The best electric skateboards of 2018

– Electric motors are in pretty
much everything these days from cars to bikes to scooters. But one of the most fun things to ride with an electric motor in it
is an electric skateboard. Believe it or not, the
markets actually grown enough over the last few years that some of them are pretty useful now. Especially in cities, you
can even use some of these to replace other transportation options. A good electric skateboard should have more than just a few miles of range. It should also be fast,
not just because that’s fun but because you need the speed to be able to get around obstacles and avoid danger. It should also be able
to stop really well, too. And it’d be nice if it was cheap but most of the best ones
are still pretty expensive so you want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. Unfortunately, it’s not
that easy to find one that takes all those boxes but if you choose carefully,
you can find something that gets you really close and still lets you have a lot of fun. (upbeat music) Big surprise, the best electric skateboard comes from a company called Boosted. The best one that Boosted makes is its new Boosted Plus which ticks almost every box on the list. The Plus has an advertised 14 mile range which his really more about 10 to 12 depending on how you ride. But that’s enough to cover
most trips without charging. I can make it all the way to work and back to my apartment in Brooklyn without charging in
between and that’s about a 12 mile round trip. More casual rides, you basically never have to worry about charging. Boosted’s boards are also super durable. The Plus, like its predecessors, is really flexible, you
can basically jump on it and never worry about it breaking. You can even ride the board through water. It’s also fast, with a top
speed of about 20 miles an hour, which is, frankly, as
fast as I ever want to go on an electric skateboard. But, more importantly, it
has really good braking, which is something you really need when you’re going 20 miles an hour. I also find Boosted’s
longboard the easiest to ride out of all the other options. It has really bit wheels which
grip the road really well, it has four different ride modes so you can start off slow. Maybe most importantly, Boosted
just makes the best remote. It uses a spring loaded
wheel to accelerate and brake and there’s just the right mix of tension and play in that wheel so that the movements are too sudden so you go flying off the board. Boosted also makes the best app of any other electric
skateboard company out there which shows you stats like range, has an odometer for how
many miles you’ve traveled. It’s just the most robust look at all the stats that you’ve generated while riding its boards. The Plus’ size makes
it easy and fun to ride but it’s also one of the
boards biggest draw backs. At 16 pounds, this thing is just not that easy to carry around
when you’re not riding it. The charger it comes with
is also pretty unwieldy, though the longer range
means you hopefully won’t have to carry that around as much. Another place where the Boosted Plus loses points is its price. Even though it’s cheaper
than the last model it still costs $1,400 but
so much of the competition is at or over that $1,000 price point that I’d argue this is where
your money goes the farthest. For a completely different kind of ride, Boosted’s new shortboard, the Mini, is a smaller counterpart to the Plus. It’s a stiffer board so the ride comfort isn’t quite the same and
it weighs about the same, about 15 pounds. But I’m fine with those
trade offs for the price. The base level Mini starts at $800 and has about seven miles of range. Boosted sells an extend range option that goes up to 14 miles for $1,000. They’re the smallest and cheapest boards Boosted has ever made but they offer so much what I love about the big boards, the durability, the app, the
ease and speed of the ride in a smaller package that’s
hundreds of dollars cheaper. One of the only drawbacks
about the Boosted Mini is the ride comfort. Everything feels like it
rattles around a bit more because of the smaller
wheels, the stiffer deck, and the shorter wheelbase. This just ultimately means you have to be a lot more careful on the Mini with bumps and cracks in the road. While it might be able
to match the Boosted Plus on range when you have
the extended range option, I didn’t necessarily want to ride it on the same kinds of
commutes that I was doing with the longboard because you just have to be way more careful. So if you want the quality
of the Boosted longboard experience but in
something that is cheaper and definitely easier to carry around, the Mini is basically
better than any other electric shortboard out there. Or, let’s put it another
way, Boosted isn’t the only company around
making electric skateboards but based on our experience, they’re definitely the farthest ahead. One of the only other start-ups to generate as much buzz about their electric skateboards as Boosted is a company called Inboard. Their M1 skateboard is really the next best option out there. At $1,000 it’s cheaper
than the Boosted Plus but it only has a seven mile range. What’s cool about the M1 though is that it has easily swapable batteries and Inboard sells spares for $200 a pop, so you can effectively double or triple your range depending on how much you want to spend. The M1 has a stiff deck
like the Boosted Mini, though it’s almost as
long as the Boosted Plus. I actually like the
flexible Boosted deck better but the M1 is pretty smooth and some people prefer the stiffer deck, especially at higher speeds. It also has motors
integrated into the wheels which means you probably you
won’t have to worry about maintenance on things like belts as much. It means that M1 actually
coasts pretty smoothly, too. Inboard does a lot of
little things right, too. They have a really good
app that shows you stats and helps you update the board’s firmware. It has a pretty good remote,
not as good as Boosted’s but still one of the
better ones out there. And there’s also taillights and headlights on the board, which is good because it just helps you
stay noticed on the street. Overall it’s a really impressive first try from what’s still a relatively new company and it’s not a bad option in
place of what Boosted makes. One of the few boards
that actually matches the Boosted and the Inboard
on performance right now is the Acton Blink Qu4tro. It uses motors in all four wheels for a top speed of 23 miles an hour and it has range of 22 miles. But the Qu4tro is a nightmarish product. First off the braking is just really bad, there’s basically no
way not to stop suddenly which is basically a safety hazard. It weighs 25 pounds which means it’s the worst to carry around. The remote is really
bad and it costs $1,700. Acton’s made a name for itself making some weird electric rideables and even a smaller
electric skateboard before but the Qu4tro is just
nowhere near the quality of these other boards that
we’ve been talking about. There are a lot of other options for electric skateboards and longboards on the market now. There’s modular versions,
there’s off-road version, there’s some with really crazy range but the problem is a lot of them are still really expensive and also, a lot of them are just kinda junk. The truth is there’s still no
great and cheap option here. So if you want to make sure
your money goes the furthest with great range, impressive reliability and awesome performance,
there’s nothing that beats what Boosted has to offer. Hey, thanks for watching. I know there are a lot of other electric skateboards out there, so let us know in the comments which one you like the best and make sure that you subscribe to the New Verge Science YouTube channel. (laughing) Bye Phil.

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