Techno Thailand: EGO [Electronic underground music documentary]

Okay, I think that the scene is filled with
ego right electronic music
and there’s a lot of egocentric decisions we make I am myself am completely guilty of that
I don’t see any organizer can say that they haven’t let their ego
get in the way of any decisions since they’ve been in the industry
but I really feel that there’s the right balance of everything I have to sadly say there is no scene in Thailand
this is you know that is sad in Thailand nowadays they have
a lot of groups of people they start to do music
you know have an event all the time and all the events that are happening
it’s only their group who goes together and that group goes together
… and why? not because they don’t like each other
but they don’t want to know each other that is the problem
so the thing is like think about it if we were a community
What does community mean? Release the work for one,
get together and get to know each other Where are you based from?
What are you doing? What music is your club spinning?
What music is my club spinning? we are all looking for the same goals think about before you create one event
your friends go but now you know everyone we create one event
everybody go but when it comes to competition
for the local scene it’s just doesn’t work
if you want to compete just go to Berlin if you claim that like you are that big name and you are really skillful enough
which I’m not going to talk against that becaue it is not my business but go to Berlin I mean go to Miami if you want to compete but like Bangkok scene is like … you know my favorite scene in Europe is Tbilisi Georgia
a beautiful scene, two big clubs Khidi and Bassiani and four other great venues. I mean these are not clubs but bars
I mean like a boiler room style
okay Tbilisi they have six great venues for the underground scene. Not techno, doesn’t have to be techno, Bassiani is techno enough Khidi is techno. Khidi is more darker actually Bassiani is more like Watergate (Berlin) so what those people doing in Tbilisi
I have many friends in there that’s how I know and I’ve been there too but what they do, they help each other they contribute with each other they hold each other’s hand
and they rise together I mean they try to … they don’t ignore people in the scene to protect their throne because there is no throne because they are aware and they are educated enough that they are most of them they are doing this thing for entertaining themselves as a hobby I am not saying that we are djing as hobby but if our job is not our hobby we shouldn’t do that job I mean if you only see that thing as a job I mean we shouldn’t do that and really should find something that we can enjoy you know so that’s my point why we are competing with each other like we are between 20 and 40 years old people we’re supposed to be adults
why we are acting like kids you know there’s definitely ego involved they are like differences between promoters there’s a bit of beef going on between several people but in the end we are really a small scene you know considering Bangkok has 20 million people it really feels like a small village so you know the smallest thing you do or you say goes around really quick I think this whole ego thing is just holding things back and as there are many promoters trying to do their thing in particular it’s not really bringing the scene forward and what I would like to see is for instance not only promoters but maybe also clubs trying to work together so now there are a few things happening
there are like crossovers for example, Mustache is doing a takeover
at Sing Sing which is really good Mustache is going to
different venues working together with them promoting themselves but also for example Saferoom and De Commune I heard
they’re planning to do some crossover events where they do takeovers at each other’s venue and cross-promote and this is something I think we should work towards too because as the scene is really that small and tightly knit we should just pull all together and try to get all people to come to our events right and I don’t say that everyone has work with everyone together everyone has occupied
their niche right but within that niche they are already a few promoters and those all can just come together and create like some kind of like unit right so you have a unit for the melodic techno we have a unit for the live music and maybe we could just all talk together a bit more you know it’s like put up a calendar where we say okay this event is happening that day
and so on because sometimes some big weekends you have 20 events
you don’t know where to go and then for example like last weekend
was completely dead right so it could be organized a bit more towards spreading out everything evenly and getting a bigger crowd I think about the ego thing is like when everything is rising up you can just pop up there and make some really like business promoting you use everything like you can pay for ads you can pay for followers you don’t have to be friend or have to care about the community as much as you can make more money and fame this would how ego gets in the way when everything is growing up and by that ego can kill that sense of community that we try to build here because it’s so easy that you get lost in the fame and the money and by then you won’t care less about how you want to build this scene together with all those people who really are passionate but maybe they are behind your big shadow of ego but well like it wont last the people with the ego will be gone sooner than later because one thing about this is, that we are more of a community of
sharing and love ego is the enemy it’s actually a really good book called ego is the enemy by one of my favorite authors Ryan Holiday and I think that ego has the capacity to make us … it has the capacity to lead us towards poor decisions right when you’re making decisions out of ego sometimes it’s affecting people around you in a negative way and that that’s when it becomes a problem and also like ego leads to overconfidence overconfidence leads to you putting yourself ahead of others which in this industry is very difficult because it’s still a growing industry and we really need the support of other people to be able to consistently win there is a lot of talk about that in our industry of you know why doesn’t everyone work together why doesn’t everyone try to build together it’s because it’s a struggle you know it is a struggle and the audience is very limited and it’s it makes it hard for people of different personalities to just collaborate so easily even though it can benefit everyone and the solution to that is to reduce the ego you know when you when you reduce the ego and when you are more open to collaboration and you’re not putting your needs and your brand or the achievements that you need in order to make yourself feel like you’re the man if you’re putting that above everything else in the end of the day you can but it’s gonna lead to maybe short term wins but not long term success all right so I think that the more than you value ego and the more you put your ego first in this industry the more that you’re going to suffer in the long term you might have wins in the short term but it’s going to catch up with you it’s almost like karma in a way if you have that that that attitude but yeah that said I’m not the perfect in any way in regards to the ego and there was definitely a time where I was putting myself and my brand too far ahead of my own event you know and I thought that that’s what people need they want a personality but at some point it becomes you indulging in the attention rather than you being able to grow your event or your community and that’s where it can become a bit toxic yeah life is a balancing game events is a balancing game and finding the right balance for everything is important so ego is another area where I feel that it needs to be balanced correctly in order to to have the right impact

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