp says:

    This dude is a genius

  88. J J says:

    One major problem. Cost all that money and you can't even fit two beautiful Asian girls on the back of that tiny seat.. I can buy a brand new Honda 125cc scooter that'll go close to that speed and last for years and years ,brand new for like $1500, and the best part is that i can fit two hot Asian girls on the seat with me. Heheeee

  89. Marcus Jordan says:

    Dam to buy something like that would cost 6000 bucks smh ill give you 4500 bucks

  90. Jon Doe says:

    where is your friend in Europe who can build me one please oh perfection build bro brilliant

  91. Frederic Drzewowski says:

    Where can I buy it

  92. Marco Giove says:

    This is the best no nonsense video iv seen about e bikes. Cheers for that buddy really enjoyed this

  93. Alex Longpré says:

    Did you also build the frame, or was it something you bought?

  94. Sreekar Santhosh says:

    Hello.Im using a ebike of 750w which runs on 48v Powered with 4 vrla batteries (4×12=48v). Can I use 14s li-ion battery pack which is 58.8v (when fully charged)?

  95. Alex Green says:

    Did you say New York

  96. Absolute Longplay says:

    I must be crazy but I want an e bike that can do 100 MPH. Imagine the rush.

  97. razz P says:

    Any canadians know if one can insure this in ontario? Or is this just off road, no insurance needed

  98. ironblader says:

    We need an Uphill In-The-Woods video which shows us, what the bike can do (or maybe not).. Legal streets and flat paths are lame, downhill can everyone….we need the elevation climb of this "Monster"!!! 🙂

  99. Electron Proton Neutron Mouron says:

    Very cool bro👍🏻 you got all the good stuff and new tech getting even better !

  100. Stephen Chandra says:

    can i have the link for the alarm?

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