Tech Talk: Magda (Electronic Beats TV)

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  1. Hofmann says:


  2. Robert Naik 聶 says:

    it's very cool studio. I'd have to set my self some sound limits if i had all that gear.

  3. Soundboyfl fl says:

    Cool video pelase do more like this, awesome studio and music!!!

  4. Pablo Arias says:


  5. Peoples Choice says:

    7:23 …whats she said ? BRO CONVERTER ? Anyone know ?

  6. donkeyfacekilla1 says:

    Excellent video As always! Thumbs up for more great tech talks. Big up Magda and Slices 🙂

  7. Doug B. says:

    Man…. I want to be her friend and hang out/jam SO badly! Awesome.

  8. Geff Niels says:

    I would also have such free musical Feeling if like her i would have money to buy all that stuff. With all this equipment its impossible to suck!

  9. Telekom Electronic Beats says:

    We're really happy everyone is enjoying the Tech Talk, thanks for the feedback. You should also check out Magda's recent EB Radio Podcast for a look into a different side of her musical taste

  10. superdisco101 says:

    I wonder when she multitrack thru the ssl, she records thru her rme's, right? How does she record thru the burl? One track by another or just the whole mixbus?

  11. Bakerstreet Techno says:

    Im wondering why she barely releases anything if the workflow is so efficient 😉

  12. Hate Me B1tch says:

    Top 20 most talented producer, Magda.
    I love her work. She is so talented.!(:

  13. Ali Kataki says:

    kinda beautiful sound right there

  14. Skot Wiedmann says:

    really interesting studio and great explorations

  15. mookie714 says:

    want to jam.

  16. cheap hair says:

    Glad I watched. Refreshing to see some great new videos!!

  17. thatsoundthat says:

    i like those big bb absorbers. diy or where can i buy?

  18. Philipp says:

    Awesome feature and thumbs up for Magda´s Studio! 🙂
    Anyone knows where the clap at 1:36 is from? I neeeeeed that one.

  19. HOUSEWARMING says:

    I like the concept of that SSL mixer with it's alternative channel layout, but 2+k€ for a couple of channels might only be in the budget for a few. Are there mixers with similar functions (disregarding the trademark SSL sound) on the market?

  20. Eliah Holiday says:

    Love the setup but good god the cost of it all…Need me a few more scratch-n-win tickets.

  21. Tester2244 says:

    What i always wondered, and might be a interesting thing to do for a interview is, ask them how did they found the place to build studio in. I think that's the hardest thing to find considering you need a place where you listen to music at high db. Did they build a house in a forest or find an empty garage or what? Because having a studio in a city seems like impossible thing to have. All replies are welcome 🙂

  22. Omar Gayo says:

    Muy impresionante la labor dé Magda, eh seguido su carrera desde M_nus, hasta su último trabajó para Balance y no deja de renovarse, una maestra de verdad!

  23. Darío Peris says:

    what is the name of the song at 0:25

  24. Matthias Falbesoner says:

    where can i buy this chair 😀

  25. Alejandro says:

    female richie hawtin

  26. Ricca75 says:

    I love this studio

  27. KlangGenerator says:

    If you wanna do your spine a favor: I can highly recommend her chair! ————-> Herman Miller "Mirra"

  28. Alaa S. says:

    anyone keeping count how many times she said "fat"

  29. RockstahRolln says:

    Loved this, she is Brilliant! Love her studio!

  30. Rubba Fingaz says:

    I know that my comment will be erased, but European pseudo-producers it's time to know that even my neighbor, who a few days ago discovered Ableton, composes many times better than this s#%t
    Europe, your music is dead …

  31. Perzokat says:

    2700 € for the Mixer … whaaaat ?

  32. Cidr0n says:

    So much gear, and so few releases. How is that possible?

  33. shortanov says:

    Can you help me please, I see the Xlogic SSL on the desk of our lovely Magda, but the question – what is on the left side ? I suppose it is a chanel extension – what is the model ?

  34. albert mazanti says:

    Anyone know the name of that first instrument she played?

  35. Antonio says:

    Any idea what sound card she running to run everything to ableton? Or does that SSL have it integrated in? Thanks =)

  36. Andrew Richards says:

    Well HELLOOOOO 📍💋

  37. RABBEAT VJ says:


  38. IbizaMakingMusic says:

    the evolution of this dj is wonderful! We can see a cool studio with tr 8, drm1 , ssl, versus and more really good machines.

    Full suport to magda from

    MAgdA power!

  39. Fu da Siderurgia says:

    omg she's an alien… really gr8

  40. Ruslan Garmash says:

    What converter? What is the name of that green magic converter, do anybody understand?

  41. Mr Claytron says:

    awesome studio. looks fun!

  42. andrea de sica says:

    what's the name of the compressor (7.20)…"broke converter"?

  43. Vegas78 Roxs says:

    Great Interview.
    What Monitor Speakers did she use?

  44. Vegas78 Roxs says:

    ATC Scm Speakers, over 7000,- €….

  45. Wroey says:

    She appreciates a good, fat…. sound

  46. Grgz says:

    name of the last track ?

  47. djpioneer937 says:


  48. Elephants Dream says:

    Using an iPad and audio bus could achieve the same workflow one that you could take everywhere you go using multiple tracks multiple instruments layering doing everything that you're doing is kind of crazy find a Audiobus baby and find out what it does

  49. DelasVC says:

    1:27 yeah yeah, originally it was 'ten..äääh.. hours!' =D =D =D

  50. Antonio Calapai says:

    does anybody know how to run all those channels into the mixer and then into ableton? is the mixer an audio interface as well or there is an audio interface after the mixer that acquires all the signals?

  51. Drew Henry says:

    I don't see a ring on that finger….. Magda will you be my wife?? Your passion for sounds has me down on one knee 🙂

  52. dave bell says:

    the most inspiring thing I've seen and heard in ages. cheers!

  53. Georg Schreiner says:

    einfach Top😊

  54. Just Another Guy says:

    What converter did she say @7:24

  55. david britton says:

    when did she start makin tracks??

  56. david britton says:

    hhhmm female Richie,

  57. oscar santis says:

    Best gear –》Derek Holzer's SoundBox

  58. iaindorr says:

    Love your vibe Magda…very cool gear too !!

  59. ROOTSCONTRA says:

    Yep. Total soulless generic bullshit like most Techno from Germany. How someone could like this is beyond my understanding. I would rather listen car crashes or washing machines for ten hours straight then to 5 minutes of Magda's uninspired shit.. It's literally torture for me. And then all her babbling about experimentation and pushing boundaries – and then you hear her shit and it sounds exactly like every single techno record since 1998! What a joke. Bitch what are you referring about? I have heard every sound and rhythm that you use ten thousand times, there is NOTHING new or innovative in your music. To make "minimal" techno these days you need no creativity, its like making burgers at McDonalds.

  60. HSKI says:

    she is really happy with the "bro converter"? I am pretty sure I got that wrong 😀

  61. Christoph Kluger says:

    Eventide Harmonizer….secret weapon 😉

  62. housebrigade says:

    fuck man. i love her studio n she knows her shit too

  63. Darnell Stewart says:

    Mixing board alone is about 6 grand … good lord

  64. Jellybeantiger says:

    Another studio with thousands of dollars of gear with a track that sounds like it's made by a casio.


    Omg shes so cool

  66. schrun says:


  67. LostInDigital says:

    true art

  68. forestentity says:

    I like the track actually 5:50

  69. Paul Dahmen says:

    Sound are Great

  70. somarello volante says:

    ..i feel like an homeless in front of a bulgari's shop

  71. Jonathan Lopez Peraza says:

    i wish i was your friend lol

  72. özgür says:

    magda u are damn too cool

  73. lardosian says:

    At least 50k worth of gear there.

  74. DOT 51 says:

    Thanks Magda !! Really helpful ! 🙂

  75. Versteckt sein says:

    holy shit…..dream women.
    greetz from south germany!!

  76. MarkoDeLaVoota says:

    she sound Polish

  77. dna598 says:

    i would wanna work like this. Best "electronica" studio I've seen.

  78. TheOrangepeak says:

    The DRM1 is a lovely appealing machine, I truly love her, I don't have it but 2 of my friends have it and I'm so happy everytime I use it <3

  79. Ian live says:

    This is for me a wrong way in art,only machines work!

  80. busywl69 says:

    mad respect for this legend.

  81. Marcin Skrobański says:


  82. Hédi Triki says:

    She is my hero. She never decieves since a long time, attached to her style and deep into it <3

  83. cthulhu mons says:

    I wanna get freaky with her envelopes and filters if you know what I mean

  84. YOUENNNN says:

    I remember listening Magda music back in mid 2000', after watching this video I wanted to listen to her new stuff but I can't find anything ! Can someone helps me ?

  85. Simon Le Grec Official Channel says:


  86. Adrian Boss says:

    How much for this efector processors 100 tys. euros or 200? Regards Djs play good music please

  87. ABLAZ X (Armaniblast) says:

    Super talented.
    Just my style.
    Love her.

  88. Draztiq Meshaz says:

    Yum and yum!
    (I'm of course referring to optimized work flow and quality gear)

  89. Browning says:

    The studio is the renting

  90. Josue Gil Mosqueda says:

    FIRE DROP AT 6:50

  91. ë-ZaMM Electronic Music says:


  92. devtank says:

    Love the experimentation and sounds she makes, and shes gorgeous too.

  93. John Omar Larnell Adams says:

    Great and minimized studio with enough gear for herself and her ideas.

  94. spiderfingers2005 says:

    Get more women on here.

  95. Vitor Munhoz says:

    no good music to see here

  96. EDO HAND in HAND says:

    anyone know the first track in this vid

  97. M. B. says:

    I wish that in the future we can see more artist that doesn't use so much gear that cost ALOT of money. as most of the people cannot afford so much gear, synths and extra stuff… keep it minimal 🙂

    NONETHELESS, great videos! keep on the good work!

  98. mick funk says:

    bonjour magda thanks 🙂

  99. devontodetroit says:

    So cool she has the reverse mod on her TR-8 drum machine!

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