Tesla and Elon Musk – the future of electric cars | DW Documentary

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  1. DW Documentary says:

    Dear viewers,

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    This documentary was commissioned by a DW partner broadcaster, as was ‘The Diesel Disaster’, which critically deals with the German car industry. Take a look: https://youtu.be/gguwJRrzzF8
    Thanks and stay tuned,

    DW Documentary

  2. Kaloyan Chernev says:

    So much bias. Smells really bad guys, you have no idea what a "Documentary" or "Journalism" is.

  3. Marie Nguyen says:

    Very odd documentary….most comments seem to be used to make light of Tesla’s positive impact and success in the short time they have been around. All of these other long established companies are still behind…..and not much critic on their slowness to market…..and fact they are. Mostly making ICE cars.

  4. The Real c too says:

    Can some one tell me where this competition is? Make and model names, please! I see no EVs on the market that are even close to competitive with Tesla, but I keep hearing that they're out there!

  5. bruno hill says:

    Lithium ion Battery

  6. bruno hill says:

    Well I think I will be replacing my Nissan LEAF with a KIA E Niro or Hyundai E Kona.

  7. Ben says:

    This is a big German auto propaganda

  8. Michael Murray says:

    I have never witnessed such a strange hate on a company before. It’s weird… Why can’t people just simply enjoy what Tesla is and what it’s going to be???

  9. Ram Zeneger says:

    Dear gernan car makers who are beholden and adore old jurrasic technology. I bet you want Tesla to go down but you did not anticipate that all of you will go down, Ha ha ha. Jurassic mindset. Wait until Tesla china comes online, you will be gasping for air and die pretty soon.

  10. Sirch Rem says:

    Definitely paid for by ICE vehicle makers 😂

  11. Shaun Dubai says:

    Interviews and commentary (theme) do not match. Subtle and no so subtle anti Tesla Messages throughout

  12. Ash4eTo says:

    "You have to manually drill holes in. You do repetitive tasks all day." Welcome to every factory in the world, my friend. I just laughed. Nice try, DW.

  13. redrooster 1525 says:

    Luxury and premium cars are how Germany earns it's money. Tesla's luxury and premium cars terrifies them as it eats away at their world-wide market share. So any media out of Germany on this subject will be extremely biased.

    Honestly it does not surprise me and I expect the same from any media from any country reporting on its competitors.

    What i missed in this documentary is the following points :

    1. How to compete on the battery issue
    2. How to compete on the autopilot issue
    3. How to compete with Tesla model 3

  14. Eva Vandenberg says:

    Guys! DW only added COMEDY to it's portfolio now! It's a COMEDY! This is just their first DW comedy, ok? You can relax now, grab your popcorn and have good laugh 🙂

  15. Anuruddha Thuduwawaththa says:

    Nice try DW, but have a look at Tesla 2019 Q2 delivery numbers !

  16. Arnav Rawat says:

    A character assassination of tesla.
    Not cool.

  17. David Motyka says:

    My next car will be electric. Where are all the charging stations?

  18. Johnny B says:

    This is not a documentary, but a shameless promotion for German cars. I just wasted 42 minutes.

  19. Mike Litoris says:

    I worked at Bosch Automotive (a german automotive company) in the USA and let me tell you, these warehouses were not clean. I was breathing in years and years worth of dust/rubber particles to the point where I was blowing black snot out of my nose each day.

  20. Event Horizon's Last Maverick says:

    I live in Germany and love German cars. But this documentary makes me ashamed of DW and German Auto industry

  21. Carlos Cruz says:

    This documentary is a testament of how Tesla is a threat not only to the German Automaker but ALL automakers.

    Barriers in the US and docs like this only makes Elon Musk and Tesla a force to be reckoned with…

  22. Arun Sar says:

    2.3k likes vs 2.3k dislikes. The ratio tells how biased this documentary is.

  23. japheth samoei says:

    This documentary is just promoting Tesla… you cant be this bias and expect a return for your sponsors(German e car makers)

  24. Brian Pennington says:

    CLEAN ELECTRICITY…. Where is that made at? Oh and where do we put the spent batteries from these cars??? ELECTRIC CARS ARE WORSE ON THE ENVIRONMENT THAN COMBUSTION ENGINE CARS.


  25. John O'brien says:

    Nikolai Tesla would be really cross with elong marks he’s a very naughty girl

  26. mrinmoy biswas says:

    seems like some kind of propaganda. a worker makes hole by drilling.. thats his job.. whats the big deal..

  27. Joshua milton onyango says:

    well in my opinion tesla should be bought by the Germans and Tesla should if any sell it off. a very good doc. indeed .lesson learnt treat your employees well, they are your greatest asset , how do you protect the technology against your rival , this is something the Germans should think about seriously .am from Africa,Kenya I driGerman german car x3 bmw , very good indeed ,.the germans will overtake tesla but the question they should ask is what next ? how do they roll this to the world at the cormecial rate ? how do they keep the chinese from copying such tecnology against producing cheep cars ?my opinion i ask the germans what makes it so hard that you cant fund and patent such ideas …..protection of your ideas very important ….

  28. Joshua milton onyango says:

    what will happen to petrol /disel cars being sold to africa ….will you still make money engine parts? where will this technology go …my opion this should go on and on ……

  29. Haweya Abdillahi Adhan says:

    BYB is no1 in electric car and buses no one can beat china

  30. Haweya Abdillahi Adhan says:

    Tesla is crap nothing good comes from America soon its going to need bailout

  31. Deon Hamilton says:

    i had to push hard on the drill, Cry me a river, 12hours a day 7 days a week, yeah sounds like nurse's hour's.

  32. Rodion Gulakov says:

    Meanwhile Japan sharpening their hydrogen sword for the launch during 2020 Olympics. Hydrogen will kill it all. Time to short Tesla shares.

  33. Adam Gray says:

    Look. It’s really, really simple. The Porsche Taycan was developed 5 to 6 years after the Tesla Model S. In spite of this, there is no metric where the Porsche compares favourably with the Model S. the German Auto makers are not asking the right questions and they are focusing on the wrong challenges. The management boards need to be completely replaced. The old guard simply aren’t equipped attitudinally or intellectually.

  34. Rodion Gulakov says:

    So, germans found their lazy mexican meaning Tesla is Evil? Her Goebbels business alive and well in Germany. I will never buy German car again.

  35. Adam Gray says:

    Just a thought… is there a word for a group of people who will conspire to falsify safety and environmental performance to defraud the whole world and then – after they’ve been caught and exposed to the world as liars – presume to criticise anyone else? This is pure misinformation.

  36. Enoch Tse says:

    Welcome to the electric car scene, Porsche. You are only 7 years late.

  37. dadfud4869 says:

    Yes there is a lot of German tech in Tesla. So the QUESTION IS GERMANY WHY DID YOU FALL SO FAR BEHIND, you were leaders now you are LIGHT YEARS BEHIND WHAT HAPPENED, appears you just got LAZY.

  38. Nuno Mota says:

    Tesla follows German knowhow even use a lot of German built parts, German brands, and in 2012 Tesla lauched the model S, it's 2019 and where is the German knowhow and those same German parts competing against Tesla in a German vehicle, 9 years have passed and soon… a marvellous German vehicle will arrive… still waiting! Good luck!

  39. Tai-Chen Lin says:

    Wow… That was some not so subtle biased documentary reporting…

    Asking for netiquette while providing this kind of caliber reporting….

  40. rantonbro says:

    bullshit tesla is still 10 years ahead!!!!

  41. Galo Torres says:

    Again another front that Tesla haters are using to attack this 100 % American company that have guts to challenge oils behemoths
    She on German media !!
    Long live Elon !!!

  42. Tzoid says:

    Elon Musk smokes pot. How terrible of him. Rupert Stadler in jail. Crickets

  43. Harry Ghag says:

    Oh my god this video is a smartest way to campaign against TESLA
    Gud job

  44. Bo McGillacutty says:

    So they have some issues inc. colliding roboarms, who would have expected any problems? Shopping the globe for parts is smart and normal. Unions are toxic, I too have limited tolerance for whiners…..this is America GO CREATE your own job if you don't like it, that's what I did….or make yourself difficult to replace and rise within the company, I've done that too, so don't tell me how hard it is, lol. "'Confident the Germans will be quite far ahead in 5 yr.s'"….OKAY…how about a plan to catch up first?

  45. Jonas Jam says:

    Highlighting the work conditions at Tesla is quite unfair without mentioning or showing that work conditions IN GENERAL are much poorer in USA. That isn't a Tesla problem. It an american problem.

  46. Jonas Jam says:

    I have just heard any imaginable argument against Tesla by seeing this "balanced" documentary…..

  47. William Egler says:

    The unending comments from the "FAN BOYS" are hilarious.
    They gladly overlook egregious
    defects and poor reliably .
    Workmanship that wouldn't be acceptable in the lowest priced Hyundai/KIA is constantly excused.
    Poor after sale support and parts availability is ludicrous .
    People waiting months for replacement parts because of minor accident s.
    Tesla was the first but legacy automakers with well established dealerships and service backup are entering the market all the time.
    They are experienced with mass production and they can deliver a well built quality product with good availability of service and parts.

  48. Meas Sak Pheng says:

    German’s Porsche is proudly hiding its technology while Tesla is giving away its patent as open source to accelerate the adoption of the electric vehicles. Clearly, the two have different vision for the world. This documentary is biased and downgrades DW.

  49. Wali Qadri says:

    I smell Petro dollars funding this video!

  50. Wali Qadri says:

    I smell Petro dollars funding this video!

  51. ngangsia akumbo says:

    cheap tv network

  52. Nikos Gkliaos says:

    to many advertisments to greek viewers and long duration

  53. Eric Schoeman says:

    drol in die drinkwater

  54. Eric Schoeman says:

    hows the vw feul scandel doing lying about feul consumption on the polo and golf gti

  55. whodaf says:

    4:20 wtf? You can literally drive right in to that gate and sign up for a factory tour. The visitor center is straight ahead, and the Tesla store/chargers are to the right. Went there 3 times in 2017 for free test drives and a factory tour.

  56. Frank McIlvenny says:

    They should just shut up and do it. In the meantime, I will enjoy my Model 3!

  57. Electrified says:

    You are trying in this video do underrate Tesla and show that the German Cars are the best.

    don't forget that Tesla still leading the EV market and the best.

    I suggest to focus on doing a Sexy Car like Tesla instead of sponsoring this kind of Videos


  58. Riptack Heigberns says:

    What is the real motivation for this pc? Someone is getting disrupted!

  59. Gipsz Jakab says:

    Tesla is a fake "car" for fake people. And no, I have nothing to do with a German auto – industry (unfortunately…).

  60. D Solis says:

    Hi, a millennial here your future market. Thanks for the German Propaganda and to let me know that the Porche is gonna be even more expensive. Now I want more a Tesla.

    One of the differences between Tesla and the rest of the market is that they know how to talk to younger people…

  61. jay banger says:

    C'mon. All companies are like that.
    Show me one company that prioritizes your well being, work-life balance and overall health and ill tell you that you havent seen everything yet. Its all about profit. All about greed that they call "dream".
    Wake up
    That is the real world right there.

  62. AXL FIRST says:

    YOU ARE KILLING YOUR GOOD NAME WHIT THIS IMPARTIAL "DOCUMENTARY" … I really advise you to delete it,,, in order to keep DW good name, we, as DW followers really want to continue to find you as the REAL IMPARTIAL AND PROFESSIONAL.

  63. anonymous says:

    electric cars are still not clean. elon musk works with military agencies, so why does anyone want to support that.

  64. tyler king says:

    Poor baby working 12 hr days

  65. QRT REPTILIANS says:

    The Future is here ⚡️🚙🛸

  66. John Evans says:

    attacking vision the only way to move forward is to work hard and innovate .

  67. Michael Lubek says:

    Where are cars from other manufacturers? 2012 Tesla Model S is way better then today's e-tron. This is all joke, only Tesla takes it seriously, that's the sad true.

  68. CatiaProjects TV says:

    It's normal that Germans must make a totally negative documentary against Tesla. Why? To protect their factories that make gas burning cars.

  69. Cliff Bartle says:

    The German Motor Industry must be worried about Tesla to make a documentary like this

  70. Ak Maq says:

    Is this a conspiracy?

  71. DJ London says:

    I love and respect DW in general but this documentary is… Well, it just REEKS of hurt pride, resentment and even jealousy. I find it rather uncharacteristic of German personality, where most people would straightforwardly admit that Tesla caught German and most car-manufacturing countries worldwide by surprise. I don't doubt the accuracy of the documentary's journalism but the general tone I find… Disappointing.

  72. DefenseAcademy says:

    This looks like a Hater Video lol, seems like DW is pissed Tesla is the King HaHaHa. btw I do not own a Tesla, i am a cheaper guy with a Honda!

  73. Bob Bresnahan says:

    German car companies are on the sideline, diesel-gating. Musk is driving hard toward electrifying transport, thank you Elon! The vision is great, the cars are great. Mine is charged from solar panels and we're working to make our rural electric cooperative 100% emission-free so later EV adopters here will be driving emission free vehicles. Amazingly our little coop is ahead of Germany with no energiwiende(sp?) I want to see all the German companies succeed in electrification. I want to thank Germany for driving down the price of solar, and I want to thank all the German and American and Chinese engineers for working so hard to clean up our energy systems. But Tesla deserves enormous credit for what it has accomplished on its own. We'll see who is ahead in 2022. I betting Tesla.

  74. Brandon Fouts says:

    2003 founding, Musk first big investor, Musk was the 4th or 5th CEO – he had founded SpaceX, his first interest. Took 5 years for Roadster 2008-2012, Model S 2012. 7 years later and 2019 e-trons sit on dealer lots – how many will Audi make/sell? Porsche ?? we shall see. Didn't pay students BUT these students now have a head start to start their own hyperloop company – or join first hyperloop company in most any country. Cobalt? Oil and US killing people in 8 countries – I'd say oil (& Saudis) a worse problem. Ten years since 2008 Roadster and we are still waiting for the Germans.

  75. Juan Camilo Acosta Arango says:

    Thanks DW you did it! Now I only want a Tesla

  76. sam alhaj says:

    working long hours is normal for a new company any company plus this is the cost of changing the world, completely normal. and for people getting hurt that happens everywhere you go u can get hurt at home.

  77. susmoy s says:

    The elon musk rogan appearance was totally misrepresented!

  78. Daksh Bhatt says:

    Tycon got 201 miles range wtf!! They are not even close to 2012 model s

  79. Jithesh M says:

    By the time germans catch up with current Tesla cars, Tesla would have would have started making cars in germany in their german factory and would have gained another 10 year lead on the technology

  80. lowerastral says:

    Everyone just LOVES Elon Musk and Tesla and Space X, but the story here suggests that Musk and his companies are not all that they are cracked up to be when it comes to how to treat the BACKBONE of your companies, and as we all know, the backbone of ALL companies is their WORKERS! The WORKFORCE. What makes your company's product/s special are the PEOPLE, the HUMAN BEINGS who DESIGN, BUILD, MAKE, and MAINTAIN every ASPECT of your company, from the janitorial staff all the way up to the top worker bees. Management isn't something to get all squishy and soft about. Sure, they have a job to do, but those people are already making top salaries, so let's not waste too much time fawning over them, OK?

  81. Henry Zhang says:

    The Germans have long been surpassed by the Chinese in EV development, something most people don't realize.

  82. Henry Zhang says:

    This is by far the biggest joke in 2019.

  83. John Feesey says:

    Great vid thanks!
    Hint: Test your concept vehicle at night.
    Hint:Would like to know what the Asian engineers are up to in this witches brew of autos

  84. darkhorse_st says:

    I mean work related injuries happen in every factory.

  85. Mario Fonsalía says:

    So the goal of this video is trashtalk on elon Musk? Cuz the only thing I can see is how bad Tesla is and how "good" the other ones are…this iS ridiculous

  86. h.in.t says:

    what about RANGE Porsche? Keep working
    fact: an EV is always greener than those smoking machines. STOP misinformation.

  87. Ali Yilmaz says:

    Wow nice documentary. In the meanwhile: Tesla opens a Gigafactory in Germany Brandenburg! 😀 But one question is not answered: what happens if Elon Musk dies at a heart-attack or any other incident? Will his companies survive him? I mean he is his companies! I wouldn't invest my hard earned money into such a risky deal. I'm keen to see the German premium E-Cars in the future 🙂

  88. kyle edwards says:

    Who’s here now? I’m from the future lol. As of now the Porsche is the most expensive EV available in the U.S, the least efficient, and has the least range. Tesla is now the U.S’s most valuable car company ever.

  89. Biniyam says:

    DW let yourself down

  90. Dean Ryan says:

    Share Price Tesla June 2019 $178 today it’s over $500 looks like these Germans failure to innovate is costing them. This documentary is BS. Look at the numbers, Tesla’s market share, profitability, innovation, learning from past mistakes and it just gets better and better. Keep hating Germans but you know the games up electric is the way to go and nobody makes electric more fun than Tesla.

  91. Adarsh Kumar says:

    Germans never accept,they r behind someone in the world,this video sums it

  92. T Wilson says:

    I like poopy dance moves

  93. T. Slay says:

    Take a look at how Tesla is currently performing and tell me they are "the hunted".

  94. Rushabh Yeshwante says:

    Tesla is far more successful than Porche

  95. Reggie Rendon says:

    Elon musk was saying gas cars will depreciate. I had my Toyota since 1979. I haven't seen a Tesla do 10 yrs yet

  96. Reggie Rendon says:

    Are Tesla's as durable as a Camry? I see gas vehicles from 1911 and 1920s still on the road.

  97. Bizking24 says:

    I suggest DW do a documentary about VW dieselgate instead of attacking Tesla.

  98. Rick Kay says:

    So Tesla beat the Germans at their own “start expensive and work your way down” game with a vastly better product and scaredvthem enough to finally get into the EV game . Got it.

  99. YUUUP!!!!! wellhello says:

    That worker… cant even work at tesla…..mcdonalds it is for u

  100. jjk087 says:

    34:05 that is embarrassingly out of context. I dont blame you, he is bankrupting your country

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