Telecommunications: How Danella Keeps the Nation Communicating

(light music) (lights buzz) – Danella Companies, founded
by Jim Danella in 1972, works every day to support and rebuild our nation’s
communications infrastructure. Working for utility companies
throughout the United States, our crews deliver turnkey solutions, including construction,
maintenance, as-builts, permitting, emergency repair, as well as engineering services. Our team’s experience
and knowledge since 1972 includes work in complex urban, suburban, and rural landscapes,
performing underground, aerial, and small cell
communication construction. As technology advances, so does Danella. Our divisions operate with
facilities strategically located throughout the country,
which ensures that no job or emergency work is too
complex or too difficult. We take pride in everything we do in order to deliver
safe, efficient, on-time, and quality work to our customers. No matter the size of your
communications project, Danella is ready to help. Crews and resources are ready
to accommodate any deadline and needs that arise. If you are a utility, municipality, or customer, please contact
us today for your next project by visiting our website. (light music)

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