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Hey, I’m JR, and I’m Jeff, and today we’re
gonna talk to you about our six favorite pairs of true wireless earbuds that we
carry here at Crutchfield. First let’s go over the six pairs of headphones we’ve
chosen from right to left. The Apple AirPods second-generation, the Klipsch T5
wireless and the Bose SoundSport Free. Those are the three that I took home and
spent some quality time with over these last few days. You did these three here.
This is the Sony? Sony WF-1000XM3 The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless, and the Jaybird Vista True
Wireless. Let me talk about the Apple AirPods second generation here for a
moment. For me, they kind of seemed like a really
good all-around headphone. They sounded great for music, would sound perfect for
podcasts, and the call quality is excellent on those. So of course they’re
made by Apple, I don’t think there is a easier pair in the bunch to pair to an
Apple iPhone, which is what I have. So as soon as I open the case, my phone said
hey I see those earbuds, you want to pair them with this phone? And I said yes.
It couldn’t be easier than that, and the sound quality on them was great, I would say they don’t really block out external noise very well, which
depending on your listening situation is a good or bad thing. I was mowing grass
so I could hear my lawnmower, but if I was walking downtown in a city when I
wanted to be able to be aware of my surroundings, that would be a strength
for those headphones and you can still hear your music, still have good call
quality, I really like those as an overall good choice. Yeah you actually
see them in most big cities…like I don’t say everybody, but everybody, then they
have that H1 chip that was sort of purpose-built for the iPhone, so
if you have an iPhone they just work seamlessly. And I tried them of course
with music, with podcasts, as well as watching videos. One of the issues with
some Bluetooth headphones is that there’s a little bit of latency between
the video you’re watching on your phone and the audio you’re hearing on the
headphones, not the case with those. That H1 chip and because they’re made by
Apple for an iPhone, they there’s no latency at all, everything is timed
perfectly. But maybe not the perfect headphones for working out,
I think you’ve got a pair that you might call perfect for working out? Yeah, my
choice for best true wireless headphones for workouts are the Jaybird Vistas. Put
them to the test, actually got them in the hands of our head of Internet marketing
Jay, and he’s, oh yeah, he’s a avid runner. Runs marathons, does the treadmill about
30 miles a week, he says he’s tried several other sports headphones and no
other sports headphones fit in or stay in as well as the Jaybirds. And
that’s good not only because it’s annoying to have, you know, your
headphones bounce around while you’re in the middle of running, but also it kind of gives you that tight seal that gives you the better sound, and specifically
the tighter bass. I actually think these have the best
bass of any of these headphones up here, and any true wireless headphone I’ve
heard yet. So part of what gives a headphone like these where they’ve got
to fit in your ear, good bass, is when they make a good seal, and stay put.
Yeah, and those were designed to do that. Like that is their main purpose of in
existence, those Jaybirds. Yeah. So yeah, fantastic workout headphones. The next
pair I had home, this is actually my personal pair of headphones, I bought
these, the Klipsch T5 Wireless, which I think wins the award for best design,
right? Check out that case. You actually went to Klipsch, so got to talk
to the folks that design these? Yeah, I talked to the head of their headphone
division Vlad Grodzinskiy, and also their industrial designer, the guy that comes
up with these and all those very cool speaker designs that they have. What I
think was really cool is not that they didn’t start with the style they started
with the substance, they wanted something that somebody could open with one hand
and wouldn’t fall out, and that’s where they started with, they
along the way they said, oh this looks like a ZIppo, let’s really turn into…
let’s double down, yeah, so I can attest to the sound quality on these. I’ve been
wearing them now for the last couple weeks. When they are all the way in, there
was no better sound quality for me. Strongest bass, and of course with the
Klipsch that you know, they’re known for their horn tweeters, they’re really sort
of in-your-face loud, live rock-and-roll sort of feel, and you absolutely get that
with these headphones when they’re all the way in.
Plenty of bass. I did find that if I’m moving around a bunch they don’t always
stay all the way in my ear. I never feel like they’re gonna fall out, but they
don’t quite stay put enough where I have all the bass, so if I’m moving around a
lot I’m probably not choosing those. If I’m sitting there listening to music, I’m
commuting to work, just sitting at home doing whatever, maybe I’m at my desk at
work and I want to jam out, these are perfect because they will stay put and
they will give you that full bass. It does come with three pairs of silicon
tips. It’s important to get the right size for your ear, and once you got the
fit figured out the sound quality is amazing. Battery life on these is
fantastic, so I think you get like eight hours on a
charge plus the case has several more charges to back you up so you can go for
a long time with these just sitting in your backpack with plenty of battery.
Most battery you’ll find out of all of these, and it actually kind of
underscores again Klipsch’s attention to detail. They they could have rushed out a
pair of true wireless headphones years ago, but this is their very first
one, they waited because they wanted the performance of those chips and of all
the technology to catch up with their standards. Yeah, speaking of performance
Bluetooth 5.0, and so when I tried watching videos on my phone with these,
no latency whatsoever, they were right there, the audio in the video was synced
up nice. So really high-performance headphones, make sure they fit good in your ear and you won’t be disappointed. Probably the point we
should make is that the gap is closing a little bit with the AirPods, we talked
about how seamlessly they work with the iPhone and how reliable they are, a lot
of these newer models have gotten more refined and they don’t have the dropout
issues that you had, you know, in the earlier generations true wireless
headphones. Yeah, that Bluetooth has gotten better it makes a stronger
connection, so less likely to get dropouts. Now yeah, you had the
Sennheisers, I hear they sound pretty good, huh? Yeah, these are the best
sounding true wireless headphones I’ve heard, like you said with the Klipsch it is
important to get a good seal. When I first put them in I didn’t quite get a
good seal, but they have enough tips in there that I could move them around and
got the outside the head sound, which you may not expect when you’re shoving
earphones into your ears you might expect it to be kind of between
the ears, but this was a like a large soundstage, precise imaging,
detailed highs, good bass, everything that you want out of a pair of headphones, you know. It’s no surprise. I mean, Sennheiser’s been making microphones
that have gone into the most professional studios across the world for many
many years, they’ve been making headphones for almost as long, and
they’re some of the best headphones you can get anywhere, so it’s no surprise
that they would make an in-ear truly wireless headphone that sounds fantastic.
Yeah, one complaint would maybe be the controls, the touch controls, there’s a
little bit of a learning curve. Once you master it it’s not too bad, but
there are times even today after you know, once I’m using them where I’ll hit
the button the wrong way and it’ll skip a track or that kind of thing. When
the track is playing, there’s no better. Alright, next for me was the Bose SoundSport Free. Now I have an advantage with these, I actually own a pair of
wired Bose SoundSport headphones, as well as a pair of the Bose SoundSport
with the wire that connects your left and your right here, so this would be my
third pair, and these are the only ones with zero wires whatsoever. And so I kind
of had a feeling that they were gonna fit really good into my ears, and right
out of the box they did. It was just a familiar fit, so if you’ve used Bose
SoundSport headphones in the past these are gonna feel exactly the same
except better, because there’s no wires hanging off, and I think they’re perfect
for workouts because they do stay put, they resist water, which is the same
water from rain, from sweat, all of that, so whatever whatever adverse conditions
they have to deal with because you’re wearing them in a workout situation,
they’ll deal with just fine. So they feel good, they fit good, they sound good all
around. I played music, I played podcasts, they sound great for all of that,
and they do a fairly good job of blocking out a lot of the external noise.
Now they’re not noise cancelling, and they don’t claim to be, but just because
of the way they fit in your ear, pretty good at blocking out the loudest of
annoying sounds around you. Yeah, it’s sort of that happy medium between the
AirPods and the ones that go further into your ear canal. They rest on kind of inside of the ear, had that super soft fit, but they do create a
better seal than you get from the AirPods. Oh yeah, and they got that little
wing that sort of sits right up here in that little part of your ear that that holds them in place. I will say I tried watching videos
with everything, and with some videos I did notice a little bit of latency on
them so if that was your primary goal was to watch videos with Bluetooth
headphones in, I probably would choose many of the others that don’t have
really any latency issues whatsoever, but if working out and overall performance
is important, those Bose SoundSport Frees are a great choice.
Yeah, we’ve kind of beat around the bush a bit a little bit about noise isolation
versus noise cancellation, this is the only one here, the Sony WF-1000XM3
that has active noise cancellation. They’re actually one of the few out there in the
market that has them. So noise isolation is when the earphone, the way it fits in
your ear, it just physically blocks noise from getting into your ear. Noise
cancellation is when it’s actively trying to cancel out the noise of the
outside world and prevent it from getting in there at all.
Yep, using actual like processing. Yeah, and it’s not that it’s one of the only
games in town, also that’s really good processing. This is the same noise
canceling technology that you’ll find in the over-ear WH-1000XM3 which are
some of the best noise cancelling headphones we’ve heard that yeah, they’re
right up there with the Bose QuietComfort. Right, they’ve really
performed well, but of course they do because they’re able to cover your
entire ear, make a good seal around your head. They’re a little bigger, they have
bigger microphones on them, pretty hard to do noise cancelling in such a
small thing that fits in your ear. Yeah, and if you try the over-ears it’s not going to be the same level of noise cancellation, but it does a really
good job and actually can can knock out not only some of those constant low
rumbles of the HVAC and airplane drone and that kind of thing, but also every
once a while, you know, can keep the the conversations in the background in the
background. They sound really good, they’re sophisticated, I actually had to
bump the bass up a little bit for my taste, but that’s kind of one of the cool
things is that you can use that app to adjust, it’s a downloadable app for
iPhone or Android that you can use to adjust the sound and even some of
the noise cancellation and an even quarter you’re talking about when you’re
out and about there’s an awareness mode that you can use those internal
microphones that they use for the noise canceling to kind of hear
what’s going on on outside. So that’s our favorite six pairs
of truly wireless in earbud headphones. If this video was helpful to you, please
leave us a comment down below, we do pay attention to our comments, we will try to
respond to you as best we can Also hit like on the videos. If you want to see us
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you’re aware anytime we put out new videos. Thanks for watching.

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  1. K Mac says:

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    Overall good review, good criticism for each model.

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